Swordmeister of Rome

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Bander Report

<What is a Bander?>

The possibility of we, as humans, is infinite. Yes, that is correct.

But can humans fly? Can humans fight against the Harijan and pick up a house-sized boulder?


The meaning of infinite possibility for humans is that we can stretch out in infinite directions. The limitation is there.

If we did not have <Bander>…


Means ‘Blessing’ in ancient text. It is the true blessing to us humans. It resides within our body and gives us the power to crush our limits with ease.

The more particles we have, the more powerful we can become. It allows us to move the mountains, stand against storms, and fight thousands of men alone.

It has been 400 years since the existence of Bander was first introduced to mankind. People who discovered its power have been recorded as legends.

The most prominent of these figures is the Great Emperor Broxian, the man who united all the tribes that were divided 1,000 years ago due to the Harijan and harsh environments.

Even after the days of the Great Emperor, Bander users led the world.

They were called warriors, great generals, heroes, or kings.

<Bander> gathers within the newborn baby up until a hundred days after birth. It cannot be influenced by anything other than the baby’s own innate ability.

The ceremonial is a good way to show how talented an individual is on the Bander scale.


This rating was created by the Royalists to fight with the Nobles.

The Royal family forced ceremonials to show the ratings to keep an eye out for potential threats to the Kingdom from the beginning.

All Nobles had to comply since objecting to it was considered treason. Even the powerful Nobles who had the power to disobey could not because their fellow Nobles had already complied to the law.



The ceremonial has now been deeply rooted in our culture as tradition and a way to show a family’s power.

The cost of requesting a ceremonial from the Exalted Magical Council is outrageous.

The poorer Nobles chose which children to hold a ceremonial for while the more powerful Nobles held them continuously to show off their financial prowess to others.

-Exalted Magical Council – Monthly Journal. Issued: November. Private column.

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