The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path

Chapter 12 - Loathe Each Other

Chapter 12 – Loathe Each Other

Immortal Path backbone?

There was none.

It seemed that as long as Ling Baojing gave up the fan in her hands, they would politely take it right away and fan Big Missy Ling frantically.

Ling Fengxiao was strange indeed.

She was still afraid of the heat when people were fanning and feeding iced grapes on such hot weather. Ling Baoqing and the others were dressed in thin and light silk, revealing their arms and shoulders. It was evident that the people in this world were not dressed very conservatively—This person was dressed magnificently and covered all over without finding it stuffy.

Of course, Lin Shu only dared to think about it and not say it out.

Ling Fengxiao eyed him up and down. After a while, she lifted her chin and asked, “How are all of you doing in settling down?”

“We’re doing fine,” Lin Shu replied.

He gave it some thoughts before adding on, “Thank you, Big Missy.”

Ling Fengxiao responded indifferently. She stood up and said, “Follow me.”

Was she going to lead the way?

Lin Shu was overwhelmed to receive the favor at the moment.

However, Ling Fengxiao’s attitude was certainly insincere and she seemed unwilling.

“Take this.”

Ling Fengxiao took the jade talisman that she handed to him.

She only used two fingers to hold the string of the jade pendant so that she would not come into contact with him. She held it up and put it in his hands.

Lin Shu was hoping for such a way to hand over.

After all, he did not judge someone by their appearance. As long as it was a living thing, he would refuse to come into contact with them.

“This is the token to enter the Shangling Dreamscape,” Ling Fengxiao said faintly. “If there is anything urgent, you can use the jade talisman to call for Mr. Meng. Likewise, if he has anything to find you, he will also use the jade talisman to relay a message.”

Lin Shu accepted it. “Thank you.”

Three months ago, he met Ling Fengxiao on an overly dim night for the first time. Later on, he only saw her from a distance and realized that she was a head taller than him despite being one or two years older..

A lady who was an immortal cultivator and practiced martial arts would somewhat have a taller build. On the other hand, he spent 10 years of malnutrition so he could understand his shorter height.

At this moment, Ling Fengxiao was walking on the mountain path and Lin Shu followed. She did not talk to him anymore and naturally, he did not either. The mountain path was quiet and only footsteps could be heard.

Ling Fengxiao’s cultivation level was very high so she naturally walked faster than an ordinary fetus like Lin Shu. Soon after, she walked over 20 flights of steps ahead of him.

Lin Shu was not calculative about this so much so that he even had the mood to look at Ling Fengxiao’s shadow up ahead. Her red clothes flowed along the clouds slowly on the road where the immortal fog was faintly discernible. It was still considered a beautiful scenery.

Among the vines at the side of the mountain road which twined on the large trees, two little birds flew out from it and circled Ling Fengxiao’s side before leaving.

Their distance was once again pulled further so Lin Shu accelerated his footsteps. It seemed like Ling Fengxiao heard the changes in his footsteps and finally stopped in her steps, waiting for him in a high area.

Lin Shu went up. This was the end of the mountain road and the shadow of the majestic Immortal Palace could already be seen among the fog-filled air.

Ling Fengxiao reached out and pulled back her five fingers lightly. That fog had somewhat dispersed. A picturesque disorder emerged in front of her eyes as well as the group of palaces in the number of stretches. The palace was mainly white with a brick texture close to jade—exquisite and moist. Under the sunlight, it flickered a slight luster and was exquisitely made.

“This is the Void Assembly Heaven where lessons usually take place,” Ling Fengxiao told him in a strictly business-like manner. “The Junior Brothers of the Immortal Dao Sanctuary stays in the east Jasper Heaven while the those from the Scholar Dao Sanctuary and the Arts Sanctuary stays in the Colored Glass Heaven. Follow me.”

The two of them continued to the East for countless miles. It was probably due to the unique immortal atmosphere on Shangling Mountain that Lin Shu could walk for so long without feeling tired.

The Jasper Heaven was another fresh green mountain peak with the bamboo forest like the sea and a fresh breeze blowing. There were countless rather interesting bamboo residences situated among these. They were all detached but every four buildings were attached close to each other. They were connected from a courtyard and faintly joined together.

“Everyone has a residence and every four people with a garden. Let me ask Mr. Meng where you are in,” Ling Fengxiao took out her jade talisman and said to Lin Shu.

Lin Shu nodded and at the same time, his jade talisman of emitted a slight ray of light.

Ling Fengxiao knitted her brows slightly as if she did not understand. She told him, “Mr. Meng is calling for you. Go.”

Lin Shu did not know who he was and where to find him but the moment he held his jade talisman up, a gentle white ray of light shrouded him.

After opening his eyes again, the summit rose towards the sun and the morning breeze blew gently, just like the registration plane of the Shangling Dreamscape.

The system still wore that blue clothes floating with immortal energy and bowed to him with both hands held in front with a beam. “Fellow cultivator, we meet again.”

Lin Shu, “Mr. Meng?”

“That is me,” the system said gently. “The huge dream in Shangling and I was the person in the dream. Fellow cultivator, if you don’t mind, please call me Mr. Meng.”

Lin Shu obediently followed, “Mr. Meng.”

The smiling expression of the system grew stronger but after that, it straightened out its clothes and grew stern. “Fellow cultivator, I called you here because I have an important matter.”

Lin Shu asked, “What is it?”

“This arose because of me.” The system heaved a sigh, “Fellow cultivator, do you still remember the second examination of the Shangling examination at that time? The one I exempted you from the discussion because I didn’t want that bickering spirit to tangle with you?”

Lin Shu, “I do remember.”

He was very grateful to the fair and reasonable Mr. Meng regarding that.

“The bad thing is the Shangling Center—the seniors of the Academy were too much and said I have done this against the rule. Even though both of you should enter the Academy, this second examination cannot be exempted no matter what.”

He still could not be exempted from the discussion. Lin Shu felt nervous but this was something he should have done after all and was not conflicted. “That’s good as well.”

“I have yet to finish.” The system sighed. “The Shangling Center also said that the rules of the Shangling Academy are clear and I have gone against the rules so I need to be punished. I have already received my punishment but both of you who are exempted needs to be punished as well. He wants both of you to live together and have a debate every day and night. He can only let the matter rest when the Dao heart is discussed clearly.”

Lin Shu, “……”

This was simply a bolt from the blue.

How much despair was his future dormitory life going to be?

“However…… I have no way out.” The system took back his sighing expression and laughed slyly. “This bickering spirit is the disciple handed down by the Dream-Like Hall, called Yue Ruohe. Daoist Yue Ruohe and his sister, Yue Ruoyun, came to the Academy together this year. Daoist Yue Ruoyun is still young and needs her brother to take care of her. Both of them are going to live in one garden so you naturally have to live with them. Daoist Yue Ruoyun is influenced by her elder brother and very treasured very him. They will bicker here and there so fellow cultivator, you will suffer less disturbance.”

The system continued, “But, this is not effective after all. There is also a rule in the Academy stating that the bamboo gardens that the new disciples live in every year must be taken care of by a Senior Brother or Senior Sister from the previous year. Therefore, I have specially arranged an impressive figure who can handle both of them as the fourth one in your park. Fellow cultivator can then be totally free of the bickering in this way.”

Lin Shu wanted to simply tearfully thank Mr. Meng for letting him escape alive.

The system slowly spoke, “Fellow cultivator, although the swordplay you chose was simple and not surprising in the Shangling examination, I can see that you will not be ordinary on the sword path. It turns out that she also uses a blade and is a martial arts genius seen in centuries. You can learn martial arts from each other in the courtyard and discuss the Dao ways which will be beneficial for both of your cultivations.”

The system looked at Lin Shu who carried a benevolent smile like an old father despite being so young.

Lin Shu froze all of a sudden.

She uses a blade and is a martial arts genius seen in centuries.

A Senior Brother or Senior Sister from last year.

An impressive figure who could handle both of them.

Wait, wait a minute.

This sounded familiar.

He embraced for a gleam of hope and spoke to the system, “Mr. Meng, who is….. that person?”

The system laughed. “I’m sure you’ve heard of her name before since everyone knows the Ling family’s Little Phoenix.”

Four years in Yong Ping and Lin Shu will die in the Shangling mountain, Jasper Heaven and the Shangling Dreamscape.

He said with difficulty, “Th… thank you…… Mr. Meng.”

The system laughed.

Lin Shu remained expressionless.

He did not feel well.

That Big Missy certainly did not like him and had a bad temper, wanting to peel someone’s skin off over a small matter. He wanted to remain at a respectful distance and it would be better the further he was.

He would bicker every day and night, discuss to the Mayahana and ascend rather than living in fear under Ling Fengxiao’s domination.

But, the system did not give him any chance to speak.

“Fellow cultivator, I’m really sorry for calling you here all of a sudden. Since we are done here, you should return quickly.”

He waved with his huge sleeves and Lin Shu was immediately sent out to the real world in the position where he was still holding that jade slip.

He lifted his head to see Ling Fengxiao across him.

Ling Fengxiao’s expression did not seem right.

He recalled that Ling Fengxiao previously wanted to ask Mr. Meng where he was going to stay and should have known they were going to be living together.

He was just a little idiot from the little village. Ling Fengxiao looked filthy in disgust, probably unwilling to live in the same place as he did.

They really loathed each other.

Ling Fengxiao did not speak along the way until they reached the door where it engraved ‘Terrifying wind and drizzle’. She said stiffly, “Here.”

Both of them continued walking forth and could hear the movements from inside before they reached the courtyard.

They did not see anyone but heard something else. A clear and bright sound could be heard with a blunt tone. “Is that person called Lin Shu here?” Lin Shu, you said the Heaven had its own principles and the people are nothing. Then let me ask you. There are four kinds of seasons and when it’s cold, don’t tell me you don’t wear more clothes? When it’s hot, don’t tell me you don’t take off your clothes? On this hot day, if you’re still covered completely, are you a pig then?”

Lin Shu felt that he was right.

Before he could respond, a cough could be heard.

Lin Shu turned his head to see some light anger in Ling Fengxiao’s eyes and she shattered several rough bamboos.

Ling Fengxiao was an example of not taking off her clothes when the weather was hot.

Brother bamboo pole, happiness and bullying are both right beside us.

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