The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path

Chapter 13 - A Blowfish

Chapter 13 – A Blowfish

The person inside was unaware and opened the door, sticking out his head. “I can see that you are self-contradicting and not very coherent. The Aerial Building—”

Before he could finish his sentence, he heard a few continuous knocks. More than 10 emerald green bamboo leaves were moved by Ling Fengxiao’s True Qi like a metal sheet being nailed into the gatepost at the side of his head.

That person immediately raised his voice, “Brother Lin, this is not quite the Earth Dao. Let me tell you properly. I can have started a debate but you flew into a rage so you must be left speechless by me!”

Ling Fengxiao sneered and walked out of the bamboo forest.

That person immediately became a choking chicken and said, “Ling…… Big, Big Missy.

Was there nobody who did not surrender to Big Missy in this Immortal Path?

Lin Shu was thinking about it when he heard that person said with a choking voice, “……Don’t you feel hot?”

She actually did.

Ling Fengxiao replied, “What does it have to do with you?”

“Big Missy, please forgive me for being straightforward. It’s not coherent as the saying goes: ‘To have sympathy with a like-minded person in distress and hurt other species’. When I saw Big Missy feeling hot, I feel the same as well and my body grew hot. How can you say that it has nothing to do with me……”

He was a delicate and pretty person dressed in green silk clothes, looking exactly like a fresh emerald green bamboo pole.

However, as soon as Ling Fengxiao entered the door, she shook countless bamboos into pieces and naturally would not treasure the one in front of her.

Ling Fengxiao approached him and started to calmly pull the bamboo leaves around his head that was nailed into the gatepost before.

A piece, another piece, and another piece.

She piled each of them neatly in her hands. “You’re called Yue Ruohe?”

Yue Ruohe nodded.

“Junior Brother Yue,” Ling Fengxiao softly said, “I still have to go to the monastery to wait for the crane. I will have to trouble Junior Brother Lin for help to settle down.”

The dozens of bamboo leaves in her hands were cut by the invisible Qi mechanism and turned into green fragments thinner than dust. It then went down Big Missy’s pale fingertips and vanished with the air.

Yue Ruohe said flattered, “……Yes.”

Another person who surrendered to her.

Ling Fengxiao looked at him and turned to go out of this ‘Terrifying Wind And Drizzle Garden’.

She did not take another look at Lin Shu anymore.

When her shadow completely disappeared into the bamboo forest, Lin Shu was about to ask Yue Ruohe which was his room but before he could do so, he heard him continue, “Brother Lin, let’s continue talking about ‘The Heaven has its own principle, the people are nothing’. Forgive me for being straightforward but ‘The Heaven has its own principle’……”

Lin Shu replied to him, “You’re right.”

“Brother Lin should once again view it from your point of view. It’s simply the Aerial Pavilion and the children ceases to exist……”

“You’re right.”

“With my unworthy expression……”

“You’re right.”

Yue Ruohe, “?”

Lin Shu calmly carried his bundle. “Brother Yue, where do I stay?”

Thanks to Li Yamao’s clamor these few days, he could speak more smoothly.

Yue Ruohe received Ling Fengxiao’s threat and could not experience the joy of winning a debate from Lin Shu so he withered. He said dispirited, “I live in the east and my younger sister in the west. Another group of Senior Sisters and Junior Sisters from the Phoenix Villa chopped bamboos to grow the tree peony in the south yesterday. Therefore, Brother Lin, you can stay in the north. Let me bring you there.”

The courtyard faced the north and after walking for 100 to 200 steps on the bamboo footpath, Lin Shu arrived at the little bamboo residence he was going to stay from now onwards.

In the bamboo residence, there was a small hall and a bedroom. It was simple and unadorned but yet, interesting.

“This is the Dao robe prepared by the disciples of the Academy. If Brother Lin has your own sect, you have to wear your sect’s clothes. Otherwise, you can wear this.” Yue Ruohe added, “However, in my humble opinion, this rule isn’t great. Firstly, it encourages parochialism in the Academy. Secondly, it hinders our looks with this multi-color. Thirdly……”

He listed the six of them in one go and Lin Shu hurriedly said, “You’re right.”

With his ‘You’re right’, Yue Ruohe was even more dispirited and returned to his question. “We will usually do our homework, cultivate and practice martial arts in the bamboo garden. We will also attend classes in the Void Assembly Heaven. The dining hall, the library building, and the competition field are in the Hazy Heaven behind. I don’t know how to get there too but you can ask Mr. Meng when the time comes.”

“Oh, that’s right.” Yue Ruohe seemed to have recalled something. “We will start lessons three days later with at least 20 lessons in a year. Remember to find Mr. Meng to choose your lessons.”

He instructed him on some other matters and in conclusion, he had to find Mr. Meng.

After he was finally done, Yue Ruohe added on, “Big Missy Ling is meeting people often these few days and is very busy so she has a bad temper. I have experienced it for myself today. Let’s avoid and ignore her these few days.

Lin Shu nodded.

In fact, he had never seen Ling Fengxiao with a good temper before.

Bad temper because her fiance died in Fujian City.

Bad temper because she lost her patience in Ning’an Residence.

Bad temper because she meets people often in the Shangling Academy.

Bad temper because someone bickered with her in the Terrifying Wind And Drizzle Garden.

She was simply a blowfish.

After reaching an agreement on this question, Yue Ruohe was not dispirited anymore and even invited Lin Shu for a meal at night at the Hazy Heaven.

Lin Shu was at a complete loss.

Yue Ruohe did not seem to treat him coldly like those roommates he had in his previous life. However, it was not his roommates’ fault.

They would sometimes say some sarcastic words. However, Lin Shu had a higher cultivation level at the time and happened to overhear some of it. It was all because he did not fit in or come into contact with them. He did not what to say or express which made everyone feel uncomfortable.

However, Yue Ruohe seemed to be able to talk a lot on his own and perhaps…… would not be awkward because Lin Shu had nothing to say.

As a result, he hesitated for a while before he agreed eventually.

Lin Shu waited for Yue Ruohe to leave before he tidied up his room and changed into the Academy’s clothes.

A white bottom with light blue patterns and a light blue light robe gave him a decent immortal aura.

He tried it facing the mirror for a long time and finally tied his hair with a feathered crown.

He looked as if he was only 14 to 15 years old in the mirror but was a bit good-looking with an unfamiliar silhouette. However, it was not that unfamiliar and actually looked like himself in his previous life. Perhaps, he looked similar when he was expressionless.

Lin Shu then went on a mental journey outside the Heaven. After a long time, he retracted his train of thought and started to recall what Yue Ruohe had instructed him.

He suddenly thought of what he had said: ‘Big Missy Ling meets people often these few days’.

He was naturally unaware of why Ling Fengxiao had to meet people often but he could see that she had met many people in the past few days or might have even met everyone.

When Ling Fengxiao personally brought him up the mountain, he was overwhelmed by the favor indeed.

Now, it seemed that he did not have any ‘favor’.

Even though he knew Ling Fengxiao did not like him, he had never expected anything from her. Despite that, Lin Shu still felt a hint of disappointment.


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