Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower!

Chapter 1240 - He Had Said It Many Times, but It Was the First Time He Was Hearing It

Chapter 1240: He Had Said It Many Times, but It Was the First Time He Was Hearing It

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After a while, someone mumbled, “Did Lin Wanwan cross the line?”

“Use your brain! Lin Wanwan is probably the best boss you can find. I would look down on her if she doesn’t stand up for her crew. I have hated Zhao Ziran for a long time. Serves him right!”

Lin Wanwan brought Mu Ge to the changing room. “Go get changed.”

She pushed Mu Ge into the room and shut the door.

After a few minutes, she knocked on the door.

“Are you done?”


Lin Wanwan pushed the door open, and Mu Ge was wearing a modern outfit with his hair still tied with a pin.

After he’d stood in the rain for so long, his lips and skin had turned pale and he no longer looked as energetic as usual.

Lin Wanwan pushed a bowl to his hands. “Drink up.”

Mu Ge smelled a hint of Chinese medicine. “What is this?”

“Take it as flu prevention. I always have it prepared.”

Mu Ge looked up and saw her stiff expression. “You are angry.”

It was a statement and not a question.

“That’s right.”


Lin Wanwan felt that his question was stupid, but he looked serious about it. “That guy was bullying you, why did you not fight back?” Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes.

Mu Ge’s eyes flashed in curiosity as he asked seriously, “Survival of the fittest. He bullies me because he is a senior, and I have no choice but to suck it up. Isn’t that normal?”

He had millions of ways to make Zhao Ziran disappear from this world.

However, his current role was a small-time actor, so he had to follow the rules.

Lin Wanwan felt her hand itch. She slapped him on the forehead.


Mu Ge looked wronged as he held his forehead. “You are hitting me again.”

Lin Wanwan almost passed out. “You need a beating right now! Don’t you know that I am your connection? Within your job, you can fight back as long as someone is bullying you, and I will back you up!”

Mu Ge’s eyelids flickered.

I will back you up…

He had said those words many times, but it was the first time he was hearing them.

“Thank you, little boss. You are a great person.”

Meeting his sincere eyes, Lin Wanwan wanted to return a smile. “However, you are just a fierce shrew.”

Lin Wanwan controlled the urge to beat him up again and yelled, “Drink it now!”


Since Lin Wanwan had stood up for Mu Ge, everyone, including Zhao Ziran, didn’t create any trouble for the rest of the day.

Lin Wanwan had to rush between two studios and take some time to film the reality show. Although it was tiring, she felt contented.

Ever since the exposure of her relationship with Lu Zhanbei, “Let’s Live Together” had had the highest rating among every series shown.

The Lu-Lin couple had become the hottest couple of the time with countless fans.

It was time to film the show again.

“Let’s Live Together” had only six sessions for this season, and this was the final one.

Lin Wanwan and Lu Zhanbei got out of the car and received jealous and envious glares as usual.

Meng Lu’s sight was particularly noticeable. The longing for Lu Zhanbei and the hatred for Lin Wanwan were hard to ignore.

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