The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path

Chapter Ch25.2 - Little Thing

Chapter Ch25.2 – Little Thing

It was evening by the time he was back at Jingfeng Xiyu Garden. In the atrium, Ling Fengxiao was examining Xiao Lingyang’s homework as Ling Baochen served tea.

Seeing the usually active Xiao Lingyang sitting perfectly still with an uncomfortable look on his face, Lin Shu felt the corner of his lips tug.

This man was trapped by his sister. There was probably no way he could find him to start any trouble tonight.

A peaceful evening awaits.

Or so he thought.

Barely half an hour later, someone knocked on the door.

It was none other than the person who had been serving the Big Miss.

Ling Baochen glanced around his simple bamboo room, and said with a smile: “Lin Shu, the Big Miss sent me to ask you: Is there anything that you are not used to in the academy? If there is something making you uncomfortable, do tell us, and we will do something about it.”

The Big Miss’s kindness was way too excessive.

Was she that happy that she found her fiancé?

Lin Shu shook his head: “There is nothing I find disagreeable.”

Ling Baochen tilted her head: “Your room is extremely bare. As I see it, it would be good to hang some calligraphy or paintings. I have a four-season landscape painting done by Mr Yu, and a fantasy painting of the mountains and clouds. I’ll bring them to you tomorrow. There is also an illuminating pearl from the Southern Sea — studying by candlelight is not good for your eyes. The pearl is better. “

After a moment’s thought, she continued: “The incense burner is also necessary. I am certain it will help with your meditation.”

Lin Shu was stunned, and quickly rejected her offer: “No it’s alright.”

“It’s not alright!” Ling Baochen said. “You aren’t an outsider, so you don’t have to be this courteous with us.”

Lin Shu: “???

How was he not an outsider?

Feeling suspicious of the deductions he had made in the afternoon, he cautiously asked Ling Baochen: “Why?”

Ling Baochen choked on her laughter.

Lin Shu was dumbstruck.

“The Big Miss was right!” Ling Baochen straightened up, the hint of a smile still evident on her face.

Lin Shu: “What?”

Ling Baochen blinked, and said, “The BIg Miss said, Lin Shu, this little thing, goes about his day in a blur, and speaks only a few words at a time. It does set him apart. “

Lin Shu: “…”


But why was he not an outsider anymore?

He was thinking how he could phrase his question, but with Ling Baochen looking at him across the table, his mind could not concentrate.

When Ling Baochen had finally had enough of staring at Lin Shu, she sighed: “Although the Big Miss’s fiancé cannot be found, it is not a bad thing entirely. LIttle Lin Shu, please get along well with her. If there are others in the future, you don’t have to feel worried or jealous. Our villa won’t let you have the short end of the stick. “

Lin Shu felt as if he had been struck by lightning.

His previous speculation was wrong!

Not only was it wrong, the entire stream of thought had to be scrapped and burnt.

It could not be true that Ling Fengxiao was not marriageable, and in the midst of berating herself, decided to raise … that thing, could it?

Xiao Lingyang was vehemently trying to stop this, while the girls at Phoenix Villa gave their full support.

——But still he could not possibly let himself be raised.

Ling Fengxiao must be experiencing some difficulties with her sight.

Ling Baochen smirked and asked, “Now you know?”

Lin Shu: “I don’t know.”

“Pretending to be dumb!” Ling Baochen laughed and stood up: “I’ll be going first. The things will be sent to you tomorrow.”

Lin Shu felt like he was living in a dream.

He could neither focus on his textbooks nor meditation, the orchid scent that Ling Fengxiao wore played with his nose, and the cold metal of the sword that she wielded was phantomly at his neck .

He decided to enter the dreamscape to find Mr. Meng and practice with his sword.

Sword practice was therapeutic.

Holding the jade charm linked to the Dreamscape was in his hand, faint light flashed a few times, but went out again.

After a while, a line of words appeared on jade, in the tone of Mr. Meng.

“The energy in the dreamscape is unstable and cannot accept people, Taoist friend, please practice other exercises first, and go in later.”

One bad thing always followed another in this world.

Schemes were prevalent. The world of immortal cultivation was really too complicated. Lin Shu wished to go back to Ning’an Residence, and live a peaceful life planting rice with Li Yamao and Li Jimao.

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