The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path

Chapter Ch25.1 - Little Thing

Chapter Ch25.1 – Little Thing

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At this point, Lin Shu had just spent the better half of an hour poring over Purple Star Astrology, a book with the sole purpose of messing with his brain cells, and was passing out from confusion. He ignored Xiao Lingyang’s antics, and turned away expressionlessly.

“Stop!” Xiao Lingyang yelled, “Did you not hear me?”

He strode forward by a few steps and grabbed Lin Shu’s shoulders, seemingly wanting to start something again. But this grip was nothing compared to what he went through with Ling Fengxiao.

Lin Shu frowned and said, “I am not familiar with Ling Fengxiao.”

“Not familiar?” Xiao Lingyang sneered, “You think I’ll believe it? She hasn’t even escorted me to a class before, but you.. she actually personally sent you to class … humph.”

Lin Shu: “…”

He thought about it. First, Ling Fengxiao observed himself secretly, then she walked him to a class. Claiming that they were not familiar was indeed hard to believe. Weighing his options, he took a shot in the dark: “Aren’t you afraid that Ling Fengxiao will be coming to pick me up ? ”

Xiao Lingyang froze for a moment, stunned, and quickly withdrew his hands.

——This man was fearful of Ling Fengxiao, Lin Shu knew it.

Lin Shu swallowed slowly: “Farewell.”

Xiao Lingyang glared fiercely at him: “Just you wait..”

Not knowing martial arts is really a very troublesome thing, Lin Shu thought as he was leaving.

Take being blocked by Xiao Lingyang just now as an example. If he was skilled at cultivation, he would not have to be subjected to him at all.

But his foundation was still weak… how could his martial arts skills develop?

Because of this, after finishing arranging the books that day, he spent a long time between the shelves of the martial arts texts.

The collection of books in the academy were mostly techniques based on finding peace and balance, focused on the quality and history, and there was nothing on peerless skills. Most of them were basic techniques practitioners would follow by the book, which also meant that it was rigid and required good cultivation and some knowledge of martial arts to pull off.

Lin Shu wanted the kind of martial arts that wins purely with skill.

His master had mentioned this kind of martial arts in his previous life, where once a person’s reflexes had reached a certain level, when used in some skills, even if he did not have qi, one could defeat the enemy with those skills alone.

Master had listed out some examples, and then vehemently objected to the use of such skills. These techniques did not require internal foundation were a heresy, and must never be used as a way to be lazy and cut corners while cultivating.

However, unlike in the past, he can only seek the “heresy techniques” if he wants to protect himself without cultivation.

However, the collection in the academy clearly had no books on such secrets exercises. At least not in the area where the disciples can freely enter.

Having found nothing, Lin Shu left the library.

Bless the heavens. He had no idea where he could find such sources.

Having wrung his brain dry over this depressing matter, he gazed into the starry and brilliant Xingluo Lake, and began to wonder what Ling Fengxiao’s deal was.

Gathering what happened today, and thinking back at every conversation they’ve had these days, he thought of a possibility.

The Big Miss was getting close to him because she wants to go to the ghost town to find traces of her fiance.

After having made it out of the ghost town and coming to the academy, Ling Fengxiao had not give up on this, going as far as to visit him at night, just to ask whether there were any abnormal occurences in his village, and when Minzhou City became a gathering place of vengeful ghosts and spirits, could cultivators be able to survive.

Then, there is one more notable thing.

When it was first learnt that Minzhou City was completely reduced to a ghost town, with no hope of life, the Big Miss’ temper was extremely violatile.

But today, Xiao Lingyang had ridiculed her for being a widow, yet Ling Fengxiao did not explode in anger.

Based on this, Lin Shu speculated that she might have found the traces of her fiancé and was in a good mood, which was why she did not dispute with Xiao Lingyang.

And how did she find news on the fiance?

——It must have been his account on what happened in the village that helped Ling Fengxiao.

Otherwise, what other explanation could there be for the high and mighty Ling Fengxiao, whose nose was high in the sky, to suddenly pay attention and became pleasant to him?

Perhaps Ling Fengxiao had given up looking for that person at that time. But after questioning him three nights ago, and learning that there was a small chance of escape for cultivators from that horrific situation might have rekindled some hope. And after digging more, found it to be true.

The elixir and jade soul sent by Ling Baochen and Ling Baojing could possibly be gifts of gratitude from the young lady.

Lin Shu felt that his deduction was surely right.

The only thing was, given Ling Fengxiao’s typical cold attitude, showing him a little kindness and gratitude caused rumors to fly among the people in the academy, and also provoked the snappish Xiao Lingyang. It was inconvenient, but the only thing he could do was to be patient and wait for it to blow over.

Having figured it all out, he felt much more at ease.

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