Sword Among Us

Chapter 24 - Throwing Knives Show Their Might

Chapter 24: Throwing Knives Show Their Might

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Even though Third Bandit Chief was not lured away by Gan Daniu and the others as Happy expected, the group from Black Wind Mountain was still divided into two, and their chances for saving the women had just risen greatly.

Happy was happy. He was prepared to turn back to help Gan Daniu and the others handle the seven lackeys!

Even though the mountain bandits’ fighting abilities were so good that they were better than the local rascals when they decided to be ruthless, the Lancet Knife Throwing Technique was not like a normal martial art. It was a skill that required a great deal of money and time to be trained, and both its lethality and ability to stay hidden were much higher than those of a normal martial art. In fact, it had the advantage to kill others in one shot before a battle.

As long as the throwing knife hit a person’s vital spot, they would die before even getting close to Happy!

This was why Happy had been willing to spend a few days to practice his skills to throw knives. There were plenty of times when the lancet knives could help him achieve goals that other martial arts could not achieve.

He had not spent around three thousand taels of silver crumbs over the past few days in vain!

Once Third Bandit Chief left, Happy was prepared to go back into the bush, but suddenly, the sound of the carriage speeding up rose behind him, and Third Bandit Chief’s fierce barks made Happy stop in his footsteps.

“Hurry up! Just a little more, and we’ll reach the outer sentry post. Once we’re there, hand the women over and have our men bring them back to the mountain stronghold. Then, we’ll go back and take revenge for Fourth Leg!”

“Got it, Third Bandit Chief!”

“Hey, wenches, get in the carriages! Did you hear me?!”

When he spread the bush to look, Happy saw the two mountain bandits chasing the captured women into the carriage. They were prepared to hurry back to Black Wind Mountain. This made a crease appear between Happy’s dashing eyebrows.

He did not have time to protect Gan Daniu, Zhu Zi, and Tie Dan. He then quietly brought out a lancet knife from behind his waist…


With a flick of his wrist, the lancet knife sliced through the air.

His timing was perfect. While the two mountain bandits were busy chasing the woman to the carriage and their companions were busy chasing down the “murderer”, they were not on guard at all. The lancet knife hit its target again and sank deep into the back of one of the bandit’s chest.

“Killed one mountain bandit in Gate Realm. Received 20 chivalry points. Received 10 reputation points!” the system told him.

“Damn it!”

When Third Bandit Chief heard the sound of the knife slicing through the air, he knew that an accident had occurred. He cursed and turned his head around. When he did so, he saw another one of his brothers fall to the ground. He instantly became filled with rage and no longer cared about anything!

He used his lightness skill and jumped with ease into the air to soar like a huge bird. When he looked down, he immediately discovered a blue-robed boy hiding behind the bushes and trees. He was the one who had attacked them and killed his brothers.

“You brat! Die!”

The person who had killed two of his brothers was actually someone so young?!

Third Bandit Chief was a despicable man who did many evil things, and at that moment, he was unable to contain his rage; he felt as if he had been toyed around and humiliated. He brandished his axe and roared in the air! His shining greataxe swung down with a momentum that could split open mountains and went straight for Happy’s head.


Happy originally intended to avoid the fury of Third Bandit Chief, who was one of the most powerful martial artists in Gate Realm, but when he saw the man jump into the air where he had no way of drawing force from anything else, he could not help but push down his urge to run away. A strange smile appeared on his lips.

He calmly swiped his hand across his waist!

He threw his knife with well-practiced ease. His third lancet knife grazed past Third Bandit Chief’s fearsome axe as if it had eyes attached on it.

Third Bandit Chief saw the throwing knife rush at him, but he did not have time to change his attack.

He tilted his head to the side, but even though he managed to avoid the life-threatening danger of the lancet knife hitting his face, a clear trail of blood still appeared on his face. In a panic, he lost his balance in the air!

Naturally, Happy would not miss such a good chance. He turned around and with an even faster throw, another lancet knife “shot out” from his waist, as if Happy had just performed a magic trick.

This time, Third Bandit Chief did not manage to dodge it, because his body had lost its balance.

Pain exploded in his lower body. The lancet knife had sank into his thigh. Third Bandit Chief rolled on the ground as if he was a kite that had its string snapped. He crashed in an extremely pathetic manner, and even the mountain bandit by the carriage was shocked.

An extremely rare chance had finally appeared in front of Happy after much trouble, so there was no way that he would let go of the advantage that had landed straight into his hands. He focused his attention, and two lancet knives flew out of his hands at the same time.

Cling! Clang!

Third Bandit Chief rolled on the ground and knocked away the lancet knife with his axe as if he had already predicted it a long time ago. While supporting his injured leg, he quickly got up.

Happy had nothing to say about this. He could only lament that it was a great pity.

If he managed to hit Third Bandit Chief with another knife, the conclusion of the battle would have been as clear as day.

‘It’s just one more knife…’

But this was good as well.

In his anger, Third Bandit Chief had accidentally revealed his weakness, and it resulted in a throwing knife in his leg. This meant that he would definitely not be able to move well in the subsequent fight. Compared to the absolute disadvantage at which Happy was in previously, this was something that spurred him on.

“And who are you?”

Third Bandit Chief glared at the blue-robed boy before him with regret and hate in his heart. The disdain that previously existed in his eyes had disappeared without a trace, replaced with incredible solemness.

He could already sense a hint of something dangerous from the blue-robed boy!

“I am a disciple of Gusu City’s Murong Clan, Happy. Today, I’ve come based on orders of my clan to annihilate Black Wind Mountain!”

Happy’s tone was calm, and the next moment, his Noble Sword was out of its sheath with a loud cling. He pointed it at Third Bandit Chief, and a calm presence spread out from him to fill the forest.

When he heard those words, Third Bandit Chief said nothing, but there was a strange expression on his face.

If it were not for the boy’s lancet knife still stuck in his thigh, once Third Bandit Chief sized him up, he might have already crouched down by the side of the road with his hands over his abdomen as he laughed madly.

A teenager wet behind the ears actually had the guts to arrogantly declare that he wanted to annihilate Black Wind Mountain, and he even came alone…

Did he not know that the person in charge of Black Wind Mountain was a famous powerful martial artist in Blessed Realm who went by the name of Farewell Black Tiger?

However, the Murong Clan was indeed a name that he did not dare to look down upon.

After all, that clan’s might was not something their small Black Wind Mountain could afford to provoke.

But, naturally, if a disciple of the Murong Clan also looked down on Black Wind Mountain, that would not do. So, he could only kill the boy. And he did not have to worry, because this was the wild…

Third Bandit Chief’s eyes sparkled.

“Brat, you have guts! You say you’re a disciple of the Murong Clan, but I won’t believe you until you show proof! Call the people from the Murong Clan over!”

Happy knew exactly what Third Bandit Chief was thinking. He quietly circulated Complete Reality Qi Cultivation Technique to restore the qi he lost while he said, “Hmph, don’t worry. I’m the only one here, and I alone will be enough to handle all of you…”

“Conceited brat!”

Before Happy could finish speaking, Third Bandit Chief put on a fierce expression. He did not care about the injury on his thigh. With loud stomps, he rushed twenty-six feet forward. “How dare you attack Black Wind Mountain alone?! I’ll make sure that you… won’t be able to go back!!”


Another throwing knife flew out.

However, this time, Third Bandit Chief was clearly on guard against it. Without much effort, he knocked away the lancet knife. His speed did not decrease, and he instantly arrived in front of Happy.

Before he arrived, the force he brought with his momentum had already crashed into Happy!

The powerful stream brought by an extremely powerful martial artist in Gate Realm made Happy’s blue robes flutter loudly, but he did not seem to have felt it. He stood tall with the wind against his face as if he had not noticed the killing intent in the bandit’s eyes.

He slowly positioned the Noble Sword horizontally across his chest to receive Third Bandit Chief’s greataxe, which came at him as if it weighed one thousand pounds, and was as swift as lightning.

‘Greenhorns are truly greenhorns…

‘He’s just asking for death by using a sword against an axe!’

A cold sneer that chilled bones showed up on Third Bandit Chief’s lips.

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