Swordmeister of Rome

Chapter 225

Chapter 225: Side-story- Story of the long forgotton past

“So… my name wasn’t Broxian from the beginning. Stanatiel kept on calling me Brok Sian and it kind of became my name. Well… I kept following her around to marry me, so I had to accept whatever she called me.”

Brok, meaning a fool. He probably was considered a fool for following a woman for a long time.

‘Broxian… who was that?’

The man was speaking non-stop but Pheriknoa couldn’t remember much anymore. He was familiar with the name but he didn’t know who it was. His memory was fading away quickly and he was just listening to the voice now. The man kept on speaking to him. He said things like he would get the ‘Brok’ part out of his name when he got the chance and how violent Stanatiel was, and even that wouldn’t change if she came back and that he would keep refusing her if he met her again and such. Pheriknoa then spoke.

“But you still love her.”

Broxian nodded.

“Of course.”


The man ranted as he spoke about the woman but Pheriknoa was able to see that he wanted to see her again so badly.

“So… that Stana… what happened to her?”

Broxian spoke bitterly.

“She died. That bastard Aksarai killed her. I killed him this time but once isn’t enough. I’ll kill him again… even if I have to revive him.”

‘…how can you kill a dead man?’

He didn’t know who Aksarai was but it seemed like he was also a fool if this Brok was able to kill him. Pheriknoa laughed and looked at Broxian.

“Well, I was going to fight him anyway. But I didn’t finish it all too well yet. So, let me ask you. Do you wish to take up the responsibility for your actions? Even if it means living for thousands of years alone?

Pheriknoa thought about Seriana. What she said to him before she died.

<Make sure you stay alive until we meet again.>

Pheriknoa felt eager to live again. He wanted to see Seriana again, even if she didn’t remember him. He then felt the rage coming back to him as he thought about Seriana and Kenorod. They had met a terrible fate because they were weak. He did not want to experience that again. He also wanted to kill those arrogant Lukras. But it seemed like the Drakuns were also a problem.

Pheriknoa then spoke.

“Yes. If I can, I will kill them all. All those races that can become a threat to mankind. Even if it takes me thousands of years… I will wipe them out from this world. If I can’t do it myself, I will see to it that I will find someone who can.”

‘And meet my friends again.’

He couldn’t say his last wishes out loud. Broxian grinned and nodded. He then stood up.

“Good. Very good.”

Pheriknoa then suddenly came to his senses. He considered that the man really fit the nickname of Brok. He looked very foolish.

But he was wrong. The man, Broxian, stood and divided the sky. The raging sea calmed in an instant. The steam and dust were all pushed away. He just stood up and the world changed around him.


That was the only thing Pheriknoa could think of. If this man wasn’t a God, then there was no one who can be considered as such. It was obvious that the man would have been a great man even within Pheriknoa’s lost memories.

Broxian then spoke to him.

“You will be held responsible for all of your actions. You will live. You will devote your life to fulfill your wish. Even if it takes hundreds or thousands of years.”

Those words had stuck through Pheriknoa’s fading memory, into his soul. He could not be freed from the words anymore. Even if he lost his memory.

“From this day forward, you will be called Ra-Gaope. Because of you, the race with the name of <Ra>, the D-Rakuns and Luk-Ra will die. Even if you lose your memory, you will know what to do when you hear your name.”

<Gaope> The one who lives to kill and destroy. Ra-Gaope, one who lives to kill and destroy the <Ra>. The words were stuck in Pheriknoa’s head.

‘Ra-Gaope… Ragaope… Lagaope…’

Pheriknoa, or now Lagaope, shouted with the last bit of his memory.

“But how can I do it? I’m powerless! The human race is powerless! We will be attacked by those we oppressed and die!”

Broxian laughed.

“Take pride. The human race is not weak. Remember that the king of the human race killed the king of Lukras and the Drakuns. This memory will help you stay on track. Remember this. If you remember my words that are deep within your spirit, you will see that what you wish for will come true.”

‘The day where only humankind lives in this land.’

Lagaope then fell down. He then saw Broxian in his fading sight. Broxian was crumbling. His body was dissipating into powder. Broxian looked at Lagaope and spoke.

“It would be great if I could do it instead… but my time is up.”

He had survived against the other two, but he did not win. He did kill them but it also killed him. There was a day left for Pheriknoa’s memory to stay intact, but Broxian would not last that much longer either. Broxian was barely holding on to his fading self just enough to speak to Pheriknoa.

“It will not be an easy path. It will be a lonely, and painful path. I see what others can’t. You should live and press on. Then… you will eventually be granted what you truly wish for.”

Lagaope then thought about what he wished.

‘Seriana… Kenorod…’

With the last memory, he fell. Broxian then laughed out loud.

“Hahaha! I have succeeded! Lukras! Drakuns! Do not be relieved! I will let even one of your kind live while you kill my brethren! I have ripped apart your kings! And the rest of you… you will all be killed by my dagger. All of you!”

The man’s word spread across the world. He then faded away, leaving only Pheriknoa, who became Lagaope in his fainted state. Within the memory, Lagaope was watching. Then the memory began to flow again. It connected back to his recent memories.

<…Where is this… who am I?>

The man began to think about what happened. He then remembered his name.

<Lagaope. Yeah, I’m Lagaope. What was I doing here?>

He had some memories, but he figured he lost memories because of the shock and started doing what he needed to do. The reason he didn’t feel important to find his lost memory was because his body refused to think about it.

<Right. I was studying within Aksarum…>

He then walked into Aksarum and began studying the core, which he had been doing before the destruction. The human race was in danger. He had to study to give hope.


Looking at the memory carefully, Lagaope noted every detail. After that was exactly as he remembered it. He went back into Aksarum and obtained basic information about the Divine Nation. He had learned of Broxian’s name again there. He had also acquired memory about three monsters by the result sent by the expedition team at the end. But it was all something that wasn’t related to him.

It somehow was fortunate that he had lost his memory. Thousands of years of anger would probably be too tiring. It would have driven him mad in the end. He was only allowed to pursue his goal because he was not overwhelmed with rage.

His lost memory also allowed him to travel across Lukra’s territory toward Ra-Sian. The priest spoke as if had he met Lagaope for the first time but it was obvious that he just lied because he knew Lagaope had lost his memory.

But the memory was now different. Lagaope now knew the reasoning behind his past actions.

He had roamed Ra-Sian territory. His lonely days had been continued and he experimented with the monkeys. During that time, the same mankind was born within. The monkey who had born with 80% of possibility that eventually came into fruition.

It would have been just one of the success. Even if the monkey became such a being, it was still only a monkey. But he couldn’t do that. Without his memories, Lagaope did not see why.

<Right. He is not a monkey. He’s like my child.>

The superhuman asked Lagaope after he explained what Lagaope had done.

<What… what should I call you? You’re like a father then, right?>

That seemed reasonable but something didn’t feel right. Lagaope shook his head.

<No. Let’s be friends. Say… I’ll give you a new name.>

These savage humans did not even name themselves. Lagaope then thought long and chose a name. Name that a certain man would like.

<Right. Broxian. Let’s do Broxian.>

The superhuman didn’t seem eager.

<Broxian… I like it but it feels weird.>

<Haha, it’s because it’s a new name.>

Lagaope was so happy. He couldn’t understand why.

That was when Lagaope had earned a partner that will side with him for thousands of years. The Lagaope who was looking at this memory watched without any words. Then the time flowed again.

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