Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower!

Chapter 1241 - An Ignorant Clown

Chapter 1241: An Ignorant Clown

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Lin Wanwan glanced at Lu Zhanbei. “It’s tough dating when I have so many rivals.”

“Don’t you have more admirers than I do?”

“Stop lying, do you even have rivals?”

Lu Zhanbei started listing them, from a real rival like Tang Chen to close friends like Si Han. In the end, he brought up Jiang Zhe and Mu Ge as well.

Lin Wanwan was speechless. “…”

The filming started, and Wu Mingtian gave everyone three hundred yuan, along with a quest to earn money and make a grand dinner.

Lin Wanwan glanced at the notes in her hands and came up with an idea.

“Let’s head to the market!” she said while Zhao Keqing was still complaining about the impossible mission.


To hide their identities, Lu Zhanbei drove a sports car that was normal in his eyes.

The pair was about to get into the car when Lin Wanwan heard Meng Lu quarreling with her partner.

“Lin Wanwan, may I join you for this section?”

She was asking Lin Wanwan, but her eyes were on Lu Zhanbei.

Lin Wanwan smiled without saying a word.

The silence made Meng Lu a little embarrassed, but she soon put on her puppy eyes. “Mr. Lu, my partner is too rude and is commanding me to follow everything he says. You are different; you are so nice and gentle to Lin Wanwan.”

Lu Zhanbei frowned and met Lin Wanwan’s eyes.

He was signaling Lin Wanwan to settle it as he didn’t want to talk to her.

Lin Wanwan coughed and raised her voice. “Director Wu!”

Wu Mingtian rushed over. “Yes?”

Lin Wanwan recited Meng Lu’s request. “If Director Wu agrees, I am willing to cooperate.”

Wu Mingtian’s face sank, and he glared at Meng Lu. “What is going on? This is a couple show. You should settle it with your partner privately. Why are you disturbing Lin Wanwan’s team?”

Lin Wanwan grinned. “She must want something more than joining the team.”

She grabbed Lu Zhanbei’s hand and got into the car.

Meng Lu stood still and bit her lips when she heard Wu Mingtian’s warning. “Meng Lu, you know what happened to An Shuyue. Mr. Lu and Lin Wanwan are genuinely in love – do you really think there is space for you? Don’t step on your own foot!”

An Shuyue had been hidden by her company and would likely never appear again.

Meng Lu clenched her fist. Wu Mingtian’s words clearly didn’t make it through. Ambition was the only thing shining in her eyes.

She knew that she would never be accepted into the Lu family, but she didn’t mind being Lu Zhanbei’s mistress.

With his help, she could do anything she wanted in the entertainment world. She could also start her own business.

Lin Wanwan…

Heh, which man wouldn’t fall for temptation?

A powerful man like Lu Zhanbei would never resist having more than one girlfriend, no matter how much he liked Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan and Lu Zhanbei drove to a nearby market and bought flour, eggs, and vegetables. They then rented a small stall by the road and started selling omelets.

Lin Wanwan was afraid that she might be recognized, so she ordered the cameramen to film from a distance.

Lin Wanwan learned how to do omelets online and immediately started doing it while Lu Zhanbei helped her out.

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