Swordmeister of Rome

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Elon de Kirion


Exers were people who could use the world-twisting, all-mighty power, Exar, without calculation, magical power, or Talic Stones. Their skills and power were unknown and required natural-born talent to wield. No Exer was the same as another in using Exar. They were all different, but most Exers that existed in the North Great Wall were stress-free people who enjoyed their lives. (It was also the reason why there weren’t many Exers at the Wall due to its stressful environment.)

‘Now that I think of it, the second Roman son doesn’t have to be a Bander. He could be an Exer.’

That would explain what had happened.

A lot of training was required to strengthen Bander. Crushing Jack’s hand would’ve required a Master-level Bander. However, there was no one in history, even those of Ra-Bander rank, who had made Masters by the age of seventeen.

However, using Exar at that age was possible. Additionally, even weaker Exers could utilize Exar to crush Jack’s fingers.

It was not definite, so Elon wanted to check it herself.

‘There’s a way.’

Exers could sense each other.

The mechanics were unknown as it wasn’t like how Banders could sense each other’s presence or how Magic Priests could sense the Exar swirling in a body. Exers explained that they could feel it.

Elon thought of the Exer who resided in the Kirion family. She was getting paid a hefty amount so she could have another place to stay at with the Kirion family.

“Thank you for inviting me!”

“Huh? I’ve never…”

“I wanted to invite you over too. My place is close to where you work, so how about you stop by after you you finish? Come, join us for dinner. My family oversees the trade from the Con Kingdom through the Karan Kingdom. We will have great food made from various ingredients, and you won’t regret it.”

Elon smiled as she gave her explanation. Sian was tempted. His family was very modest in their expenditures, so he was amazed by how Count Kerbel dined. To taste cuisine made from ingredients from around the world… Elon, who noticed Sian faltering, smiled and continued, “Our chef is one of the finest and he worked at the Royal Palace for a long time. The King sent us a few of the Royal chefs for our service and all the ingredients that we supply. How about dinner in two days? We will have Salon Shrimp from the Con Kingdom that day. It’s for the Royal Palace, but we will be able to taste it beforehand.”

Sion made up his mind, it was only for dinner anyway.

“Hm, okay. Then, I guess I can’t refuse. I will go to your place in two days.”

“Good! I’ll see you then. It was a pleasure talking to you today.”

Elon stood up and walked out with Sian escorting her.

Sian walked into the Kirion Family residence. He looked around to check on the beautifully-decorated gardens and buildings as he was escorted to a garden at the back of the mansion where the dinner was being prepared. There was a gazebo located at the center of the garden with a table all set up with the basic silverware; Elon was sitting there together with another person.

“Good evening, Miss Elon. Thank you for inviting me over.”

“No, no. It’s just to return your invitation from the other day. This is Shuville. She’s an Exer who works for our family. She just came back to the capital so I thought it would be good to introduce her to you.”

“Good evening, Sir Sian.”

“Oh, I see. It’s great to meet you, Miss Shuville. It’s amazing to meet an Exer.”

Dinner soon began, and it was pleasant with the casual talk.

‘It’s interesting.’

Sian thought to himself as he looked at Shuville. It was his first time meeting an Exer. Unlike Bander users, a strange power seemed to be pulsing from her heart and brain.

It was very different from Magic Priests. They did use Exar, but they used it like Bander users. It was calculated and it flowed through the body on a set route.

But Exers were different. The Exar resonated together with the heartbeat and swirled around the body in a disorderly manner. It also seemed to be affected by how Shuville felt since the Exar became stronger as she munched on the Salon Shrimp.

‘But this is really amazing.’

He ate all food in front of him; it was not anything like he’d tasted before. It even made him feel the need to visit Con Kingdom’s city, Martia, where the shrimp originated.

As he focused on eating, the Exar Shuville was emitting started drifting towards him, swirling around. He looked up towards Shuville, who was still concentrating on the food.

It seemed natural that it happened and Sian felt like he could use the energy by himself. He then imagined pulling on the Exar that was swirling around him.

At that moment, the Exar reacted violently and was instantly pulled into him. Sian quickly cut off the flow, surprised by what just happened. As the Exar was cut off from being pulled, it returned to Shuville at once, like a spring that recoiled.


“Huh? Is anything wrong?” Elon asked as Shuville suddenly gasped and grabbed her chest.

“…N-no. It’s nothing.”

Shuville replied with a reddened face.

‘Whew, that’s a relief. She seems to be okay.’

The dinner continued as though nothing happened. When Sian returned home, Elon asked Shuville, “So, Shuville. What do you think? Is he an Exer?”

“Um… I’m… I’m not sure. He may or may not be an Exer. I’ve never felt something like this.”

“What do you mean?”

“There’s this feeling when I meet an Exer. Something that connects… it’s just a feeling. That’s how you know when you meet an Exer. It doesn’t matter if the person is strong or not. I didn’t feel that from him though.”

“So he’s not an Exer then?”

“But there was something, something that pulled me strongly. I never felt anything like it before, so I’m not sure. I’m sorry I wasn’t much help.”

“No, not at all. Thank you for your effort.”

Shuville left the mansion, and Elon was left alone to think about what had happened.

“Nothing’s for sure… why so much secrecy?”

She thought about asking Rian, but it seemed to be too much. She decided she would take the time to look into it slowly; she would find out for sure. At least the dinner was a success, so it would be easier to befriend him from now on.

Elon shook away her thoughts and turned to the report that came to her today. Sian was a personal interest, but her work was not. Elon began reading through and frowned midway.

‘So they want a fight.’

The roads of El-Lua seemed peaceful, but Tian Kingdom was in chaos. There were a lot of skirmishes happening around the countryside and nobles sent requests for aid to resolve them. The Noble faction, who held the upper hand, was now sending absurd requests to the King.

Elon read through the reports and moved to the training room in the basement, trying to shake off the stress that came from all the problems.

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