Sword Among Us

Chapter 315 - Being Issued an Arrest Warrant Embroidered Uniform Guards

Chapter 315: Being Issued an Arrest Warrant Embroidered Uniform Guards

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When the crowd saw a huge hole open up in the restaurant’s wall and bits of wood flying everywhere, the people at the center of the street cried out in surprise and avoided the sharp projectiles falling all around them.

“What the heck?! What’s going on?!”

“How dare these people be so arrogant in the city?!”

Happy and the leader of the Embroidered Uniform Guards ignored the indignant words from the players behind them. They simply rushed forward as fast as they could.

However, Phantom Body Movement Skill used by Happy was clearly superior. He moved about in the crowd with ease. With a few jumps, he managed to leave behind the Embroidered Uniform Guards. That skill was the source of Happy’s confidence as well as the reason behind why he had been so calm since the start.

Once he got out of the city, he didn’t say nothing. He just summoned Hoof Shadow and mounted it with a loud whoosh. After a single clear command, his Hoof Shadow kicked its hooves and quickly left the town like a violent gust of wind.


When the leader of the Embroidered Uniform Guards rushed out of the city and saw the figure that left him in the dust, he spat fiercely.

Once his lackeys arrived one after another, he glared at them and roared, “Why are you standing around like idiots! Get on your horses and chase after him!”

“Yes, sir!”

The group tugged at their horses in a flurry of motion.


Ever since Happy was discovered by the Embroidered Uniform Guards, he gave up on heading to Baokang through the sea. Even though he had killed imperial court officials before, he had never encountered such high leveled ones. The efficiency of the Embroidered Uniform Guards was linked to the level of the officials involved.

Since Happy was already targeted by the Embroidered Uniform Guards, if he still went to Baokang through water, he felt as if he would be deceiving himself. He opened the world map and looked for the shortest route going straight without bothering about government-made roads.

His Hoof Shadow ran on the smooth road. When he saw dense forests or rather complicated terrain, he put away his Hoof Shadow and used his Phantasm Body Movement Skill to go through those places. It took him a few hours, and he quickly went through Hefei.

However, he still had two days left before he reached Baokang!

During that period of time, he logged off to eat only to immediately logged in again. He did not dare to stop and continued to rush ahead, charging forth like the wind that did not know about exhaustion.

Even though the Embroidered Uniform Guards’ strength could not threaten Happy, the strength of the imperial court was rather terrifying. If he killed an imperial court official but there was no concrete proof behind his actions, the Embroidered Uniform Guards would not easily punish him or declare him guilty. But if he killed Embroidered Uniform Guards, Western Depot and Eastern Depot would send increasingly stronger law enforcers for his head. They would even send Moksha Realm elites to capture him, and at that time, he would surely die.

Once he died, he would not be revived in Guanlin Temple either. Instead, he would be detained and sent to a city wall that had nearly collapsed to perform hard labor such as repairing the wall or transporting bricks. He would be forced to work for a total of seven days and nights before he could be considered to have atoned for his crimes.

Happy did not intend to go through that suffering!

Besides, since the Murong Clan had already agreed to take care of the matter, they would definitely be able to do so. He would be fine as long as he hid for a few days, which could be considered as the price for killing an imperial court official and getting the Silver Aquatic Dragon Set.


Happy’s feat of killing the general in silver armor who was protected by twenty-four Life and Death fighters while being chased by an army of ten thousand people was soon known by all!

It became a major matter that shook the world of martial artists after Five Venoms.

With the armored ships from the Murong Clan, Happy could be said to have stunned everyone who saw the battle replay! He had earned precious time for the Murong Clan, especially during the two times he quickly charged out to kill people after at the bed of common reeds. It gave people a smooth and clean feeling, which reminded them of the Hong Kong martial arts movies that had once been popular in the world.

The success in the quest helped Happy secure his throne on the Famous People Rank!

There were also people who spread rumors saying that if they wanted to find out where he was right then, they had to wait until his Killer Star Effect disappeared. Once it did, they would need to spend at least ten thousand taels of silver to buy information about him once. His price was so high that he was among the three people who cost the most if anyone tried to figure out where they were!

The two people who were ranked in front of Happy were One Emperor and Zhou Yu.

These two came and went like the wind, but they secured the two top positions on the Dragon Rank firmly.

Their investigation fees were high because they were people who had Mystical Realm high-tier martial arts at Grandmaster Realm, and they were also rumored to be people who improved the fastest. They had the highest chance to reach Life and Death Realm within two months as well. That was something that even Dream Clouds—the top ranked player on the Phoenix Rank—could not hope to achieve.


On that day, Xu Xin made lunch as usual for Happy and woke him up.

“Time for lunch.”


Every single time Happy heard Xu Xin wake him up for lunch like a wife, he felt especially energetic.

There were quite a lot of bowls on the dining table.

Chen Fan, Bai Lang, and Qi Ci sat in front of the dining table, and they cast uniformly jealous gazes at Happy. They did not move so that they could retain their postures and glares, and they looked so aggressive that they actually appeared threatening.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you’re coming over to eat?”

Happy very rationally ignored the trio’s jealous gazes while he pulled out a chair and sat down across from them.

“Xin, next time, don’t make food for them. They’re obviously here for a free meal, but they’re glaring at me so viciously that they look like they’re here to collect a debt.”

As he spoke, he picked up his bowl and chopsticks and began to eat.

Xu Xin said nothing, but she swept them a gaze, covered her mouth, and giggled.

A few seconds later, when they saw that Happy was eating so quickly that he looked as if there was wind behind his hands, Bai Lang, Chen Fan, and Qi Ci could not hold back anymore.

“Damn it! You have Little Xin Xin focusing on serving you alone every day! You brat, you sure are living a rich and fulfilling life right now! Hey! You’re the worst! Give me a big piece of ribs!”

“Damn you! The taste is so good as well! Why am I not the person staying here!”

“Bros! Don’t show him any mercy, snatch all his food!”

“That’s right!”

Once the trio tasted the food, their eyes lit up, and they stood up to begin shoving food down their mouths. They swept away everything without any signs of being gentlemen. It actually looked as if they had a grudge with the food.

Happy’s expression changed multiple times.

“You guys are the worst! How many months has it been since you last ate?!”

“Screw you!”

When she saw the boys arguing and fighting for food, Xu Xin laughed so much that she bent over with a hand over her stomach.

Once the “war” was over, the four stroked their stomachs as they watched her take away the very clean plates to wash them. They looked to have had their fill of food, and it was only then that they finally set aside engaging themselves in such low-brow arguments.

“You’re so lucky, you have a girl here who knows how to cook, can do house chores, and is so pretty and gentle. Don’t even think about telling me that you’re not attracted. Don’t hesitate anymore, hurry up and settle down with her, since you won’t find someone like her once you miss your opportunity.”

Qi Ci picked his teeth and spoke to Happy without even thinking about lowering his volume, and the sounds in the kitchen became much softer.

Bai Lang and Chen Fan stared at Happy as well. In truth, when they saw Xu Xin taking the initiative to send food over, they understood her intentions. They came over to take a look, and they saw that Xu Xin had actually decided to cook the food personally, which made them even more certain about what her goal was.

“Are the three of you here today to force me to take action?”

When he noticed the trio’s gazes and knew that they stood on the same front, Happy smiled wanly. He scratched the back of his head. “You decided to hand me over with just one meal?”

“One meal’s enough.”

“That’s right, what’s there to be discontent about? If your partner is Xu Xin, we can even hand you over while forking out money for her as well.” Chen Fan looked as if it was only par for the course that he consider things for his brother.

In truth, it would be a lie to say that Happy had not been charmed over the past few days.

However, when he thought about Xu Yao and his own plans, he knew that he did not dare to take that step. He could only apologize to his brothers for not accepting their kind act of trying to force him to take action.

Happy sucked in a deep breath and changed the topic away from his personal relationships.

“Don’t be too hasty, if Xu Xin gets scared away, I’m going to blame all of you! Alright, let’s talk about serious matters. You usually don’t have time to come over, so what’s the deal with you today?”

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