Talisman Emperor

Chapter 36 – Numerous Experts

Chapter 36 – Numerous Experts

Su Clan!

A mere two words caused the hatred and rage that had accumulated within Chen Xi’s heart for many years to be instantly lit ablaze.

The scene from he was four years old was still vivid in his mind. 13 Su Clan Golden Hall Realm cultivators tore apart the marriage contract between him and the Su Clan’s Young Miss before the eyes of everyone in Pine Mist City.

He still remembered the emotionless and icy cold mocking and ridicule of those Su Clan Golden Hall Realm cultivators.

He still remembered that when his grandfather saw the marriage contract being torn in pieces that flew about in the sky, his grandfather’s aged face revealed an expression of pain and despair.

Furthermore, his grandfather had died miserably outside the city gate three months ago, and the Soundsaver Talisman Chen Hao gave him even allowed Chen Xi to deduce that perhaps the one responsible for assassinating his grandfather might be the Li Clan, but the one behind the scenes that were truly responsible was absolutely the Su Clan.

Chen Xi didn’t know the reason behind it, but he knew that his grandfather had died in the hands of the Su Clan, and this was already sufficient!

“What’s wrong with you?” Du Qingxi perceptively noticed that Chen Xi’s aura seemed to become restless.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and awoke from his monstrous hatred, then shook his head.


It was the crack of dawn and rows of clouds that were like fish scales floated atop the sky. Extremely far in the distance, accompanied by a long and clear cry of a crane, the clouds and mist seemed to have been dispersed by an awl. An extraordinary and robust white crane flapped its wings, and as it broke through the clouds and approached with an extremely swift speed.


In practically the blink of an eye, a white crane that was fully snow white like jade appeared in the sky above everyone, and it fluttered its wings as it let out a clear cry.

The gazes of everyone gathered onto the white crane at the first possible moment, and a young girl in a black dress that had an incomparably delicate and charming appearance stood there with her hands behind her back. She had lovely hair that was fluffy like clouds and an elegant figure, and that disposition of hers that seemed like she would be blown away by the wind caused many people to be secretly enchanted.

Song Lin laid on the floor and lazily opened his eyes, and he glanced at the young girl that rode atop the white crane before lightly muttering, “Oh, Duanmu, your Miss Su has arrived.”

Duanmu Ze glanced at Du Qingxi who was beside him and the corners of his mouth twitched, and he furiously howled in a low voice. “What do you mean by my Miss Su? What relationship does she, Su Jiao, have with me?”

Song Lin curled his lips in contempt, and Song Lin was just about to say something when Duanmu Ze extended his hand to cover Song Lin’s mouth, then Duanmu Ze smiled embarrassedly to the nearby Du Qingxi. “This fellow is sleep talking again.”

Du Qingxi paid no attention to Duanmu Ze’s explanation. On her beautiful face that was covered beneath her veil, her pair of deep and starry eyes continuously looked at Chen Xi, and her beautiful brows slightly frowned and seemed to have thought of something.

At this moment, Chen Xi had his head lowered, causing others to be unable to see his expression. But under Du Qingxi’s close gaze, she still noticed the slight trembling of his body, and he seemed to be forcefully suppressing the violently fluctuating feelings in his heart.

“At the moment Su Jiao appeared, his mind became unusually disordered, could it be… Right! The girl Chen Xi was betrothed to that year is surely Su Jiao without a doubt!”

A flash of wisdom appeared within Du Qingxi’s mind, she recalled the various rumors about Chen Xi in Pine Mist City, and finally understood what was going on. She couldn’t help but faintly sigh in her heart. His marriage contract was torn to shreds by the Su Clan before the eyes of everyone. Perhaps, until today, he hasn’t released such a blow from his heart?

“It’s the Eldest Young Miss of the Dragon Lake City’s Su Clan!”

“Ah! So she’s the Miss Su that’s one of the twin prides of Dragon Lake City? No wonder she’s so beautiful!”

“Hmph! She’s more than beautiful! Miss Su’s cultivation is extremely extraordinary, otherwise, how could she become eminent within Dragon Lake City where experts are as numerous as the clouds and obtain the distinction of being one of the twin prides of Dragon Lake City in one go?”

At this moment, everyone by Spiritcave Lake recognized Su Jiao’s identity, and the discussion didn’t lack exclamations of shock, admiration, and adoration.

In mid-air, Su Jiao had an indifferent expression, as if she didn’t feel the ferventness of everyone below, and she shot her gaze towards the distance.

Gradually, everyone was attracted by her actions, and their gazes shot towards the same direction in succession.

“Hahaha! I’ve kept Miss Su waiting!” After a short moment, accompanied by a loud laughter that was like a thunderclap, a blood red light whistled out from deep within the cloudy sky, and a ferocious imposing manner instantly filled the heaven and the earth.

The hearts of everyone shook as they felt this formidable imposing manner that was arrogant and unruly, and their expressions fluctuated between surprize and bewilderment.

The blood red light swiftly came to a stop and only now did everyone clearly see the appearance of the person. This person wore a black robe with gold embroidery, he had a wide chest and broad nose, and thick long hair hung down to his shoulders. He stood atop a sword that was dark red like fresh blood, and a fierce and unruly imposing manner shot into the sky as he openly declared his strength to everyone.

“Redlotus Bloodsoul Sword! He’s the Little Sword Devil, Cang Bin! The sword cultivating genius of the Dragon Lake City’s Cang Clan!”

Someone exclaimed in surprize, and it instantly caused an uproar. As they looked at the black robed figure that stood atop the blood red sword in mid-air, their gazes were filled with fear and reverence.

The killing intent on this person is so dense, he’s obviously experienced countless bloody slaughters!

Chen Xi who was lost in thought was jolted awake as well. He raised his head to glance at the black robed figure that stood mid-air and his formidable soul allowed him to see more things than what others could.

“Oh, Duanmu, your old rival has come as well. Your Miss Su will be seized away by him if you still don’t make a move.”

Song Lin’s lazy voice once again vaguely came out from his mouth, and the veins on Duanmu Ze’s forehead thumped as he gnashed his teeth and said, “I’ll say it one more time, she isn’t my Miss Su, the one I like is…”

The two words ‘Qingxi’ hadn’t even left his mouth when Duanmu Ze suddenly saw Du Qingxi coldly glaring at him. His heart trembled as he forcefully swallowed back what he was about to say, and he had an extremely embarrassed expression.

Chen Xi paid no attention to all this, as his attention had already been drawn by the discussions that sounded out from afar.

“Strange, why have so many Violet Palace Realm cultivators come today? Only Congenital Realm cultivators and below are able to enter the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain.”

“It is extremely strange. Not only are there numerous Violet Palace Realm cultivators here for the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain trials this year, even cultivators from outside of Pine Mist City occupy half the amount of people. Such a spectacular scene is simply unprecedented in the past!”

“Pfft! What’s there to feel strange about? Violet Palace Realm cultivators only require an Essenceseal Pill and they’d be able to lower their cultivation by a realm to maintain it at the perfection-stage of the Congenital Realm. Entering the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain is a piece of cake.”

“It can’t be? If they were to participate then wouldn’t we Congenital Realm cultivators be unable to obtain even a single baleful pearl?”

“Don’t worry, the backgrounds of these Violet Palace Realm cultivators are extremely great. Would they care about these baleful pearls with their statuses? Their objective is surely that sword immortals abode that’s given rise to much discussion. Even if it isn’t, they’re surely here for something else. Anyhow, they’re surely not here for baleful pearls.”

No wonder Du Qingxi’s group of three would come here. So they possess something like the Essenceseal Pill, and are able to lower their cultivations to the Congenital Realm. Chen Xi was originally still wondering about this matter. Now, when he heard the surrounding discussion, he couldn’t help but come to a sudden understanding, then he frowned. But, what’s that sword immortal’s abode?

What made Chen Xi feel shocked inwardly the most was that just currently, he’d seen Du Qingxi, Duanmu Ze, Song Lin, Su Jiao, and Cang Bin; five leading figures of the younger generation of Dragon Lake City, and their backgrounds were all formidable like the others. Then how many other experts with terrifying strengths were concealed in the shadows?

“Brother Cang, let’s go down and wait as well. The Southern Barbaric Nether Domain will appear in approximately 15 minutes.” Su Jiao lightly nodded to Cang Bin in mid-air and her gaze that was calm and emotionless like water swept downwards. She quickly found her target, then she lightly descended.

“If you insist.” Cang Bin laughed as he put away his Redlotus Bloodsoul sword and followed her to flash downwards.

Amongst the two of them, one had an indifferent disposition, the other was arrogant and unruly, and their cultivation and identity were extremely shocking. The moment they hit the ground, the crowd consciously opened a path for the two of them to pass.

Su Jiao paid no attention to the gazes of ardent adoration that were shot at her from the surroundings and she directly walked to the location of Chen Xi’s group of four before stopping and smiling sweetly. “Brother Duanmu, Brother Song, I never expected that the two of you would be here as well.”

“Miss Su, aren’t you here as well?” Duanmu Ze stood up and lightly smiled as he said. He wore his usual white clothes and was handsome. When he spoke at this moment, his elegant demeanor did indeed attain a level that caused others to be unable to find fault with it.

Compared to Cang Bin who was by Su Jiao’s side, their temperament and appearances were different, but they both emitted an imposing manner of strong confidence that was evenly matched.

“Oh, I’m so sleepy. All of you chat.” Song Lin was completely indifferent instead, and he still laid there like a pug as he muttered before his eyelids drooped down once again and he slept soundly while snoring loudly.

Compared to Duanmu Ze and Cang Bin, the tired and sloppy Song Lin was simply not like a person that had come from one of the six great clans of Dragon Lake City’s, the Song Clan!

Su Jiao lightly smiled then turned to look at Du Qingxi whose face was covered by a black veil. “Big Sister Qingxi, you’ve come for the sword immortal’s abode as well?”

“What do you think?” While her voice that was frosty like ice sounded out, Du Qingxi stretched out her hand to remove the black veil that covered her head to reveal that chilly and extremely beautiful face of hers. Her starry eyes were clear like water and her cherry lips were rosy, and her pure white face was like a fully bloomed lotus that was exceedingly beautiful.

At the moment the surrounding people saw Du Qingxi’s appearance, they were all dumbstruck and were fiercely surprised by her beauty.

“Of course it is, otherwise, why would Big Sister Qingxi come and stay at this little Pine Mist City for so long?” Su Jiao lightly smiled. “But, there’s only one sword immortal’s abode, and for the sake of obtaining it, I won’t make any compromises.”

“Since it’s like that, then we’ll use that to decide on the winner in the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain.” Du Qingxi replied in an extremely straightforward manner, her voice was chilly as usual and carried a sense of having made a decision to kill.

“That’s what I intended as well.” Su Jiao grinned as she replied, then she shot her gaze towards the side. There, Chen Xi sat cross-legged.

Along with the appearance of Su Jiao and Cang Bin, the people in the surroundings had shot their gazes over already. Duanmu Ze had arrived early on, and everyone already knew his identity. Moreover, along with Su Jiao calling out Du Qingxi’s name, then seeing that beautiful and refined appearance of Du Qingxi, most people were able to guess that this woman was surely the favored genius from the Dragon Lake City’s Du Clan. Du Qingxi that was called one of the twin prides of Dragon Lake City with Su Jiao!

As for Song Lin, just by hearing his name, they knew. This tired and drowsy fellow was surely from the Song Clan of the six great clans of Dragon Lake City.

Su Clan, Cang Clan, Duanmu Clan, Du Clan, Song Clan… Five young men and women who were all respectively from one of the six great clans of Dragon Lake City. Moreover, they were all the most outstanding figures in the younger generation who were flourishing in the limelight. How could the people present normally see such a grand line-up?

So at this moment, when they saw Su Jiao casting her gaze at Chen Xi, the people present couldn’t help but guess in their hearts. Who is this fellow? He’s able to mix together with five youths that have deep backgrounds and superb cultivations. Could it be that he’s a disciple from the last one of the six great clans, the Fang Clan?

At this moment, Chen Xi who sat cross-legged on the ground had undoubtedly become the center of attention for everyone.

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