The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path

Chapter 22 - Money burner

Chapter 22 – Money burner

Lin Shu spent an hour in the library.

He felt that Ling Fengxiao had also observed himself for an hour.

He had to check again and again whether he was properly dressed, whether his hair was neatly tied, and whether there were any strange things on his body.

The result of repeated confirmations was that there was really nothing special about himself.

Fortunately, Ling Fengxiao had left earlier.

However, when Lin Shu returned to Jingfeng Xiyu Garden, it was inevitable that he would meet eyes with Ling Fengxiao, who was drinking tea in the atrium.

She drank her tea while reading letters. A snow-white pigeon stopped beside her, and a few sheets of letter paper were spread before her.

This was a homing pigeon raised by the cultivating immortals. It was a kind of tiny spirit beast that could fly very fast, and could cover thousands of miles in one day.

Lin Shu walked through the atrium amidst the fragrance of tea, and did go to see Ling Fengxiao. He tried to reduce his presence, and returned to his room quietly, closing the door and the windows in one go.

He began to meditate, but within half an hour, Yue Ruohe knocked on the door and came in.

“Brother!” He looked extremely excited. “Quickly, tell me, what happened today?”

Lin Shu: “Ah?”

“Baochen jie and I had the same class this morning. She said that when she went to find the Big Miss, she saw that you had also signed up for the <<Outer Dan Technique>> class. And everyone was saying this afternoon that Miss Ling fought with the eldest prince in Handan Palace, to the point of using their fists, over a male Immortal Daoist Institution disciple! I thought, that person had to be you — I know that you had a good relationship with Phoenix Villa, but I never thought it was with the Big Miss!”

Lin Shu was confused.

No, I didn’t, Ling Fengxiao wanted to discipline her brother, I was just an innocent fuse.

Yue Ruohe ignored his confusion and was extremely excited, saying loudly: “A close confidant was the source of trouble! Now, you’re going to be famous!”

As he spoke, there was another knock outside.

It was Ling Baochen and Ling Baojing who entered.

“Lin Shu, I’m here to send something over!” Ling Baochen took out a light blue kit.

This was a kind of storage device amongst the immortal daoists. Although it was a small kit, it used the “Xumi Jiezi” method. It was self-contained and could hold many things.

“This is Jiuzhuan Tai Qing Dan, this is Zixiao Cun Ju Dan, this is Tianyuan True Waterk2026;” Ling Baojing put out many bottles and jars. “The Big Miss said that she used a heavy hand just now in the main hall, and that you should use these medicines for the time being. They aren’t good medicines, so just eat as you will, and heal up quickly.”

“There are another five thousand jade souls here. The Big Miss said that the future days will be long, and she will bother you to help light up the furnace during alchemy class. You may use these five thousand for that purpose first, and if more is needed in the future, they will be provided.” Ling Baojing took out another pouch and put it on the table.

The two people didn’t wait for Lin Shu to respond, smiling as they put things down, before they hurried off, pulling at each other.

Lin Shu and Yue Ruohe shared a gaze.

Yue Ruohe looked closer at the bottles holding spiritual medicine.

“I’m asking, brother,” he said, “How serious were your injuries? These medicines are enough to save the dead.”

Lin Shu had almost forgotten that he’d been injured.

Xiao Lingyang gripped his neck, left a few bruises, and then he was pressed by Ling Fengxiao during the application of the medicine. There was no feeling in it now.

The bottles that Ling Baochen had sent over, just from hearing the name, he could tell that it was more expensive than his life.

Well, and there were those five thousand jade souls.

Five thousand, could light up a total of twenty-five thousand flames in the furnace.

Once every two days of class, lighting a flame every class, it would take fifty thousand days to finish them.

Really a money burner.

Such a good girl, how could she be such a fool.

Yue Ruohe was still trying to tell the medicines apart: “How many disciples want to win the favour of the Big Miss’ green eyes, Brother Lin, Brother Lin, you really know how to hide your true self.”

Lin Shu touched his nose: “We aren’t familiar with each other.”

“Otherwise,” Yue Ruohe said, “Brother Lin, the Big Miss doesn’t owe you anything. If you’re not familiar, why would she send you so many things? The two of you are obviously very close.”

Lin Shu: “We really aren’t close.”

“Brother Lin, don’t be shy,” Yue Ruohe said, “You don’t have to hide the truth. My friends and I once discussed what kind of man the Big Miss belongs to–you must know that the Big Miss has a marriage contract, and the rumor is that it’s a high disciple of the hidden immortal world, but after so many years, there has been no news, and not a single shadow of him. We don’t even know if he’s human or a dog. Therefore, this marriage contract is unlikely to be fulfilled in the end, and the Big Miss may choose another husband.”

Lin Shu: “En.”

This, he already knew. Ling Fengxiao’s fiance was probably no longer alive.

“Now, it seems that the Big Miss actually likes the quiet and lovely character Brother Lin.” Yue Ruohe thought about it. “Since the Big Miss likes this, then the sisters around her may be the same. It seems that I have to speak less from now on.”

Brother Yue, you have fallen.

But the Big Miss didn’t care about Lin Shu. If Yue Ruohe moved his character closer to Lin Shu’s, he might actually go astray.

Lin Shu then said: “You don’t need to change.”

“Brother Lin, that’s not very fair of you.” Yuo Ruohe sighed. “You and I live in the same garden, we should share our fortunes and blessings. How can you not let me change–just ask, who doesn’t want to marry a disciple of Phoenix Villa?”

Ok, ok, ok, you can go and marry.

Yue Ruohe still wanted to talk, but Yue Ruoyun called him from outside: “Yue Ruohe! Come out and practice!”

Yue Ruohe always listened to his sister’s instructions, so he bade Lin Shu farewell, and invited him to come over to discuss this matter in detail.

Lin Shu returned to peace.

Speaking of which, Yue Ruohe and Yue Ruoyun’s martial arts were also very interesting.

In the beginning, when he was taking the Shangling test, the main focus was that the world was between heaven and earth, as if trapped in a cage, but the pair of brother and sister from the Dream-like Hall think that people, heaven and earth are one, that the object is me and I am the object, that there was infinite meaning in this–no wonder the system assigned Yue Ruohe to discuss this matter with him.

Dream-like Hall’s principle was that in their martial arts, they didn’t use weapons. Or, to phrase it differently, that everything around them was a weapon.

Flying flowers, falling leaves, running water and fresh breezes, they were all credible techniques in the Dream-like Hall’s martial arts style. Amongst them, they were famous for the unique skills of “free flying flowers” and “boundless silk rain”.

Their “practice” was not to practice the sword or dagger, but to sit and observe and meditate at a fixed time every day to realise the “qi” of all things.

After Yue Ruohe left, half a minute later, the sound of rustling leaves echoed through the sea of bamboo, and there was the sound of a breeze blowing through the forest. This was the result of the pair of brother and sister mobilising their qi.

Very mysterious.

Lin Shu didn’t know when he could have that kind of technique.

Thinking of this, Lin Shu decided to take a look at the bottles on the table.

They were indeed miraculous medicines for healing, but unfortunately, they were useless to help with his meridians and couldn’t solve his urgent needs. Furthermore, he merely co-existed with the Big Miss, and he was not suitable at all to receive such valuable things. However, he wasn’t familiar with this world, and he didn’t know how to return it.

He struggled for a long period of time, but didn’t manage to find a conclusion, so he put the things back in their place and started to meditate.

In the silence of his mind, deep in his meditation, Lin Shu suddenly felt that his heart was faintly hot, similar to the situation that time with his right hand.

Contrasting between the two instances, he suddenly found a common point.

Both of these meridian changes, were brought about by Ling Fengxiao’s touch.

The first time, she touched his hands to test his cultivation. The second, was to protect his heart and lungs, afraid that he would be strangled by Xiao Lingyang.

Now, it appeared that he really didn’t know whether or not <<Cleansing Black Meridians for Cultivation>> was useful to his meridians.

Ling Fengxiao was a bit useful, but he didn’t know why.

Also, he couldn’t always go to Ling Fengxiao.

Big Miss, troubling you to give me a bit of your Qi, the more the better.

How was this different from “rich wife, hug me”?


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