The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path

Chapter Ch36.2 - Youre fierce

Chapter Ch36.2 – You’re fierce

After a dreamless sleep, in the morning, he washed up and got dressed. Ling Fengxiao really acted on the words she said last night, and was waiting to eat breakfast with him.

The two of them walked side by side on the road. Lin Shu rarely had someone stay so close to him. According to his original nature, he would have long slipped away without a trace.

However, the Big Miss was something like his keeper, so he could still obediently coexist with her if he did his best to overcome it.

They had both got up early, and there were very few people in the dining room, so they only invited a small crowd of onlookers. But when Lin Shu came out of the spiritual medicine garden and was received by the Big Miss, followed by the two of them going to “Overview of Techniques” class together, the road was crowded with people and Lin Shu was surrounded by a large crowd.

Look, the Big Miss is walking with this guy again! –Lin Shu could already imagine what they were talking about.

Whatever they said, it was up to them.

In his eyes, it was still Ling Fengxiao that was the biggest.

The first lesson was “Study of Nanxia Style”. This was a Confucian Institution class, taught by Mr. Xiuzhao who was very versatile and eloquent. It was a good class.

There was only one thing bad about this class, and that was that he had to attend it with Xiao Lingyang.

Every time this person attended a class with Lin Shu, he worked tirelessly to find fault with him, or spoke wickedly, or tried to stab him. However, because he couldn’t fight against Ling Fengxiao, he was too afraid of acting directly, so Lin Shu could lazily ignore him.

Now that he saw Ling Fengxiao actually accompany Lin Shu to class, Xiao Lingyang thoroughly exploded. He looked at the two of them, staring at them, so upset that he couldn’t speak. When Ling Fengxiao sat at his side, he was speechless: “You guys… you guys fool… fooling around!”

Ling Fengxiao: “You have opinions?”

“Of course I have opinions!”

Ling Fengxiao: “Your opinions are useless.”

Xiao Lingyang said: “How many days have passed? You ran to accompany him to classk2026; accompany him in class! After another month, are you going to Huandang Mountain together?! I also want to go! I have to keep an eye on you two!”

“You’re not going.” Ling Fengxiao ruthlessly destroyed her brother.

Xiao Lingyang: “I oppose this!”

“You disagree? If you get first class in every class you take this year, and the praise from the nationally acclaimed professor…” Ling Fengxiao said slowly.

Xiao Lingyang: “Can’t I just study?”

Ling Fengxiao: “—that’s useless.”

Xiao Lingyang: “…”

Ling Fengxiao continued to intimidate: “If you bully him again… think about it yourself.”

Xiao Lingyang finished the whole class as quiet as a chicken, but Lin Shu felt that the corner of his eye had been shining with bad intentions for the entirety of the class.

“Overview of Techniques” was a very interesting course, which focused on the corrupt practices that littered the Jianghu. The purpose of this was to prevent disciples from being deceived when traversing through the Jianghu in the future.

Lin Shu remembered that the last class was focused on changing one’s voice, but this class was focused on changing one’s appearance.

The instructor, Kongkong Zhen Ren explained about the nine kinds of cosmetic methods, the eighteen kinds of cosmetic materials, including even human skin as one of the materials.

Using the best cosmetic method and the best cosmetic materials had the ability to turn something fake into something realistic. Even the ugliest person could become a peerless beauty, even a weak scholar could become a giant hulking warrior. A true expert at changing one’s appearance would become someone who had a thousand faces, no matter male, female, old or young. All were feasible.

Lin Shu took notes while listening, thinking that this was quite impressive.

Ling Fengxiao didn’t have a textbook, so she shared one with him and said: “Your words are really ugly.”

Lin Shu: “…”

He had only used the brush for two months. Writing like this, was a product of his hard work.

In modern times, even his master was used to writing with ballpoint pens, so he naturally had no chance to touch the brush.

Fine, he would keep practicing.

After talking about the methods of disguising, Kongkong Zhen Ren started to talk about the method of identification.

An inferior transfiguration was rough and indiscriminate, with masks attached in a slipshod manner. The eyebrows and beard would be glued on, it was extremely uncoordinated, and would be in terrible condition if water was splashed on them. This was the easiest disguise to identify.

Although the appearance of an average transfiguration was impeccable, the materials would have a limited time span and could not be maintained for a long time. It required constant upkeep, and over time, cracks would naturally show.

The high-grade transfiguration was perfect, seamless, and could only be judged by the lack of coordination between the skin and bone. However, most people lacked such keen eyesight.

Someone asked, then how would one identify a high-grade transfiguration?

Kongkong Zhen Ren said, there was one way to find out. No matter how perfect the transfiguration was, it wasn’t his own face, after all. Laughing or swearing would make the face look unnatural, so people who use the high-grade transfiguration would usually be expressionless. When you meet these kinds of people, you need to pay closer attention.

Lin Shu felt like Ling Fengxiao had glanced at himself.

Don’t do it.

Although my face is often blank, my face is real. Evidently, Kongkong Zhen Ren’s method of distinguishing isn’t quite reliable.

After saying that, Kongkong Zhen Ren added that in addition to those methods of disguise, there was another way in the world to disguise oneself that was more seamless than a high-grade transfiguration, to the point where immortal Daluo wouldn’t be able to recognise.

The disciples were curious.

Kongkong Zhen Ren said, in this world, there was a spirit pill called the Huanrong pill. As long as one took that kind of pill, their appearance could be changed as easily as painting something on paper, and their body could be reshaped as if it was made of clay. Other than being unable to change the underlying bone structure, there was no other disadvantage.

The disciples were horrified, and asked how to crack this disguise.

The Daoist said, it was unsolvable, and that there was no need to crack it. The raw materials needed to craft a Huanrong pill were hard to find in the world. Unless it was a family with great financial resources and deep roots, it would be impossible for someone to gather the raw materials and make such a pill. However, that kind of people in those families wouldn’t play with these disguising methods. Even if they did disguise themselves, they wouldn’t go around scamming people, so you don’t have to worry.

Ling Fengxiao heard this and asked Lin Shu: “I have a lot, do you want?”

Lin Shu: “… No need.”

One pill was already so difficult to find in the world, but you actually have so many that you can casually give it away, the rich can really play.

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The Big Miss: Express order.

Lin Shu: Hug me, Rich Wife.

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