The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path

Chapter 33 - Jealously

Chapter 33 – Jealously

Xiao Shao asked, “Continue?”

Lin Shu: “No.”

He felt that his body and spirit had been hollowed out, and now he just wanted to go back and analyse the “Unseeing Tianhe”.

Xiao Shao: “Well.”

Lin Shu sheathed his sword. For some reason, he was able to wield this Folding Bamboo sword with exceptional ease.

A former shixiong of the Southern Sword Sect once said that this sword could never be used, but apparently, that depended on the person using it. In any case, no matter what, he had to get 10,000 jade souls and exchange them for this sword.

Xiao Shao asked: “Will you be coming tomorrow as well?”

Lin Shu wanted to come.

He learnt more from a single battle with Xiao Shao than all of his previous ones combined, not to mention the use of the “Unseeing Tianhe”, something that could not even dream up by himself.

Just as he opened his mouth to agree, the ground under his feet suddenly started shaking.

A voice rang out from the outside: “Oh no! The arena is about to collapse!”

Xiao Shao lifted the barrier, and Lin Shu looked out. A scene of absolute chaos met his eyes.

The floor of the arena creaked and groaned, barely holding itself together, ready to fall apart at any moment.

The crowd took to the air with qigong.

Immediately after this largest arena collapsed, every surrounding arena, big or small, also started to shake and tremble.

“An earthquake?” Someone said: “There are also earthquakes in the dreamscape?”

“It’s not just the ground – the sky is falling apart too!”

Lin Shu looked up at the sky. Dense and heavy tumultuous clouds were rapidly rolling by, revealing multiple dark cracks. It was a shocking sight.

Naturally, there were no such things as earthquakes in the dreamscape. This had to be caused by the instability of the dreamscape.

As for why it is unstable…

It could not have possibly… been caused by him and Xiao Shao… could it?

The collapse of the arenas had started from the one they used.

“The flow of spiritual power exceeded the limits of dreamscape,” Xiao Shao said. “This place is about to fall apart. Let’s go.”

Lin Shu: “k2026;”

It really was.

The vibrations were getting more and more intense, and the originally stable flow of spiritual power in the dream was violently fluctuating. At a certain point, Lin Shu’s brain suddenly blanked out. The next moment, his consciousness returned to the real world. He was forced out of the dreamscape.

“Brother? Brother!” From the west, Yue Ruoyun was shouting at the top of her lungs, “Can you still enter the dreamscape? Why can’t I get in?”

The tone was much like a neighbor asking if your electricity was running after a power outage in the corridor.

There was not going to be any electricity. The too strong current broke the supply transformer, and the maintenance department was away roaming, currently unable to fix it.

Yue Ruohe said: “It has been difficult to enter these few days. Just now I was at the arena area, and it was sent collapsing by Folding Bamboo and Xiao Shao! We have to wait until Shuji Zhenren comes back!”

Lin Shu rubbed his nose, feeling slightly guilty. Amid his guilty conscience, he spent an hour studying the “Unseeing Tianhe”, and then prepared to sleep in guilt.

With the collapse of the dreamscape, there was no way he could fight Xiao Shao again. It was a pity to think about.

The other issue was, Xiao Shao seemed to have recognized his last two moves, and identified them quite accurately. There was someone else who knew those two moves?

He felt that Xiao Shao must have gotten it wrong.

If not, this meant that this world had the skill book too, in which case this world could be his own original world, but in a different time.

Then, would this also mean that his sect exists in this world?

But listening to his classmates in the academy introduce their sects to each other, he had not heard any familiar names.

— Forget it, fate will decide everything.

If the sect indeed exists, he will definitely come across it in the future.

The next day, the first session was Dan technique class.

Lin Shu left the Spirit Medicine Garden, and walked to where his class was held, sitting where Ling Fengxiao had requested.

The Big Miss had already arrived, and was looking at a book that seemed to be on sword techniques. When she saw him coming, she looked up, quietly watching him sit down and take out their textbook, and watched him start to read.

Lin Shu felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise, and pretended not to have noticed her gaze, and continued flipping through the book, not knowing how he had irritated Ling Fengxiao again.

He examined himself, straightening his clothes, and making sure that his appearance was neat, topping it off with a docile look.


At most, it was because he had just come from the Spirit Medicine Garden, and was soaked with the grassy fragrance of the spiritual plants. But Ling Fengxiao wore incense on most days, so she probably would not mind the scent of the plants on him.

Having ruled out all possible causes on his side, he could only settle on the fact that it was Ling Fengxiao’s problem. Women were really hard to understand.

The disciples in front were gathered together, chatting intensely.

From his time in the academy, Lin Shu found out that they all loved to gossip about all the stories they have heard in the academy, making a huge deal out of nothing. The speed of which rumors spread was honestly terrifying.

For example, today’s topic revolved around the incident in the dreamscape.

“Daoist friend, do you want to buy memory beads? Yesterday’s battle between Folding Bamboo shimei and Xiao Shao was nothing short of A-MA-ZING!”

“Fellow Daoist friend, you are selling it to the wrong person. I am a disciple of the Shu Institution, and I do not watch those battles.”

“Do you know that the dreamscape was completely wrecked today?”


“The battle unravelled the balance of the dreamscape! Daoist friend, are you really not interested?”

“It is mildly interesting, how many jade souls?”

“Two hundred, only two hundred.”

“Give me one.”

Lin Shu: “???

Two hundred jade souls?

Just like that?

Just by selling a video?

——And it was still a video starring himself.

Lin Shu was very jealous.

“I also want!”

“I also want to see!”

Lin Shu was mind blown.

The man managed to sell all of his memory beads, and several people started talking about it.

“It’s hard to imagine that Folding Bamboo shimei was actually able to put up a fight with Xiao Shao.”

“Is your Immortal Daoist Institution this scary?”

“Folding Bamboo shimei’s body is really beautiful, but unfortunately she does not seem like someone who’s easy to get close to.”

“You Immortal Daoist Institution already had so many outstanding shimeis this year, now there’s one more Folding Bamboo fairy in the mix. How envious.”

“I wonder how Folding Bamboo shimei is outside the dreamscape.”

“In my opinion, even if the appearance is a little different, her temperament will not change. She must be a cold beauty.”

Cold beauty his ass!

The shixiong of the Shu Institution really did not know how to appreciate a person’s personality, but instead passed judgement based on the appearance of both parties.

Lin Shu tuned out of the conversation, erasing the comments about the appearance of Folding Bamboo from his mind. Unexpectedly, someone else was worked up in his stead.

When the discussion reached a high, the Big Miss coldly spoke. “Shut up.”

In a flash, they fell silent.

Guess that the Big Miss had a heart the size of a rice grain. Spoilt since a child, hearing praise of other girls being beautiful, she must be jealous of Folding Bamboo.

As “Folding Bamboo”, he felt wonderful.

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