Swordmeister of Rome

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Guarran-Tia

“Good morning, ma’am. I am Sian from Guarran-Tia. I will be taking over control here and will require identification from all of you that were involved in this.”

Celine felt her heart sink as she eyed the person from Guarran-Tia approaching her casually.

What went wrong?

She felt great when she just walked out of the knights’ dormitory. She was excited to meet her friend who wanted catch up on life with her. She anticipated eating tasty desserts and even prepared a small gift to give to her friend.

The mansion that her friend lived in was not far from the dormitory, so that was good.

Everything seemed like it was perfect.

Until some fool approached her.

This was the downside of walking around with everyday clothing. When she was fully-clothed in Knight Guard armor, no fools approached her. When she was not, all sorts of men tried to court her. She did not even bring her status plaque as she did not expect any commotions.

If she was not in the Knight Guard, she would’ve been fine since she would’ve just beaten everyone up. However, she was with the Knight Guard now. She was not free to do whatever she liked.

She once beat up a man who kept trying to court her persistently and underwent special training under her grandfather that helped her make up her mind to never cause any trouble.

She tried to finish this peacefully so her grandfather would not know. She assumed beating up a few of the guard would make him run. But this fool became furious and started yelling.

And thus led to this.

With Guarran-Tia at the place of the incident, there was no chance in quietly solving everything. No, there was still one way.


She hated using her family’s power, but she figured it would be better than undergoing the horrible special training again. Celine then walked to the men she had just beat up.

Sian eyed the woman who walked up to the men. The men were scared as they could not speak nor move as the woman approached them. She then whispered to a man that looked like a Noble and showed him something that made him turn pale. Then he began bowing and ordering to the other men around him. Then they began moving away, dragging the others that had fallen unconscious.

The other Guarran-Tia members that watched Sian from the back came up to him as things were taking a turn.

After the men moved out of the area, the woman then turned and walked up to Sian.

“I… am Celine de Kiraine, daughter of Duke Kiraine. As you can see, it’s all been solved now, so how about you let this go… what do you think?”

Sian smirked as he watched the woman who was half-threatening him. She must have deemed him to be an easy man.

She just made a mess on a public road. Nothing had been solved.

Even her claim of being from a duke’s family seemed strange. What kind of Noble’s daughter walked the roads without any guards? And with casual clothing? Especially in a commoner district?

He looked back at his superiors. Even they looked at her suspiciously. (They knew Celine de Kiraine was a thirty-five-year-old woman. Yet the woman in front of them looked like she was only in her early twenties.)

Sian took out his manual and began reading.

“I will need your identification. We will go together to our post and write a statement as well as the payment for the damages.”

“Ugh… I don’t have my identification on me right now, but I believe this will do. Also, the problem was solved already so there is no need for payment or statements. Nothing needs to be done.”

The woman who seemed to be seriously disturbed gritted her teeth as she spoke and showed her arms. Then, a blue light began to surge out from her arm, forming the shape of a lily on top of her palm.

Sian looked at it questioningly, but the superiors turned pale. The blue lily was like a signature for Duke Kiraine’s family that appeared when they used Bander-Roa. There was no way to make sure that this woman was indeed Celine de Kiraine, but this confirmed that she was from the family.

Then it was fine to let this pass. There was no harm in subjecting it to the law, but the Noble was asking for a favor. It was good to let this issue be resolved here.

Taron glanced at Keran and tried to nudge Sian.

However, Sian opened his mouth first. He was still looking down at his manual.

“Hm… That is not a correct identification method. If you do not have identification, then you will need to follow us to the post and wait for someone to prove your identity. Oh, but I believe you will not need to make a statement or pay for the damages if what you said was true.”

Celine felt something breaking from within. The irritation and annoyance had reached their limits.

A man who joined the Guarran-Tia would definitely recognize the symbol of each family that showed up when using Bander-Roa. If this was the case, then this man was surely turning the tables on her.

Celine then made a move. She decided to use the special training she learned from her grandfather.


Her hurled her fist at Sian’s face.

Sian contemplated as he watched the fist coming at his face. He had not read about what to do during a situation like this.

Throwing a punch toward a hard-working man like him… The only women he knew were his mother and Sharlotte, both of whom were so gentle. He had heard about wild women that existed in the world, but he never knew he would face such a woman.

If it was under normal circumstances, he would’ve avoided it. His mother taught him so hard not to fight with a lady. However, if he ran away from this situation, what would his superiors do? It looked like they were scared.

This woman looked like she was angry against the Guarran-Tia itself. This woman would definitely unleash her fury on his superiors and beat them up.

Sian decided to solve this issue by himself and by resorting to his manual as he watched the fist coming at him. His usual method was to run away, but that was not a valid option so he needed to find a rule from Guarran-Tia.

He glanced at the fist that was still coming right at him and took up the manual book from his waist. He worried that it would get ripped, but it seemed sturdy enough to withstand the blow.

There was still time left for the fist to arrive. There was enough time for him to look through the book to see what he need to do.

Celine was picturing what she would do next.

‘I will punch his face, then the left rib, and then the right, and…’

She was determined to make this man stay at the Guarran-Tia Hospital for a month. Yet it did not go as planned.


She was sure that her fist was thrown right at his face. Yet the man had moved his chin ever so slightly to avoid the fist and while reading a book.

She did not see him moving, nor did she see him taking out the book that was on his waist.

It was as if she had thrown a punch into thin air and he was reading the book from the start. But that was impossible.

As she watched the man in disbelief, he folded his book and spoke.

“This can be considered as an assault to the Guarran-Tia and a disturbance to the peace. But you did not assault anyone yet, so I will have you kept in a cell for a day until you find someone to bail you out and prove your identity. I will show force if you resist.”

He quietly read through the book, but his expression seemed as if he anticipated her to resist.

She knew that expression. She was like that.

She always had that expression on her face when she arrested high-ranking Nobles for their corruption. Any sign of resistance, and she was ready to beat them up in the name of justice.

Then she looked back at him again. If her thoughts were right, then this man was stronger than herself.


Yet he was not like that. There was nothing extraordinary. He looked so plain. He was so plain that it made it weird that he was a Guarran-Tia.

As she looked into his beautiful blue eyes, she came to her senses.

‘What have I done? Ugh…’

She made a mess and tried to use her family name to clean it up. Then she even threw a punch at Guarran-Tia. She just did the very act that she despised. It was not the right thing to do.

Then she held up her both arms and spoke coldy.

“Here. Arrest me. Sorry for the punch.”

She did not like the man in front of her, so she couldn’t apologize too sincerely.

Sian looked at the woman apologizing and thought she was not as bad as she seemed. He kind of wished she would resist so he could show some force, but it was all good. Even the superiors behind him seemed to be relieved.

“Then I will escort you to our base. Oh, and who will you call to prove your identity?”

“I will call Rian von Roman, the captain of the 3rd Calvary of the Knight Guard. Tell him… I am Lieutenant Captain Celine de Kiraine of the 3rd Calvary.”

Sian was surprised when he heard his brother’s name pop up from her mouth.

‘But it doesn’t concern me.’

Even if she spoke poorly of him to his brother, he did as his manual said and there was nothing to be ashamed of. He looked back to his superiors with a proud smile since he solved everything perfectly.

Keran and Taron sighed in relief that things did not grow much worse and sent the newcomer home to keep him from causing more trouble as they escorted Celine to the post themselves.

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