Sword Among Us

Chapter 312 - On Common Reed Bank, Big Dipper Constellation

Chapter 312: On Common Reed Bank, Big Dipper Constellation

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The cold wind blowing over the river suddenly became stronger! Many of the common reeds that were as tall as people were swiftly pushed down, and a group of soldiers who stood far away from the crowd was revealed. A middle-aged general equipped from head to toe in silver armor was at the center of them. His gaze was cold and indifferent as he stared at the battle that had raged once again on the river. That was until a yellow figure which was as swift as lightning appeared before his guards like an immortal who had descended to the mortal world while he stepped on the rising and falling common reeds.

“It’s someone from the Murong Clan!”

“Protect the general!”

The guards were warriors who had witnessed major battles before, and they reacted very quickly. At the same time they issued their orders, the longspears in their hands sank down, and they surrounded General Yang. A longspear formation was swiftly formed, and the awe-inspiring might that rose from them made everyone sense the strength and extraordinary might possessed by the small squad.

Happy’s expression did not change, and neither did his speed decrease.


The moment he drew his sword from its sheath, a long sword whine rose into the air and spread through all of Common Reed Lake.

“Hmph, he’s just a moth flying into flames…”

Phantasm Body Movement Skill managed to close dozens of feet in a few seconds, but General Yang placed his hands behind his back and stood arrogantly behind the protection of his soldiers without moving. There was only a slight curl of his lips while he watched the Murong Clan disciple rush into his squad alone. He sneered at the youth.


Happy increased his speed when he got close. His Phantasm Body Movement Skill truly reached the level at which he could move around like a phantom. In an instant, he disappeared from the spot where he was thirty-two feet away and arrived above the soldiers’ heads. He was so fast that even General Yang could not help but have his expression change. He took a small step backwards while staring at the black figure in the air, and a hint of unease rose in his heart.

‘He… actually came straight for me? He doesn’t intend to fight against my soldiers? Is he an assassin?!’

“Kill him!”

General Yang’s soldiers were not easy to deal with, however. Their roars shook the heavens!

They turned around, and the longspears went to pierce the black figure in the sky with a fierce spin. The spear tips were numerous, and they possessed the momentum of being able to pierce through anything they wanted!

However, Happy’s body twisted strangely in the air. He avoided the dozens of longspears, and most of the soldiers’ attacks missed.

Even if a few managed to hit him, a yellow light flashed, and the force of the rebound was so great that the soldiers staggered backwards.

The bodyguards did not manage to stop Happy or block him from going forward!

The slight change of General Yang’s expression switched to a drastic change in expression!


General Yang took a few steps back, and his silver longspear appeared in his hands as if by magic. With a grave expression, he shook it and stabbed the ground. His pride of a general did not allow him to immediately attack with his soldiers since he could tell that the Murong Clan’s disciple did not have a very high qi cultivation.

When Happy easily broke through the encirclement of the soldiers with his Petite Dragon and Golden Bell Cocoon, his gaze fixed on the general in silver armor, and he moved like the wind!

General Yang said nothing, but his expression became graver.

While he was in Changjiang, the long period of suppressing others and collecting money from those he suppressed had already affected his body. Even though his qi cultivation was the same as before, his reaction speed and the awe-inspiring might as well as the domineering presence he once had because of the indomitable spirit he once possessed when he faced martial artists was long gone. He was not that much stronger than the soldiers beside him.

It was especially so when he faced the Murong Clan disciple who had easily broken through the encirclement to reach him. His heroic air and composure vanished, replaced by an inexplicable fear as well as unease. His pupils shrank, and while he retreated, he began to madly circulate his qi. His silver spear produced dazzling sparks in an attempt to stop the enemy from approaching him.


Happy remained as indifferent and calm as ever.

He knew deep down that the situation at hand was very critical and that he could not hold back or stall for time. Once he got closer, he activated his killing move without any hesitation.

Dragon Capture.


General Yang cried out in fear and staggered backwards. His hands became empty, and his weapon landed in Happy’s hands. His last protection had been seized by the enemy. The general stood where he was in disbelief while staring at the stupidly young face coming at him like a phantom. The fear in his own eyes was extremely prominent.


“Don’t you dare harm our general!”

Enraged roars rose from behind Happy when the group of soldiers finally caught up.

But unfortunately for them, Happy’s Golden Bell Cocoon was practically undamaged. He laughed long and hard before he rushed behind General Yang like a spinning top, and his Noble Sword struck the back of the general’s armor.

General Yang looked as if he had been struck by lightning. He grunted and took a few loud steps back in an incredibly pathetic and miserable manner. He coughed up a mouthful of blood, which stained his silver armor, and it was very eye-catching!



The soldiers who rushed over from behind Happy saw him cunningly push the general forward to block their spears, and they quickly withdrew their attacks to avoid hurting the general.

But unfortunately for them, Happy had been waiting for that moment for a long time.

He activated Phantasm Body Movement Skill and shifted into the swaying and dense common reeds like a phantom!

The soldiers quickly looked around.


He rose into the air from among General Yang and the soldiers. While he was close to them, he swung his sword fiercely, and its glare was flung out. The people around him were struck and got knocked over.


The one who was affected by the attack the most was General Yang, who did not know how many blows he had taken. He grunted, and his face swiftly turned from slightly pale to very pale. He staggered, and his body trembled madly. Under Happy’s sword slashes that came at him with an indomitable spirit, he was just like a puppet with no strength to fight back.

The players who had rushed over once they received the system notification to protect General Yang were dumbfounded.

“Save him!”

“But that person seems to be the top ranked player on the Famous People Rank…”

Quite a number of people hesitated to go forward, but they were soon criticized by others, who tempted them with their words.

“Idiot! That’s a general from the imperial court! If we can protect him, we might be able to get a hidden quest or more rewards!”

“You’re right!”

The eyes of many people began to shine.

‘Kill him!’

Once someone took the lead, more people followed after and jumped into the fight while filled with enthusiasm.

Soon, a magnificent scene appeared at Common Reed Bank!

Thousands of players were packed closely together while they rushed to a small battlefield at the bank. Quite a number of them elbowed each other and jumped into the air, then the sounds of air being sliced apart rose without stop.

Happy said nothing. Naturally, he had noticed the frequent tremors on the ground and the pressure rushing at him, which made him scowl.

‘This won’t do! I have to end this quickly!’

His gaze turned cold, and he immediately stopped trying to conserve his qi. He activated Dragon Capture again, and his hand gripped General Yang like a metal clamp. In the face of countless players charging at him, he threw him into the air and kicked him violently!


Under countless players’ shocked gazes, the general in silver armor cried out in pain. He was kicked away by Happy and shot dozens of feet away like a cannonball.

While everyone was shocked by Happy’s action and wondered about the significance behind it, he also shot into the common reeds, vanishing from everyone’s sight.


The soldiers protecting General Yang quickly noticed something about Happy’s actions. They rushed after the general in the direction where he fell.


A blue sword glare that was as bright as starlight shot into the air from the common reeds directly in front of the general in silver armor. It had a fierce and breathtaking manner.

“Seven Stars Brilliant Moon!”

A clear shout was accompanied by a few blue sword glares that were like starlight appearing in a continuous stream, which swiftly formed a three dimensional picture of the Big Dipper constellation before the players.

It was tragically beautiful!

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