The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Chapter 983 - Honeymoon 1

Chapter 983 Honeymoon 1

The helicopter sliced across the sky and eventually landed on a scenic beach resort. The moment Jun Yexuan and Qiao Qing got out of the plane, Jun Yexuan pulled her into his arms, “Finally, there’s nobody here to interrupt us.”

Compared to Jun Yexuan’s excited mood, Qiao Qing shuddered.

These past several nights flashed across her brain. She suddenly felt her lower back ache.

“Are you going to break your promise?” She asked with much uncertainty.

God knows how she ended up agreeing to come on this honeymoon with him.

Ever since the wedding night half a month ago, a certain someone refused to control himself.

Other than washing up and going to the bathroom, she spent all her time in bed.

Only after her father showed up and beat up her husband and asked them to sleep separately, did he finally tone it down.

She originally asked to push back the honeymoon for three months. However, he promised that he’d behave himself and that’s why she agreed to come.

Jun Yexuan gently ran his fingers through her hair and said seriously, “Of course not. In the beginning, I lost control because it was the first time eating meat for me. I won’t behave like that anymore.”

Qiao Qing was skeptical but still nodded. Jun Yexuan grabbed her hand, “Let’s go.”

The two took the elevator to get to their suite.

After getting there, Qiao Qing glanced over the several suitcases their subordinates brought in and pointed at the one she hadn’t seen before, “What’s in there?”

Jun Yexuan’s eyes flickered, “Nothing. Just some clothes.”

Clothes that you’ve been refusing to wear. He added silently.

Qiao Qing froze. She found what he said strange even though it was a very common sentence.

She looked out the window, “What do we do


Jun Yexuan took off his suit jacket and hung it, “Are you hungry?” Qiao Qing shook her head, “No.”

Jun Yexuan then unbuttoned his sleeves, rolled them up, and revealed his white and thin arms. He shoved them into his pockets, “Then, let’s go take a walk? The weather’s nice today.”

Qiao Qing nodded and out of habit, shoved her hands into her pockets as well.

Jun Yexuan gently coughed and signaled to her his arm, “Wives normally cross arms with their husbands. Why don’t you have that habit?”

Qiao Qing leaned against the wall and placed one foot against it, “If others’ wives are so good, you can get a new one.”

Jun Yexuan, “…”

He could never win.

The couple left the hotel room and came to the beach.

Because of their extremely good looks, a lot of people around them pointed and stared. Some even took pictures.

They strolled on until a young woman in a maxi dress walked up to them and asked shyly, “Can I… Can I get a photo with you?”

Jun Yexuan’s face was very serious, “Can’t you see that I am a married man? No.”

Who knew, the girl didn’t leave after this rejection and stared at Qiao Qing, “I meant I want a photo with you.”

Jun Yexuan, “…”

Seeing how love practically poured out of this girl’s eyes, Jun Yexuan’s face darkened, “She’s a woman!”

“I know.” The girl bit her nail…

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