Sword Among Us

Chapter 947 - Fu Tianqiong

Chapter 947: Fu Tianqiong

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To attack Class One Hall in the other world, Happy tried his best to keep a low profile and only struck at the last moment at lightning speed to chase them to West Region, which barely had any resources in it.

But both sides knew each other’s strength in this world! If Class One Hall actually had the guts to do something so despicable, Happy will naturally not let go of the chance to smack them in the face.

Under Class One Hall’s cold and displeased gaze, he completed the trade with his friend from Merchant Alliance!

“Hmph.” The leader of the group from Class One Hall over here was at the level of a branch master. He was a true Class One Hall elite. When he saw Happy complete the trade and obtained Great Demonic World Destruction Art. Even though he did not approve of the trade, he had indeed suffered humiliation, and he said darkly, “Sir, if you’re willing to join Class One Hall, I will let you become my lackey, since I’m lacking one right now. You can get as many unique manuals like that one as you want.”

“Friend, if no accident occurs, I’ll be able to get the gold for Recondite Steel Heavy Sword for you before nightfall. Please take good care of it for me.” Happy ignored the arrogant and scornful Class One Hall members and turned to the neighboring stall to say to the stall owner.

“Don’t worry. Wind Assault Tower has always kept true to its word. I’ll keep Recondite Steel Heavy Sword for you. Our tower master has already mentioned that no matter how much Class One Hall offers, she will cover the extra cost. You won’t need to spend even an extra piece of silver.”

“Thank you for the trouble.”

Happy chuckled, wrapped his fist in his palm to salute the stall owner, turned around, and left.

The Class One Hall members’ expressions turned even darker.

Happy did not intend to acknowledge them. He regarded their mocking words and provocative words as empty air, and the feeling of being ignored caused their faces to burn under countless players’ gazes. Anger raged in their hearts!

“Happy, stay where you are!”

“I’ll be waiting outside the city. If you have a bone to pick with me, come outside.” When he heard the rebukes from the people behind him, Happy said without even turning his head around.

Quite a number of players in the market instantly burst into commotion!

Even though they believed Happy to still be in Life and Death Realm after he returned to the game one and a half years later, he regarded Class One Hall’s provocation without a shred of fear, and he seemed to even have the desire to accept their challenge outside the city, and this instantly attracted countless players’ attention and stirred up their curiosity greatly. They surrounded the area restlessly.

They were truly a group who loved chaos!


“Branch Master Fu, what should we do now?”

When he faced his members, he saw that their expressions had changed slightly, and they asked him for directions in whispers.

Hall Master Hall had already ordered him to not allow his members to have any direct confrontation with Happy, especially in public places.

But the situation before him was against his expectations.

Happy had taken his empty threat at face value, and he even provoked him in front of so many people. If they still endured the insult, who knew how outsiders will regard them. Perhaps they will even mock them for being afraid of Happy, a disabled person who had been laying in bed for one and a half years.

To them, Happy’s feat of defeating those outer alliance members of Blood Alliance could not really illustrate Happy’s strength and the conflict between them.

Those Blood Alliance members were in Moksha Realm, and they cannot be considered to be famous at all.

Branch Master Fu laughed coldly, “Today, I’ll teach you a lesson. As for the hall master, I believe she will not want us to disgrace Class One Hall’s honor either.

“Let’s go!”

He said the last words with a growl and actually followed behind Happy outside the city.

Happy’s provocation and Class One Hall’s stance in the situation instantly stimulated many of the players in the market who thrived in chaos. They followed behind the group and sent information to their friends nonstop and called them over. When they arrived outside the city, a black mass of people surged over, and there thousands of them. They blocked the players who were just passing by from the battlefield, and they gave off a majestic presence. In fact, there were signs pointing that the crowd was going to get bigger.

“Happy has officially decided to go against Class One Hall?”

“My goodness! Is that true?! He has only just woken up!”

“That’s right. Even if he obtained an ultimate technique at Mount Song, it’s impossible for him to be able to use it so soon.”

“Heh heh, but this time, the person who came over is a real branch master from Class One Hall, Fu Tianqiong! He’s a Moksha Realm elite, and he has a full set of fourth-echelon demon vessels, and one fourth-echelon high grade divine weapon. The difference between him and those who Happy fought previously are like night and day!”

“Happy has run into a wall this time!”

“Why is he so rash?”

“I heard that Class One Hall is the one who provoked him first, and Happy is furious.”

“Whew, we have something entertaining to watch this time.”

The area outside the city was already bustling with activity.

Happy and the people from Class One Hall only stopped moving after they were one-tenth of a mile away from the city. They were quickly surrounded so tightly by players who were there for the gossip that they could not get out even if they wanted to, but there was a small empty spot left for their battle.

More people came to watch, but Happy just looked at the people from Class One Hall, completely unbothered by the crowd. “Do you intend me three against one? That’s a little difficult, but it’s not a problem. One and a half years ago, I’ve experienced all of Class One Hall’s tricks. There were even more people at that time, and I don’t even know how many people I killed.”

Class One Hall’s expression changed.

When they heard the words that came out of Happy’s mouth, the players around them instantly burst into commotion! Their eyes sparkled. A large number of players began recording while mumbling under their breaths.

“It’s inside information!”

“It’s definitely inside information!”

“Haha! We’re rich this time!”

There were quite a number of players who did not like Class One Hall. They regarded those people with derision. ‘There’re a lot of similar rumors during Happy’s crusade of challenging every single player in existence.’

“…Stand down.” Fu Tianqiong ordered coldly. While he looked awesome with a few subordinates by his side, this sort of situation made it easy to leave the image that they were bullying Happy with numbers.


“Branch Master Fu, this person has a sharp tongue. You must absolutely give him the chance to run his mouth later.”

“Don’t worry. The hall master wants to preserve her dignity, and I, too, want the same. I won’t give him the chance to stall for time.” Fu Tianqiong took two steps forward and stared at Happy coldly with bright eyes. He spat out a few brutal words coldly, “I will let you fully understand that your era has long ended in this battle!”

Happy did not fly into a rage. Instead, he said with a calm tone, “No wonder you’re just a branch master, and Dream Clouds is a hall master.

“Do you know the reason? Because Dream Clouds seldom speaks up when she attacks a person. She will only control things in the dark and kill in one strike. As for you, you talk too much.”

“You sure have a sharp tongue!” Fu Tianqiong was not Happy’s opponent when it came to verbal battles. And Happy immediately brought Dream Clouds into their conversation. He even spoke with an air of superiority.

Fu Tianqiong burned in anger, and without another word, he took the initiative to bring out his longsword. A sharp sword glare brought with a dazzling, phantasmal light. A trench was clearly dug out the ground, and it instantly charged in front of Happy.

Happy said nothing. Neither did he panic. He took half a step forward calmly without even having his shoulder shudder once.

The sword glare grazed past his body.

“You sure do this sort of children’s tricks well, sir.” As he spoke, he also did not forget to pat the hems of his robe.

Fu Tianqiong can actually be considered smart. He knew that Happy was really great at close-quarters combat, and he might not be able to gain any advantages with a sword technique. That was why he did not intend to shorten the distance but wanted to use long-range sword techniques to whittle down Happy’s HP.

But Happy clearly had a lot of experience in this.

Forget about the fact that he did not even bother to parry the attack, he even started mocking Fu Tianqiong.

The sword glare that missed its target served as a background as to how relaxed and composed Happy was, and it made Fu Tianqiong look like an idiot.

If this continued, even Fu Tianqiong wondered whether the people around him will look at him in scorn.

He immediately stopped talking and moved forward without making a sound. The longsword in his hands formed layers of sword nets in front of him quickly, and they quickly took the shape of a fierce wolf to devour Happy with an aggressive momentum.

“That’s more like it.” Happy tapped against the ground and charged straight at the wolf-shaped sword glares advancing at him while intersecting with each other, which meant he was also charging at Fu Tianqiong.

“Hmph!” A profound, spherical-shaped qi cover quickly emerged from Fu Tianqiong’s body. The lower portion caved in a little, as if it received some sort of attack. Then, he continued charging at Happy without his momentum reducing in the slightest.

“Haha! So what if you have hidden force?! Did you actually think you can break my Origin Hybrid?! Die!”

While Fu Tianqiong laughed madly, a destructive sword momentum instantly enveloped Happy!

But he did not manage to remain laughing for long.

At the moment the sword glares gathered together into a few sparks and his attack was maximized, Happy’s face and his mocking smile was torn to shreds. Then, Fu Tianqiong’s expression changed drastically.

His sword glares missed their target!

The countless players watching by the side felt as if they saw something unbelievable at that moment. Happy, who had moved into the center of the sword glares, was just about to be pierced through, but his body avoided Fu Tianqiong’s longsword in a bizarre but dangerous fashion, and he appeared next to Fu Tianqiong.

At that moment, Fu Tianqiong had used all his strength, and he had not mustered the strength required for his next attack. He can only watch as Happy rammed a fist into his chest violently.

The spherical protective cover shuddered a little. Even though the effect on him was very minimal, the force that arrived subsequently exploded forth, and it seeped right into Fu Tianqiong’s body.

While hidden force launched from the distance can be easily blocked by body fortifications, a punch with hidden force delivered at close distance can negate the body fortification’s power and enter straight into the target’s body!


Fu Tianqiong curled up a little.

Happy quickly unleashed a series of attacks with his hands!

The speed in fist techniques was always the fastest, and especially when it came to close-quarters combat.

This was especially prominent with Dragon Claw, which was one of Shaolin Temple’s best techniques.

All sorts of grappling moves, attacks aimed at acupressure points, along with an endless stream of attacks landed on Fu Tianqiong’s body. His face was filled with fear, and he was practically unable to mobilize his strength.

Every time his true qi gathered together, Happy will immediately seize his arm, and when an explosive strength appeared, he will lose his balance, and a hidden force soon entered his body. In an instant, he was struck more than ten times, and while Origin Hybrid still had half its defense remaining, his body was already in a mess. His organs had already shifted from their positions, and he coughed up blood nonstop.

The players watching the fight cheered in the beginning, but later on, their voices gradually died down.

They can tell that Happy’s martial art was only at Life and Death Realm. While he had perfected it, its attack was not high, and he had a rather hard time when he had to fight against a Moksha Realm body fortification, and he was at a great disadvantage.

Even so, he still managed to make Fu Tianqiong be completely unable to fight back right when they exchanged blows. Fu Tianqiong was in an incredibly pathetic state, and no ordinary first class elite had the strength to do this to someone else.

As for the people from Class One Hall, their expressions changed repeatedly in the crowd.

Even though they wanted to rush up to save Branch Master Fu, there were plenty of powerful spectators, and while Class One Hall can save their branch master if they forcibly interfered with the fight, Class One Hall’s reputation might be reduced, and Fu Tianqiong might actually reject their help.

Because this was a fair one to one fight!

“Get lost!”

When Fu Tianqiont was about to be tormented to death by Happy, Fu Tianqiong suddenly released a fierce and enraged shout. A gray light exploded forth from his Origin Hybrid, and that violent force crashed so viciously into Happy that he was sent flying.


Fu Tianqiong was covered in blood, but even in that dishevelled state, he pounced on Happy viciously and launched a sinister counterattack.

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