Swordmeister of Rome

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Short Report of Talic Stone and Harijan

<Talic Stone and Harijan>

The Harijan, meaning ‘Disaster’ in the ancient text, are pure disasters to humans. However, their dead bodies are a blessing.

Their skin is stiff and durable, their blood can be used for potions, and their meat is so tasty that anyone who has tasted it is willing to pay thousands to taste it again. However, the most important aspect is not any of these.

<Talic Stone>

The hope within the disaster. It is the core of the Harijan.

It is the source of energy that allows one to utilize the nature-twisting power of <Exar>.

Exar can only be used by very select individuals. However, they have no control over it until the Talic Stone is used. It allowed the Empire to unite the entire continent within tens of years and continued to reign over the continent for hundreds of years.

Although the Empire met its fate with the war against Kar-Gul, it was the Talic Stone that led Empire to rule over the continent for hundreds of years.

Even if it is a famed stone, it is impossible to mine. It can only be found inside the body of a Harijan.

All countries work hard to acquire the Talic Stone, as it directly impacts the power of the country.


-From the Exalted Magical Council’s lecture

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