Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 1471. Strange Sense of Security

Chapter 1471. Strange Sense of Security

Luo Kai’s jaw was dislocated and he couldn’t speak. His eyes were bloodshot as he looked at Gu Zhiqian and Guan Meiyi with his mouth sobbing.

Gu Zhiqian looked down at Luo Kai like a lion looking at a defeated jackal.

At this time, Captain Wang had already rushed here with his men. Seeing the situation in the room, Captain Wang let out a long sigh of relief. Gu Zhiqian finally didn’t do anything that he shouldn’t have done out of impulse.

“You two escort Mr. Gu and Ms. Guan out of here first.” Captain Wang casually assigned two police officers, and the police would officially take over the rest of the matters from here.

Walking out, Guan Meiyi was shocked to find that almost all the reporters in the city had flocked here, along with countless fans standing in the middle of them. They were all blocked outside by the police cordon.

Seeing Gu Zhiqian help Guan Meiyi out, the situation went immediately viral, filled with voices of the reporters’ questions, fans’ shouts, as well as the sound of the camera shutter and flash.

Not only that, there was also a steady stream of reporters and fans who had received the news and joined in the crowd.

Just by an instant, it had formed a tsunami-like force with all the voices mixed together.

The police lights on the police car were still flashing, echoing with the increasing number of flashes.

It was not until she saw this scene that Guan Meiyi truly felt a sense of relief that she had survived a disaster, as well as a lingering fear that she was only one step away from death. She, who had been very calm just a moment ago, began to tremble slightly.

Gu Zhiqian obviously did not expect this could alarm such many reporters, fans, and spectators. He was only focused on finding Guan Meiyi just now, and he was racing against time. He knew that Guan Meiyi would probably die even if he was one minute late.

Gu Zhiqian held Guan Meiyi and walked forward step by step. Suddenly, the woman’s head tilted slightly to Gu Zhiqian’s body and leaned on his chest.

Such a simple physical contact made Gu Zhiqian’s body tense up. He looked down at the woman in his arms with disbelief in his eyes.

“Let me lean on you, please…” Guan Meiyi’s voice was very soft, so soft that Gu Zhiqian was not sure if she had even said anything just now.

Guan Meiyi leaned on Gu Zhiqian’s body gently, absorbing the man’s warmth.


The man’s deep voice sounded above her head. This “okay” was very simple, but it miraculously comforted her in the heart, making her feel safe that no one would hurt her again.

Guan Meiyi closed her eyes and let Gu Zhiqian carry her forward. At this moment, she did not know what she was thinking. She was simply luring for this strange sense of security.

Gu Zhiqian looked down at the woman in his arms. Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, he lifted her in his arms and walked steadily toward his car.

For a moment, the reporters, fans, and the public were in a commotion and cheering…

Luo Kai was arrested, and the case of He Zhenxuan’s murder was finally solved. However, the police still had a series of procedures to go through, so they could not immediately announce the outcome of the case to the public.

The day was just dawning, and all the major media networks were flooded with news reports of Gu Zhiqian’s rage and glory. The videos of Gu Zhiqian and his men driving on the road, and helping helping the injured Guan Meiyi out of the house where she was kidnapped, were almost everywhere.

In short, regarding last night’s incident, the videos taken from different angles and at different locations had already flooded the entire internet.

Because of this, the traffic police found Gu Zhiqian through the video. Last night’s incident had made him face a dangerous driving charge, and it was very likely that he could have his license revoked.

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