Swordmeister of Rome

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Great Warrior Tournament

“So many people…”

“Yeah, the B-class section ticket was so expensive too. I guess people in the capital are rich.”

Celine and Sian were chatting in the spectator seats of the Coliseum. Celine, a participant, and Sian, whose father was Count Roman, allowed them to obtain seats in the S-class section easily. The only higher-class seats, or the R-class, had King Narasha, Count Roman, Swordmeister Kiraine, and the other high-ranking nobles. Therefore, the S-class was one of the best seating areas to watch the competition.

“But Lady Celine, you really were quick to be disqualified. Hahaha!”

“…I didn’t know Sir Rian had become that powerful. Ha~”

Celine retorted, but she felt ashamed for making such a lame excuse. It was true though, Rian had become quite powerful. When Sian had just entered the Guarran-Tia, Rian was barely stronger than Celine and weaker than the Returnee, Jack. Yet on the day of the competition, Rian had become much stronger than before.

Celine, who had faced Rian on the first day of the competition, was quickly defeated. Rian was always kind and considerate, even when using swords. However, this time he was like a ferocious animal.

“Haha, I saw Father training him. It was the… Lion’s Way… or something. Father said it was about time he learned it and worked him hard.”

“Hmm? You don’t know your own family’s techniques?”

“I never went through any training. How would I know?”


Celine ranted from within that Sian was such a douchebag sometimes.

“Oh, they’re starting!”

Rian’s match had started. He was up against the Returnee, Roxanne.

“I love you, Rian!”

“Marry me!”

Roxanne (age 36), looked at Rian, who was being cheered on by everyone in the Coliseum.

‘He’s so popular.’

She was a woman and understood why he was so popular. He was a handsome man with a masculine body; well-mannered and considerate, passionate and righteous. It was like a knight in shining armor that every woman dreamed of.

Not only that, he was a Master-level warrior at the young age of twenty-four and came from the famous Roman family.

He was perfect, but it did not matter. He was just a challenge to overcome.

“I am Rian von Roman.”

“I’m Roxxane de Natallan.”

Both bowed slightly and readied themselves as the fight started.

It was Rian who charged first. Unlike the Rian from a few months ago, he moved like a predator to attack Roxanne from all sides. It looked rough, but it was all calculated. It was what made Count Roman famous, earning him the nickname, Mad Bear. It was the Roman family’s sword mastery called <Lion’s Way>.

It was not taught until one was at a certain level, and that seemed to be true. Roxanne already expected it by watching his previous fight, but soon realized it wasn’t going as she had planned.

‘…I’m losing my options.’

She was being pushed back by his fierce attacks. There were opportunities that she could have taken, but she hesitated because of the pressure and soon lost those options.

It was not long after that Roxanne admitted defeat.

“Miss Roxanne, can you stand?”


Roxanne grabbed the hand and stood up, staring at Rian. She then turned away wordlessly and ran out of the Coliseum.

‘Oh… I’ve made her mad,’ Rian thought as he exited to the other side of the Coliseum.

“Ugh, there goes another.”

“Huh? You mean Miss Roxanne?”

“Yeah. There are so many.”

“What do you mean?”

Celine could not understand why Sian thought that Roxanne had just fallen in love with Rian. There was nothing that could have triggered it.

“He’s too handsome.”


“Now that I think about it, you are one of a kind, Lady Celine. I have never met a girl who spent time with my brother and didn’t fall in love with him.”

Celine thought about it and realized that all the women around Rian always fell for him; he was a perfect man after all. It just didn’t cross Celine’s mind as he was her coworker.

“Hm… I don’t know why…”

“Haha, it’s okay, it’s not important anyway. Oh, the next fight is starting.”

“Uhh… yeah. So who’s up this time?”

“It’s your man! Hahaha!”


Celine realized who it was. It was Kuntarian.

‘That Rian… I don’t like him.’

Kuntarian compared the cheers that Rian received to what he was currently getting as he entered. He did not like the man named Rian one bit; he thought that Rian looked like a male prostitute he had seen on Tra-An street.

That man had lived in prosperity all his life, unlike himself who had struggles and hardships as a mercenary. Unlike himself, Rian was strong only because of his family and background.

It was especially annoying that women loved Rian more than himself.

‘It will be a short-lived glory for you… enjoy it while you can.’

As he began climbing up the ladder in the competition, he was bound to fight against Rian. He didn’t beat Rian up only because he was the son of that Grand Bander Roman, but this was his chance.

The Roman family valued honor, and that meant that the Count would not interfere in the competition. And if he won the competition, he would be freed from being scared of Grand Banders.

Kuntarian turned his opponent, Jack, who was standing in front of him. He decided to unleash his annoyance on the man and began using Exar to strengthen himself, before charging at him.

“It’s one-sided,” Celine commented as she watched the fight. Sir Jack, a Returnee and one of the stronger ones among the Masters, was being severely beaten up. They were both Masters, but Kuntarian was different. He was a rare <dual-power user>, who could use Exar along with Bander. Kuntarian also knew how to use the Exar well.

That was what most Masters thought, including Celine, but Sian and all the other Grand Banders saw it differently.

“So, Roman, what has he been doing?”

“Swordmeister, I heard he was a mercenary.”

“He’s using it all wrong.”

“I don’t know where he learned it, but he definitely doesn’t know how to use it.”

“He’s a half-wit.”


Swordmeister Kiraine, Count Roman, and King Narasha were all sitting together in the R-class level of the Coliseum. Nobody would’ve believed that they were against each other just recently by how friendly they were.

They all had the same opinion.


They didn’t know much about this Kuntarian, but as they watched him fight, one thing was sure. He had picked up something very powerful; however, he was showing the characteristics of one who obtained the power suddenly. He would have been worthless before then.

The Grand Banders were able to discern how he was using his powers. It was not something Masters would notice. Kuntarian did not know when or how to use his powers.

All the Grand Banders who were watching felt like it was a shame to waste such power.

“And we do not have anyone able to defeat such a <half-wit>… in <Kaloan> at least.”

Whatever he picked up was really powerful. Even if he was a <half-wit>, his power was too great for any Master to handle.

“If Rian had more time, this would’ve been a good chance. Such a shame.”

To the Grand Banders, Rian was like a diamond. In a few more years, it would have been easy for Rian to defeat such a <half-wit> with ease; however, it was not possible at this point.

“This <Kaloan> is too boring. I am going back, Your Majesty.”

The Swordmeister frowned at Kuntarian, who was beating up Jack, and stood up to leave the Coliseum. He would probably not return to watch. Jack was already on the verge of fainting.

King Narasha and Count Roman had to stay behind, but they too felt that <Kaloan> would not be that entertaining this time.

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