The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path

Chapter 38 - You like it?

Chapter 38 – You like it?

When Lin Shu woke up, the sky was bright.

Skylight came in from the window, reflecting the silhouette of Ling Fengxiao. The Big Miss really did not sleep all night. Now, she was reading a book. Her head was slightly lowered with a few strands of hair slipping off her forehead. This posture was very beautiful.

Her sword had been unsheathed and laid flat aside, so she could attack at any time.

Drizzling Rain in Wind Garden was located roughly in the center of Jasper Sky. In this way, no matter where there was movement, Ling Fengxiao could catch up with it as quickly as possible.

However, Ling Fengxiao was still here, so nothing happened this past night.

Lin Shu got up from the bed and rubbed his eyes.

Then, he heard Ling Fengxiao said: “Woken up?”

Lin Shu: “En.”

Ling Fengxiao said: “You slept very deeply.”

Lin Shu’s consciousness was indeed not shallow. The quality of sleep in his two lifetimes had always been very good, probably because he had nothing to worry about.

However, the Big Miss actually accompanied him all night. This was very strange.

Who would have thought that a month ago, he was still threatened by the Big Miss to be skinned?

Not only skinned, but also have his tongue pulled out to feed the dogs.

Life was truly impermanent.

He got up to wash, then put on his robe and tidied his hair.

Ling Fengxiao waited for him to finish, then closed the book in her hand and set it aside—Lin Shu realised that it was his book “Cleansing Black Meridians for Cultivation”.

That made sense, Other than textbooks, the only books in his room were the one on cleansing meridians and two books regarding foundation building. Ling Fengxiao would naturally not read books about foundation building, and Lin Shu reasonably suspected that this person’s state must have reached Yuanying.

Building foundation, golden core, Yuanying. After completing these three steps, all the foundation needed for immortal cultivation would be laid out. The only thing left was to accumulate spiritual energy and diligently practice martial arts. After the accumulation was enough, a breakthrough could be expected.

“Nothing happened last night,” Ling Fengxiao said. “Class is suspended today.”

Lin Shu looked at the jade seal and really saw a sentence appearing above: “The Beixia monsters are mixed in, and their mode of entrance has not yet been confirmed. Fellow Daoist, please stay in the bamboo garden today and never go out.”

There was some noise outside in the bamboo garden, where two Zhen Ren were activating a formation.

Ling Fengxiao saw him looking over there and said, “Monsters are different from strangers, so they need to use array exploration.”

Lin Shu nodded.

He had read a bit about Beixia in the classics. In Nanxia, where he resided in, immortal cultivation was the main focus. However, Beixia stood on the road of demonic cultivation, and witchcraft was the state religion.

Immortal cultivation and demonic cultivation was originally just a different way of cultivation, but with regards to their manifestation in martial arts and spells, the path of demonic cultivation was crueler. Thus, the Nanxia people often thought that Beixia was full of evil and cruel people, and even the cultivators were evil.

The fact that the monster appeared in the academy was a really big deal. Either someone had brought demonic cultivation into the academy, infecting the birds and beasts in the academy, or a Beixia demonic cultivator had infiltrated the academy and was plotting something. No matter which one, they were all incredibly sinister, and no one knew how the academy would respond.

Lin Shu was thinking wildly about the possibilities, but saw the Big Miss raise her head and look at him from the window with a smile in her eyes. She asked: “Are you going into a daze again?”

Being accustomed to her fierceness, the Big Miss suddenly looked as kind as a spring breeze, and it took a while for Lin Shu to react.

Lin Shu: “Thinking about the monster.”

“Why are you thinking about it? Thinking about it will only dirty your mind.” The Big Miss got up from the bamboo chair beneath the window and came over. “You don’t need to pay attention to these things. Just act as usual and stay by my side for the next few days.”

Lin Shu made an agreeing noise.

If it was his previous life, he naturally had no fear of monsters, but now he didn’t even have the power to restrain chickens. Although the monsters had no reason to find him, it was still safer to follow the Big Miss rather than be alone.

Again, after all, it was the instinct of living beings to seek benefits and avoid harm.

Ling Fengxiao asked: “Do you always wake up at this time in the morning? What do you do after this?”

Lin Shu replied: “I always wake up at this time, and then practice the circulation method stated in the book to cleanse my meridians.”

Ling Fengxiao said: “Then you are very diligent.”

Lin Shu blinked.

He felt like the Big Miss had turned slightly into Mr.Meng. In the past, when he got up at this hour every day, the Big Miss had already started practicing with her sword in front of the peony bushes. When he was sleeping, the Big Miss was always in her room with the light on or in the atrium doing something. The degree of hard work was amazing. Lin Shu was ready to be criticized by the Big Miss for being lazy, but who knew he was praised for being diligent.

Then, he heard the Big Miss say: “It doesn’t have to be like this.”

Lin Shu: “?”

Big Miss, what are you doing?

Even Mr. Meng, even if he praised people without a bottom line and principle, he still had to encourage people to practice well.

Only to hear the Big Miss continue: “After all, you cultivating and you not cultivating produces the same result.”

Lin Shu: “…”

That may be the truth, but it wasn’t very nice to hear, and it sounded rather harsh.

But the Big Miss’ next sentence sounded pleasing again: “With me here, you won’t be bullied by others. You can just play as you like without having to force yourself to practice.”

Lin Shu felt like that wasn’t possible.

Not to mention, he still held some hope of resuming his cultivation practice. The entire academy had a strong learning atmosphere, and almost everyone was studying hard to practice martial arts. If he was idle, he would really be a bit of a standout.

He said: “But everyone is practicing hard.”

“What do you care about what they do?” The Big Miss glanced at him and said lightly: “If they are trying to work hard in order to be kept by me, I’m afraid they have to work a lot harder than their current state.”

Lin Shu was amused by her words. He remembered the big dreams of the Daoist Institution disciples of being kept by a rich wife, and couldn’t help but laugh.

He saw the Big Miss stare at him, and she said in a softer voice: “These days, you might as well laugh a little more.”

Today’s Big Miss was seriously too gentle and pleasant. It was as if she had taken the wrong medicine. Even in Lin Shu’s past life, when he lived in a dorm and heard his dormmates call their girlfriends, they had never used this sort of tone before.

He thought about it for a while, and took the chance while the pufferfish had turned into a dolphin to ask a question he had wanted to ask for a long while: “Why do you want to raise me?”

The Big Miss acted like she had just heard a joke and said: “If I don’t raise you, am I going to raise Xiao Lingyang?”

Yes, shouldn’t you be raising Xiao Lingyang?

Lin Shu blinked with a blank expression: “I don’t think that should be it.”

“Relatives are different,” the Big Miss said. “After a few years, he’ll become an adult, and I won’t need to govern him anymore. However, you have to stay with me for a long time, so I will naturally support you.”

She said it in a very matter-of-factly way, and her tone did not fluctuate at all. It was like making a statement, so convincing that even Lin Shu almost believed it.

However, this shouldn’t be.

There were so many people in Daoist Institution waiting to be raised, why did the Big Miss pick him out of nowhere? Hearing her words, it even seemed like a long-term plan.

Was the Big Miss too perfect, too skilled in martial arts, that her tastes were reversed, and started to like this kind of ambitionless small salted fish that could only wait for death?

This was no less than a pie falling from the sky. However, from the perspective of probability, this was slightly possible.

As he thought wildly, he realised that Ling Fengxiao’s jade seal had lit up.

At that moment, Ling Fengxiao said: “We are going down the mountain.”

Lin Shu: “Eh?”

“The monster from Beixia is different from the past, and even the formation is difficult to detect,” Ling Fengxiao said. “The High Officer wants me to go to Dream-like Hall to investigate. Over there, they have a secret skill called “Part of Ten Thousand”. They can see all things, and can even discover where the monster is hiding. Yue Ruohe and Yue Ruoyun haven’t reached their breakthrough, so Old Lord Yue must be invited over.”

Lin Shu: “En.”

Then, Ling Fengxiao suddenly became energetic, a faint smile in her eyes: “Go to the back of the mountain. I’ll introduce you to Zhaoye.”

There was a spiritual beast stable at the back of the mountain, and Zhaoye was a horse.

A snow-white horse with no trace of blemishes on its skin, dignified eyes, a bright flank and a muscular body. At a glance, one could tell that it was a rare, god-level horse.

As soon as the horse saw Lin Shu, its huge head immediately turned, and a pair of black glazed eyes that looked human curiously peered at him.

“In the end, you know who you should stick to.” The Big Miss flipped over her horse, and her posture was unspeakably handsome.

Zhaoye continued to rub against Lin Shu’s body, evidently wanting Lin Shu to pat it. Lin Shu retreated a little.

“Don’t scare him.” The Big Miss patted the horse’s head and said.

Zhaoye snorted loudly, and acted as if it still wanted to move forward.

Lin Shu looked up at Ling Fengxiao.

Ling Fengxiao reached out to him on horseback: “Come.”

The sun was rising over the horizon, and the glow shone on the Big Miss. For a short while, it dazzled people’s eyes.

Lin Shu was startled and reached out.

Ling Fengxiao grabbed his wrist and supported him with an invisible force. After a moment, he landed firmly on the horse.

Ling Fengxiao untied the horse rope and Zhaoye rushed forward. It was extremely fast and stable. It made people feel as if they were sitting in the clouds. When they ran, the morning wind came and swept their robe sleeves. It was a very pleasant experience.

In the wind, Ling Fengxiao’s voice could be heard from behind him.

“Old Lord Yue is old and a little confused. His temper is strange, so when we meet him later, don’t talk to him as much,” Ling Fengxiao said. “Once you talk to him, you will understand where the Yue siblings learnt how to argue.”

It turned out to be an arguing fanatic? In the end, if the ancestor was crooked, the descendant would be crooked as well.

On both sides of the mountain road, the mountains were lined up. Between the clouds and fog, the trees and red maples were shining, and the splashes of color were deep and thick. Looking forward, the sky was high and far, as if it was endless. Compared to riding with Li Yamao in a cart, it was a very different feeling.

Ling Fengxiao leaned forward and asked him: “Do you like it?”

Because of the horseback riding, she was sitting behind Lin Shu. When she leaned close again at this time, it was unnecessary to say that her voice sounded pleasant, and a faint floral scent also haunted him, making one dizzy. However, Lin Shu had never been this close to someone before. His entire body was chaotic, even forgetting how to breathe. It was incredibly unnerving.


Being raised by someone apparently included a psychological test at the risk of triggering allergies.

Ling Fengxiao seemed to think he was afraid and chuckled: “You won’t fall, do not be afraid.”

Lin Shu made an agreeing noise, trying to calm his breathing.

However, Ling Fengxiao’s concern didn’t stop with verbal comfort, but she put it into practice. Her arms gently wrapped around Lin Shu’s waist and stabilized his figure on the horse.

Lin Shu: “!!!”

He was now like a fish patted on the beach by the waves, while slapping his tail with a panicked and desperate heart. He adjusted his breathing hard, relaxed his body, and calmed his mind.

When it was about to be overcome, by chance, Ling Fengxiao asked again: “Are you better?”

Lin Shu’s heart was beating, his breathing was chaotic, and his immediate accomplishments of calming himself were abandoned.

He couldn’t pass his days easy anymore.

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Brother Shao: Shit, his wife fainted.

He fainted because of you.

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