The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path

Chapter 205 - Flowers and Moonlight Night by the Spring River

Chapter 205 – Flowers and Moonlight Night by the Spring River

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Lin Shu’s reason for saying goodbye to Ling Fengxiao was to travel around the world.

But it was not — and neither was he going back to the real world.

Lin Shu was going to Min Prefecture.

On the one hand, he did promise Ling Fengxiao a fiancee. Yes — but from where could he go to get an apprentice out?

On the other hand, while his Divine Soul had not been consumed, he wanted to find out one thing: where did the little fool come from and why did he cross into this era.

He told it to Guiltless.

Guiltless didn’t say anything and seemed to be still angry with him.

As soon as he left Ling Fengxiao’s field of vision, this thing had changed back into his usual black dress with blood red eyes and expressionless face.

Lin Shu took his hand.

He evaded it.

Lin Shu: “Are you still angry?”

Guiltless, didn’t reply, he just looked up at him.

The black Qi surrounding him was much thicker than before.

——This change came about after he killed those people in the hall using cruel methods.

Lin Shu thought about this. Every time Xiao Shao had killed someone, he seemed to be full of bloody aura and the evil Qi on his body was a little thicker.

Lin Shu couldn’t help comparing him with the Great Wizard.

Such paranoid eyes, full of hostility, almost the same methods of killing…..

However, he suddenly changed his expression when looking up at him, and said to him coldly, “You just think I’m dirty.”

Lin Shu: “I didn’t.”

“You do.” Guiltless licked his lips: “You’re clean– you haven’t killed anyone, have you?”

There was a faint madness in his eyes: “But Ou Yezi forged me out to kill people.”

Lin Shu listened to him. He didn’t tell Guiltless, that he had actually killed someone.

That person had killed Mr. Meng and washed the Peach Blossom Land with blood. That person had killed thousands of soldiers in Jubei Pass with just a flick of his fingertips and he could instantly turn 200,000 people in Dian Kingdom into living corpses.

Guiltless: “Come here.”

Lin Shu stepped forward.

Guiltless was still young, so Lin Shu half knelt down and looked straight at him face to face.

Guiltless put his arms around his neck. He thought Guiltless wanted to hug him.

But he heard Guiltless whisper softly in his ear: “You are the most fickle minded person, you’re raising and supporting me… Just because I am Little Phoenix’s blade, otherwise you would have killed me a long time ago.”

His hand grabbed Lin Shu’s shoulder, and the cold Qi passed through the clothes into Lin Shu’s skin, and deep into his bone marrow.

In a flat and straightforward tone, which Lin Shu was familiar with, he coldly said: “You don’t want me. Even you, want to kill me .”

Lin Shu hugged him tightly in silence.

The very small, very cold body in his hand seemed to tremble slightly at the moment he was holding it.

“From now on… if you don’t feed on resentment and kill innocent people, I will always want you.” Lin Shu said.

“Just now, when those people besieged you. Were they innocent? Were they innocent when they besieged Little Phoenix?”

“No,” Lin Shu said softly along his back, “But you can’t kill just because of that. You can’t take pleasure in killing.”

“You have done a lot of good things in the past two years, so do you claim yourself as a righteous man?”

Lin Shu’s voice became a little dull: “Don’t you remember why Xiao Shao died?”

Guiltless didn’t speak until a long time later.

“Those who hold salaries for everyone will eventually drown in the wind and snow,” he said. “If I were like the Little Phoenix, I would definitely not die by myself.”

Lin Shu: “How are you going to die?”

He did not answer his question, but said, “He took away the resentment and grievances of the world, but the world is still so bad. If they don’t die, they will never get better.”

He pulled away from Lin Shu, his mouth twitched and there was a faint madness in his eyes: “I have been buried with many people. If I’m going to die, at least let the world be buried with me.”

“Don’t you want to retire to the Peach Blossom Garden?” He continued to say: “Kill them all and you’ll be clean.”

After that, he ignored Lin Shu and walked forward by himself.

Lin Shu looked at his back and recalled what he had just said, his heart beating wildly.


He wanted to, but it’s not the right time.

This year, the Great Wizard had led an army to attack Changyang City on the Northern Border.

——Changyang City.

He counted the days in his mind.

Unexpectedly, that day is today!

Second month of this year, when the moon was full.

It was too late to do something about it.

Lin Shu took a deep breath and said, “Guiltless.”

Guiltless stopped walking.

Lin Shu: “You’re going the wrong way.”

Guiltless: “….”

He said, “Are you going Southeast?”

Lin Shu: “En.”

At this time, it was Guiltless who looked at him in the splendour of spring and said a phrase that Lin Shu didn’t understand the meaning.

“Lin Shu.” He looked towards the southeast and then to Lin Shu: “You will not want me one day.”

Lin Shu didn’t know how to answer or what he was talking about. He only knew that the sun was setting in the sky and it was going to be late now. It was too late to go to Changyang City or Min Prefecture City.

But he had one more thing to do.

He carried Guiltless and rode the wind to go to the Southeast City of Min Prefecture –regardless of the crazy consumption of his Divine Soul.

Relying on his memory and his knowledge of the ground learned in the course of “The Study of Southern Xia’s Landscape”, he finally arrived at Min Prefecture, but he didn’t know the direction for Min Prefecture City.

Lin Shu looked around from the air and saw a figure by the river.

The man was sitting in a stone pavilion and he didn’t know what he was doing.

He immediately fell down, went to the pavilion and asked, “Brother, may I ask where is Min Prefecture City –”

The man shook his head, but ignored him. Instead, he said, “Brother, it is fate that brought us to meet here. I am appreciating the legacy left by my predecessors. It’s better for you to enjoy it with me!”

Lin Shu: “Min Prefecture City—”

“Brother, look at the bright moon in the sky and the Spring River in front of you– just look at the first sentence,” the man pulled him to look at the splashed ink on the pavilion wall. His voice lengthened and cadenced: “Spring River–tide… connects to the sea level.” Note:

The sea… The moon—together with the tide!” He was very excited: “Brother, do you know the name of this poem?”

Lin Shu was too lazy to read the text he had learned in his last life. He turned around and wanted to go. He was pestered again and said in a bad mood: “Spring River Flowers and Moonlight Night.”

“Exactly!” The man laughed and said with a big smile. “You must be a learned man! Look at this, Brother! Who first saw the moon by the river? When does the first moon shine at the beginning of the year?…”

“And this… At this time, we look at each other but don’t hear each other. I’m willing to shine on the Lord month by month -”

Lin Shu was held by his sleeve and couldn’t get away. He was about to use a spell to get away, but he heard Guiltless say: “What does it mean?”

The man had a new goal: “Little friend has a commendable learning heart!”

Guiltless ignored him.

The man began to explain: “This eternal poem is just the word ‘longing’. Separated from each other , life and death unknown. On this full moon night, the world gazes at the full moon in the sky, and the man must also be – he incarnates outside the object and takes advantage of the moonlight to meet the person looking at the moon again… Little friend, it will take more than ten years before you can understand the truth.”

Guiltless remained expressionless and asked: “Where is Min Prefecture City?”

The man was taken aback when he saw Guiltless’ blood red eyes. His soul was captured and pointed to the south.

Lin Shu stopped bothering about this poetic idiot and went to the south. At first, the direction was not very clear until he saw the southern sky, half of it filled with blood.

Flames of war were everywhere.

It was a mess.

Lin Shu followed the bloody trails and came to the city gate.

It was very solemn to see the army stationed outside the city.

In the city, the forbidden technique had fallen, and the howling and crying shook the mountains.

In the past six months, Meng Jian led the army to stop the rebellion in Min Prefecture. The dawn has begun to appear. It would slowly descend in the third month of the year.

However, on this day, Changyang City, the Northern border was attacked. The defenders were defeated in a desperate battle. The Southern Xia soldiers were weak, but his army had the power to fight with the elite soldiers of Northern Xia.

If the troops are withdrawn at this time, Min Prefecture would be in chaos. Once Min Prefecture was in chaos, the Capital City would be in a desperate situation.

If they continue to fight the chaos in Min Prefecture, Changyang City would be broken, and once Changyang City had fallen, the Northern Xia army would drive straight in, and the Southern Xia rivers and mountains would not be protected.

No matter how one chose, they would die, and would always face this dilemma in their life.

At this time, Meng Jian, the Great National Master, and Shangling Academy’s Headmaster in the future, made a decision he regretted all his life, but he had no choice but to make.

He initiated the ancient forbidden technique and indiscriminately killed all the living people in Min Prefecture City–the Min Prefecture rebels had no possibility of insurrection.

After that, the army immediately set out and rushed to the Northern Xia battlefield.

Lin Shu took a white gauze hat and put it on his head and went to the biggest military tent in the center.

The young Meng Jian stood in the open ground. He looked at the blood light in the city, which illuminated his face.

Lin Shu said, “General.”

His eyes slowly turned to Lin Shu.

Lin Shu didn’t talk to him much.

He just took out a piece of purple silk paper.

There was a complicated symbol on the silk.

“Divine Soul seal.” he said, “Can… Attract the souls.”

Meng Jian caught the purple silk, and clenched it tightly in his hand. After he gave him a deep look, his voice trembled slightly: “Thank you.”

The next moment, Meng Jian suddenly looked at the guards around him: “Go north immediately.”

The horn sounded.

Meng Jian got on his horse and rode away. The sound of the horse’s hooves thundered and the army disappeared into the distant sky like a tide.

Guiltless asked: “What are you doing?”

Lin Shu: “Saving someone.”

His current spiritual strength was already as thin as a piece of paper, barely in the realm of Yuanying. In any case, it could not support him to rush to the Northern border.

But he could go to Min Prefecture.

Meng Jian could go to the Northern border, as he had the cultivation realm of Tribulation at this time.

And that Divine Soul seal…..

Two years ago, for the sake of the chick’s illness, he searched the ancient books in the Qingming cave and found no records about the Phoenix, but learned this Divine Soul spell.

At that time, he wondered whether he could bring back Xiao Shao’s soul if he learned to control the soul.

But after learning the spell, the world was so big that he didn’t know where the soul had scattered and he couldn’t find any trace of it.

But, at least today, it could save a person.

According to records, when Meng Jian arrived at Changyang City, it was when his brother Meng Fan was pierced with thousands of arrows through his heart and died.

Meng Fan, later was known as Mr. Meng.

In the Shangling’s Dreamscape, there was always a system with a gentle smile.

Xiao Shao’s soul has been scattered for a long time, and his soul couldn’t be gathered again. Mr. Meng’s case was not the same. This soul seal could keep his soul from falling apart.

And as long as the soul stayed whole.

Lin Shu let out a sigh of relief.

Guiltless looked at him suspiciously: “Who is it?”

Lin Shu thought that this little thing was too insecure and had a narrow mind. At the beginning, Xiao Shao had two blades, Guiltless and the other was Identical Sorrow. He was so jealous that his eyes bled and he wanted to strangle Yingying– now Xiao Shao was gone. Instead, he was afraid that Lin Shu didn’t want him and that Lin Shu would have someone else.

“He was a gentleman in the Academy,” he explained

Guiltless didn’t say anything anymore.

But Lin Shu looked at his face, frowned slightly and said, “Your face…”

Guiltless touched his own cheeks.

Lin Shu saw some dark lines running through under the pale skin on his face, which looked very hideous.

But Guiltless couldn’t feel it. Lin Shu gave him a bronze mirror.

He looked at his face in the mirror and said, “It’s the pattern on my body.”

Lin Shu thought for a while. There were lines on Guiltless blade. It was barely a match.

He asked, “Why did it appear?”

There was a slight loss in Guiltless’s eyes. He looked at the blood and fire burning in Min Prefecture City. Behind it was the sad cries and screaming of tens of thousands of people in the city: “I told you that I was buried here a thousand years ago.”

Suddenly his whole body showed a faint red light!

Lin Shu was stunned.

Guiltless’ whole body was faintly becoming illusory, and the red light on his left chest was becoming more and more abundant, as thick as blood.

There was black Qi in all directions, the resentment in the hearts of tens of thousands of people who died in vain in Min Prefecture, like thousands of blood vessels connecting the heart, was injected into Guiltless’ left side of the chest from all directions!

The red light grew stronger, and Lin Shu finally saw the appearance of the thing in his chest.

A beating, blood red heart, breathing pitch dark resentment, looking extremely terrifying. Lin Shu had seen it once many years ago, on the tower where the Great Wizard lived.

There were too many grievances in Min Prefecture City. The river of blood flowed backwards and poured into Guiltless’s chest–I’m afraid it’s also because of this, that Guiltless’s spiritual power was out of control and showed a vision.

Lin Shu heard his voice tremble: “That is your heart?”

“It’s my body.” Guiltless’s voice was very fleeting: “Someone killed Ou Yezi’s family in order to be Emperor. Ou Yezi created me for revenge, presented me to him, and then committed suicide. The man died as soon as he met me, and his seven orifices bled, because I’m a blade, not a sword that he wanted.”

His voice rang in Lin Shu’s ear: “I was originally angry; made from anger.”

He suddenly hugged his head and his whole body shook violently!

Then he staggered forward uncontrollably.

“Min Prefecture City is calling me…” he gasped hurriedly. He looked back at Lin Shu, but his eyes were full of blood. It seemed that he couldn’t see anything. He murmured, “Lin Shu… Lin Shu save me.”

Lin Shu: “Guiltless!”

There was no sign that he had heard him, and his whole body dashed towards Min Prefecture City uncontrollably.

The violent resentment and grievances were like a giant beast, and the two of them were like two grains of dust under a tornado.

Lin Shu stumbled and grabbed Guiltless’ sleeve, but he was taken with him to Min Prefecture City.

Without a cultivation base, there was no way he could do anything, no matter what he said, Guiltless couldn’t see or hear anything.

Lin Shu pursed his lips and clenched the Folding Bamboo sword in his hand.

He poured all his remaining cultivation into the sword, entwined with the breath of Extinction. He avoided the position of the heart and stabbed the long sword into Guiltless’s chest where the meridians were dense!

As long as it could abolish Guiltless’s whole body’s spiritual power.

There was only one thought left in his mind, and he continued to push the long sword forward.

Guiltless’s movement stopped.

He lowered his head, looked at the tip of the sword penetrating through his left chest, and slowly turned his head back.


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