Swordmeister of Rome

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Pa-Harijan

Kal-Rasha was desperately running toward her sister. She wasn’t this desperate when she ran from the Harijans. They weren’t sure how long Elder could hold the man in place. She needed to get Kirat out to safety.

‘What went wrong?’

It looked like an easy task when Marquis Narasha asked them. Even after they examined the target, it seemed so easy. The man followed them to dinner without any suspicion, and even when he ate, he seemed to have put down all guards against her. She was worried since the man was said to be a Grand Bander, but he was a letdown.

He may be strong, but he was nothing they needed to worry about. Yet the tide had turned instantly.

He was hiding the evil within him.

It began to make sense. That was why he was so relaxed and didn’t seem to be afraid about anything. He didn’t need to be afraid. There was nothing that could threaten him.

She suddenly remembered the term Ra-Bander, which these people used.


<Disaster in human form>

Rasha realized the true meaning of the name.

‘Please! Please! Please!’

Rasha ran toward her sister who was running down from the hill.

The Elder seemed to be successful in buying enough time. She looked around and the found others still running in one piece. She shouted at her sister.

“Kirat! Use the skill!”

The skill that brought them here was enough to teleport them back at once. It consumed a lot of Talic Stones, but now was the was time to use it. Kirat needed to be saved. She looked at Kirat, relieved from being free from danger, but she was looking at her with a weird face. She stopped running and despair filled her expression.


The sky turned upside down and the ground was kicked up into the sky. With the upside-down view, she saw the others being cut in half from the waist and falling down to the ground.

‘Oh… it wasn’t the sky that turned upside down…’

Rasha looked at Kirat who was screaming in terror as she ran to her. She felt her sight going dark and closed her eyes.

[Quest failed: Rescue Rasha and the people.]

-All targets have been killed.

-2000 Exp has been subtracted as a penalty.

[The user has been exposed to danger. So by default, the user will be recalled immediately.]


Kirat screamed as she looked at the status window. For the first time in her life, she wished that the window was wrong. Her sister was running toward her and the enemy was still fighting the Elder. But she was proved that her window never lied, and she saw her sister and others getting cut in half by an unknown force.

“No… no… ah…”

She ran to her sister’s upper body and cried in despair. That was when she felt she was being teleported back.

“No…! NO!!!”

There was nothing she could do here, but she couldn’t just return like that. It felt better to die with all of them here. But the setting that kept her safe from danger worked correctly as intended. It had saved her many times from life-threatening situations, but this was the one time she despised it.

‘If that’s the case…!’

Kirat glared at Sian who inside the far away mansion that had been sliced in half and activated her skill.

[Activating skill: <Eye of Avant Garde>]

-You will take damage due to the difference in levels.

Using multiple skills at the same time usually caused her to faint, but she was using only one skill. She endured the pain coming from the skill, but she examined Sian.

[Analyzed part of the target.]

[A lot has omitted due to the level differences.]

She was able to get more information than before. She would return and find out more. Revenge was next.

‘Just wait…’

Kirat glared at Sian as she disappeared with a blue light.

“It’s really interesting. I was attacked first, but then I become a target of revenge. Did I just need to die? To let people be happy?”

Sian spoke to the dead body of the Fifth Elder as he turned away from Kirat who disappeared. He could feel her use the skill as she glared at him until she disappeared. He could’ve canceled the skill, but the Elder charged at him with all his might that distracted him and Kirat was gone.

‘Hm… did I do too much?’

Sian flinched. It wasn’t too much. They were trying to kill him. He was smiling as he watched the dead man in front of him, then suddenly flipped. He was now looking around sadly.

“What did I say… I asked you to talk it out, didn’t I?”

There was no good in killing people. Sian locked up the power and looked around grimly before he walked back to the capital.

‘So… they gave up on exacting revenge.’

The people who were at the Narasha Estate told Kirat what she had expected. It was their way of life.

<The strong ones survive while the weaker ones perish. We do not carry weak.>

This way, the dead were just weak. There was no sin in being strong.

After hearing it from Kirat, the Great Elder determined that Sian could be stronger than himself. To carry out revenge against such a man only meant the doom to the people.

They decided to ask to pay the Marquis instead of fighting against the killer. Kirat understood the logic behind it and would’ve made the same choice.

<Only if her sister was alive.>

She could not bear to accept the reality of her sister’s death. Even in her dream, she saw her sister being cut in half to die.

Yes, they did attack him first. But she was her sister.

She needed to be focused on revenge to keep her sane. Yet the status that she saw from using the skill kept telling her to give up.


There wasn’t much. Only one line was added.

His level.

[Status: Sian von Roman]

-2nd son of Roman, Guarran-Tia, ???

-Level: 399

-Bander: ???

-Exar: ???

-Skills: ???

She could not believe what she saw.

The Fifth Elder’s level was 183 and Keratan was 97. The Six-horned Harijans were 217 and 331. She did not measure the Great Elder or the Second Elder, but they fought against the six-horned Harijans, so it was estimated to be about 320. While the two of them fought the male, the weaker female took half of the warriors with her.

Kirat herself was at level 37 after twenty-five years of surviving through the Great North Forest.

It was impossible to reach. He was seventeen years old. If she lived to become strong as he was right now, he would be strong enough to bring down the continent in one swing.

She wanted revenge, but the enemy was too strong. She began to ponder about what she could do and made a decision.

<If I don’t have the power to do it, I will borrow it. I will look for the way. Like I always have done.>

The world was large. Someone would be able to fight him.

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