Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife

Chapter 9 - There’s A Chance After Consummation

Chapter 9: There’s A Chance After Consummation

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Ye Mo did not say anything after hearing Ling’s explanation. He picked up his chopsticks and ate his food. Although he had never experienced menstruation, he had heard about it from the neighbors. Women tended to feel exhausted and uncomfortable during those few days.

And when women had menstruation, it meant that they had matured; they could marry and give birth, and it only comes a few days every month.

As Ye Mo thought about it, he could feel his ears burn. The wife could bear their children in the future. There would be a chance after consummation.

While she slept, Liu Duo felt itchiness by her ear. She raised a hand to scratch it, turned over, and continued sleeping.

Yet the perpetrator chuckled, “Get up and eat, lazy bum.”


She thought it was Ling, so she grumbled in a flirtish manner, “Ling, I’ll get up. Soon.”

“Hurry up! Or I might just spank you,” the person laughed and left.

In the yard, three men were busy working. One of them was the eldest brother, Ye Yang, who had just returned from hunting. Mo and Ling were helping to process the prey Yang had brought back.

Their second brother, Ye Liu, joined them after coming out from the room. Both of them had just returned, and Liu had rushed to take a look at Liu Duo.

“Yang, Liu, have you taken breakfast?” Ling asked.

It was still early when they came home – barely past ten in the morning.

“It’s alright to skip a meal. It’s almost noon anyway.” Liu did not care.


Yang agreed.

“Right. Ling, I bought medicine for you. Remember to take it every day. There are enough for a month.”

“Sure thing, Liu. Thank you so much,” Ling hung his head low, feeling guilty. His monthly medical expenses would cost two-thirds of his brothers’ earnings.

“We are brothers. No need to thank me. If it happened to me, or Yang, or Mo – to any one of us – you wouldn’t abandon us either, would you?”

Ye Ling replied immediately, “Of course not. I’d definitely take care of you guys.”

“That’s what I mean!” Ye Liu grinned from ear to ear.

Right then, Liu Duo finally awoke. She sat up in a daze and put on her outer clothing. She combed her hair with her hand and simply tied it in a cute, playful bun.


She opened the door and walked out. Two other people she had never seen before had shown up in the yard. They were processing prey, so she guessed the eldest brother of the Ye family had come home.

As for the other one, that could be the second brother. From what Ling had told her last night, they might come home today!

“Ling!” Liu Duo called out.

Four heads turned to her at the sound of her sweet oriole-like voice.

Liu Duo stood at 1.6 meters and weighed about ninety-five grams, with a face full of collagen and skin as white and snow, which came with a seductive beauty mark. The dimples at the corners of her mouth made her seem purer and lovelier.

At first sight of this girl, Yang thought, not bad.

Liu thought, impressive.


“Duo Er, you’re awake. Do you feel better?” Ye Ling got up and asked her, full of concern.

“Yes, I’m a lot better.”

“That’s great. The cloth you hung up last night is dry now. I’ve sewn the charcoal in for you. You can use it when you need to.”

Ye Ling saw that Liu Duo ran out of usable strips, so he helped her out, in case she needed more.

“Ah? Thank you, Ling,” Slightly embarrassed that Ye Ling did this for her, she nonetheless felt warm inside. How thoughtful of him.

Like the boyfriend buying sanitary pads for the girlfriend!


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