The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path

Chapter 35 - Heavenly Sword

Chapter 35 – Heavenly Sword

Lin Shu drew his sword forward, not saying a single word

Xiao Shao met it with his own.

That day, feeling a rare stroke of luck, Lin Shu had usedthe “Forgotten Valley” tactic. The tremendous power of this move had exceeded all of his expectations.

However, how Xiao Shao was able to stop the “Forgotten Valley”, and counter the “Unseeing Tianhe”, was a mystery that occupied Lin Shu’s mind for a long time.

Unfortunately, currently there was no way he could use it. After all, the dreamscape was artificially made, and had a limit to the amount of spiritual power it could hold. It simply could now withstand such high-intensity simulations.

If they wished to fight with those kinds of moves again, they would have to return to reality.

Regretfully, in reality, Lin Shu was a weakling with next to zero fighting abilities.

Xiao Shao’s knife was spinning faster and faster, the trail of the blade merging into a single loop, creating a whirlwind.

Lin Shu matched his stance, and the battle ensued, both parties striking back and forth. For a moment, the only sounds to be heard were that of the swords clashing, and the energy radiating from the swords sent blasts of wind in the air.

Ultimately, the moves that were to be used, had to be used after all.

The moment Xiao Shao slashed down with his sword, Lin Shu’s body reflexively turned, swinging out a blade of energy. It was the “Forgotten Valley”.

For a second, he met Xiao Shao’s eyes. The next moment, his heart seized. Instinctively, he clenched his left hand. His spiritual power was agitated.

Spitting out a mouthful of blood, Lin Shu took a few steps back. Thankfully, he had not managed to fully execute the “Forgotten Valley”.

Standing back down properly, Xiao Shao spoke. “In this normal competition, I am unable to win against you.”

Lin Shu: “Me too.”

In this battle of swords, it was impossible to tell who was on the winning side between Xiao Shao and himself.

“7pm, Reflection Cave. Are you coming?” Xiao Shao asked as he prepared to sheath his sword.

Lin Shu knew what he meant.

This man wanted to fight with him in reality.

If he had the body of his previous life, he would go. But now, it was not an option.

He shook his head once: “No.”

The smooth motion of the sword paused mid-sheath, and abruptly, it was forced all the way through, clashing loudly upon collision. “Farewell.”

Almost immediately, his figure disappeared in front of Lin Shu.

He had left so quickly that Lin Shu was a little confused, and even thought that the “Farewell” sounded a little angry.

Just then, a message appeared on the stone wall, “In the battle between Folding Bamboo and Xiao Shao, Xiao Shao conceded defeat. Folding Bamboo is ranked 30th on the True Martial Rank”.

Xiao Shao, as he did with the rest of the top 30 rankings, conceded defeat.

Lin Shu got the top 30 as he wished, but nature which he received the rank left a sour taste in his mouth.

Previously, Xiao Shao used a good term.

At that time, they had just exchanged a few hundred strokes, and Xiao Shao said, “To know your sword well, is to know how to wield it”.

To know your sword well, the worth of these five words were incalculable.

There were countless people in the world who practice martial arts. However, only the most powerful person was recognized by all. In a fight, to win or lose was a simple matter. Not caring about the ranking, was not.

Knowing how to utilize one’s sword, was crucial in the face of an opponent.

Xiao Shao’s name proudly shone on the True Martial Rank, undefeated in battle. Although it seemed glorious to the eyes of others, to him, that was not the case.

Without any adversaries, there were less opportunities for growth and improvement.

But he could not fight Xiao Shao in reality. It was no wonder that he would be unhappy.

This man conceded defeat and left. Lin Shu had also gotten to the top thirty rankings. It was meaningless to stay in the Martial Arts Courtyard. He returned to the dreamscape, and planned to practice with his sword on the mountain for a while.

Yet, as he practiced, his mind kept wandering back to the fact that he caused Xiao Shao to storm away. Distractedly, he decided he has had enough practice for the day.

Mr. Meng watched him put away his sword, and asked, “Fellow Daoist, why aren’t you practicing more?”

Lin Shu: “I don’t want to practice.”

Mr. Meng said: “Is there something on your mind, Fellow Daoist?”

Lin Shu didn’t speak.

Mr. Meng smiled softly: “Daoist friend, if there is something bothering you, or if you encounter any difficulties during cultivation, feel free to share them with me.”

There was nothing particular that bothered him, just a minor conflict with a person. There was nothing much to be said, and saying it out loud would make it seem even more of a joke.

When it came to cultivation, there were indeed some problems.

He was plagued by dreams the previous night, over and over again, it was all about the “Forgotten Valley” and the “Unseeing Tianhe”.

He woke up with a start in the middle of the night, and broke down the “Unseeing Tianhe” multiple times in his head. Turning on the light, he relied on his memory from his previous life to write out what he recalled from that sword skill book, and started on the third skill “Thousand Feet Wall”.

This skill was extremely difficult.

However, even with the drawings and descriptions written on paper, he could not visualize this skill no matter how hard he tried.

In his past life, he had asked his master why this was happening. His master replied that these moves were linked with the will of the heavens, not capability. They were not something that could be learnt with talent and understanding.

He did not believe it.

Swords were a practical thing. The will of heavens should have nothing to do with this.

The direction which the sword moved, was where the flow of spiritual power was. Logic spoke for itself.

He said to Mr. Meng: “I learned swordsmanship from the book on sword tactics. I can clearly see how the move works, but I am unable to execute them.”

Mr. Meng asked: “Is it a very profound sword technique?”

“It is really advanced,” he replied, “but I already know how spiritual power works, and I feel that I can use it.”

“If that is the case…” Mr. Meng pondered for a long while, before saying, “So you understand the theory accurately, but for some unknown reason you are facing a block, and can’t continue?”

Lin Shu: “Yes.”

Mr. Meng adjusted his sleeves, and looked to the far side of the sky. When he spoke, his voice was low: “There are just some moves in this world, which cannot be used.”

Lin Shu did not quite understand.

Mr. Meng saw his confusion, and smiled, “You are young, and have not seen much of the world. Naturally, you would not understand what I mean.”

Lin Shu: “What do you mean?”

Mr. Meng sighed softly, and said, “It’s the state of mind.”

After a short pause, he continued: “Do you know the ‘Phoenix Sword’?”

Lin Shu: “I know.”

Ling Fengxiao had practiced with some Phoenix Sword Style in front of him a few days ago.

Mr. Meng slowly walked to the edge of the cliff, and looked into the distance once more, saying: “The Phoenix Sword Style is famed around the world, and has made a name for itself in the Jianghu. Certain sets of skills, “Lingyun Nine Formations” is exceptionally unique, “Jade Pool” is elegant like no other, “Eleven Swords of the Missing Moons” is gently lethal… For hundreds of years, no one has been able to master them. Among them, the most extraordinary set of sword techniques was called “Solitude”.

“The ancestors of Phoenix Villa once used the last skill of “Solitude”, “Heavenly Sword”, where the strength of one person was able to counter tens of thousands of others.”

A single person withstanding the might of millions. One could only imagine the kind of power “Heavenly Sword” held.

But Mr. Meng’s tone changed: “Yet, although “Solitude” has been handed down in perfect condition, no one had been able to master this skill in generations, until their Little Phoenix was born. Even with such talent blessed by the heavens, none but two moves have been mastered.”

The “Little Phoenix” in Mr. Meng’s sentence, referred to Ling Fengxiao.

Lin Shu knew of the skills of the Big Miss. That there were also moves in the world that the Big Miss was unable to use, came as quite a pity to him.

“The reason is, we know how powerful these skills are, but we don’t know how it was created.” Mr. Meng continued lightly, “Two hundred years ago, the old capital was broken into by the Beixia rebels. In a place where no spirits are painted, the owner of the Ling family is only a weak woman. After seeing the vicissitudes and changes in the chaotic world, Fang realizes the knife method of “lonely.”

Phoenix Villa was naturally the most famous sect in the whole of Jianghu, but Lin Shu had never considered how it came about.

It was unbelievable that a single person was able to establish such a sect.

“Later on, the imperial family moved south, and was divided from Beixia. Things gradually settled down, and Confucianism and the Immortal Dao gradually recovered as well. The blood of the past no longer flowed like rivers, and the tactics of “Solitude”, and the move “Heavenly Sword”, was never seen again.”

“Daoist friend, think, how much hardships does a person need to go through, greeting death over and over again, shouldering the burdens of an entire nation’s hatred, to be able to understand the meaning of the “Heavenly Sword”?”

Lin Shu did not speak.

He seemed to have understood something.

Mr. Meng sighed: “These moves, like “Heavenly Sword”, without a corresponding state of mind, unless there is an extraordinary chance of fate, it will be difficult to learn. Therefore, even if they have unparalleled power, I would rather no one be able to learn it in their lifetime. Fellow Daoist, do you understand?”

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