The Atypical Young Lady Has Returned

Chapter 578 - That Thought

Chapter 578: That Thought

Yan Jinyu held the glass of water and tapped her fingers on the glass. She looked up at Li Jiajia.

She saw Li Jiajia’s thoughts at a glance.

Li Jiajia was stunned by that one look.

She felt shocked.

However, Li Jiajia did not want to admit that she was shocked by Yan Jinyu’s gaze.

Yan Jinyu quickly moved her gaze away and glanced at Mo Qian, who was beside Li Jiajia. She smiled slightly, and Mo Qian was instantly shocked.

Mo Qian trembled twice and quickly moved behind Li Jiajia.

Although her actions were small, since no one else said anything, they naturally noticed her.

Mrs. Jiang looked at Mo Qian in confusion and then at Yan Jinyu.

She fell silent.

Li Jiajia sensed Mo Qian’s fear of Yan Jinyu and was even more certain of her guess.

In order to successfully persuade Li Jiajia to come to the Jiang Family, Mo Qian didn’t tell her much. She didn’t mention Yan Jinyu, Qin Xuan, and Chu Xiaohuan. She only said that Jiang Xianyou had taken a fancy to a girl in their village and specially invited her to the Jiang Family as a guest.

She was afraid that Li Jiajia would be afraid if she said too much and not listened to her instigation. She didn’t even mention Zhao Linlin’s name to Li Jiajia.

Yan Jinyu was the girl with the best looks and temperament here. Li Jiajia naturally decided that she was the person Jiang Xianyou liked at first glance.

However, Li Jiajia was also puzzled now.

Didn’t Mo Qian say that she was a country bumpkin? How could a country bumpkin have such bearing and aura?

As she thought about it, Li Jiajia frowned slightly and looked at Mrs. Jiang inquiringly again.

“Oh, this is our esteemed guest. Her surname is Yan. Just call her Miss Yan.” How could Mrs. Jiang not tell that Li Jiajia had got the wrong person?

If she were young, she might have played with them and deliberately misled them to make Li Jiajia suffer. But now, she was older and had to consider everything.

Master Nine was someone the Jiang Family couldn’t afford to offend. She wouldn’t allow anything that might mislead Li Jiajia into offending Yan Jinyu.

If Li Jiajia was smart enough, she should understand after hearing her introduction.

However, Li Jiajia had already decided that Yan Jinyu was the person Jiang Xianyou liked. When she heard Mrs. Jiang introduce her and ask her to call her “Miss Yan”, she felt like she was inferior and was extremely indignant.

She could not help but lose control of some of her emotions. Her tone was a little strange, “So it’s Miss Yan. My name is Li Jiajia. The CEO of Waterlight Group is my father. I wonder which family’s daughter is Miss Yan?”

Yan Jinyu didn’t even look at her. She smiled at Mrs. Jiang, “Auntie Jiang, these daughters of wealthy families in Water City are really interesting. She asked me which family I was from the first time we met. What does it have to do with her? I’m going to look for Xuanxuan and the rest. Excuse me first.”

Of course, this wasn’t for Mrs. Jiang to hear. It was for Li Jiajia.

“We’ve embarrassed ourselves in front of Jinyu. Go and play with them first,” Mrs. Jiang said with a faint smile.

After Yan Jinyu stood up and left, Mother Jiang’s expression immediately changed. “Jiajia, you were too rude just now. I already said that she’s an esteemed guest of the Jiang Family. You questioned her about her family the moment you spoke. Are you looking down on her or me?”

“You’re not a child of our Jiang Family. Logically speaking, I don’t have the right to lecture you either, but you’re standing in the Jiang Family’s mansion now. If you say something wrong and offend someone, the Jiang Family will also be in trouble. Will you be responsible then?”

“After leaving the Jiang Family, I don’t care what you want to say or do, but Jiajia, Auntie will remind you that you’re in the Jiang Family now!”

“I thought that you were a sensible child, but I didn’t expect… Forget it. I don’t think Jinyu intends to fuss over it either. I’ll forget about it this time. Sit down first. However, don’t say that again later. Otherwise, don’t blame Auntie for not giving your Li Family face.”

This was the first time someone had lectured her in public without giving her any face. Furthermore, the mother of the boy she liked was lecturing her in front of the boy she liked and the love interest of the boy she liked. Li Jiajia’s expression was a little ugly.

She looked at Mr. Jiang, who was sitting at the side silently, and realized that Mrs. Jiang’s expression tacitly agreed with Mrs. Jiang’s words. For a moment, Li Jiajia felt angry and complex.

Li Jiajia forced a smile. “I’m sorry, Auntie Jiang. I was rude.”

“We won’t sit anymore. We’ll go over and greet Second Young Master Jiang and his friends first.”

Mrs. Jiang glanced at her and said, “Go ahead. You young people should have a common topic. Auntie was wrong and wanted to let you sit down and have a cup of tea before going over. After all, this is your friend’s first time visiting the Jiang Family.”

As she spoke, she glanced at Mo Qian, who was trembling beside Li Jiajia.

Seeing that Mrs. Jiang was looking at her, Mo Qian wanted to return her smile, but her fear for Yan Jinyu had already seeped into the bottom of her heart. She suddenly met Yan Jinyu’s eyes, and her fear couldn’t be calmed down for a long time.

Hence, her smile back at Mrs. Jiang was horrible.

“I-I’m sorry for disturbing you.”

“What are you talking about? You’re guests. Let’s go over and play.”

As soon as the two of them turned to leave, Mr. Jiang asked softly, “You don’t like the girl who came with the daughter of the Li Family?”

“She’s already full of schemes and plots at such a young age. Who would like that? I was still curious why Li Jiajia came today. It turns out that someone is instigating trouble behind our backs. This girl obviously has feelings for our son, but her skills are too shallow. She shows all her emotions on her face. She thought that she hid it very well, but she didn’t know that she had long been seen through.”

“Aren’t you going to interfere?” Mr. Jiang was afraid that they would offend the esteemed guests.

“There’s no need for that for now. I think Jinyu has other plans. I have to say, she’s indeed worthy of Master Nine’s love. A girl that everyone in the Yin Family likes is really not something that a few girls her age can compare to.”

“Everyone says that she’s the daughter who was abandoned by the Yan Family. Now, I think it seems like it was she who didn’t want the Yan Family.”

Although Yan Jinyu didn’t show it, Mrs. Jiang felt that her judgment of people was alright.

“Then you’re not going to care?”

“Forget it. Zhao’er and Little You are both at home. They’ve always had their own ideas. It’s probably not our place to interfere if anything happens. Let the young people make a fuss themselves. I want to take a walk in the garden. Are you going with me?”

Mr. Jiang hesitated for a moment before getting up. “Let’s go.”

They left the space for the young people.

Li Jiajia said that she was going to greet Jiang Xianyou and the others, but she didn’t go over immediately. Instead, she pulled Mo Qian to the side. “That girl surnamed Yan wasn’t the person you said Second Young Master liked, right?”

Mo Qian’s arm hurt a little from her grip, but Mo Qian did not dare to criticize her. Hearing her question, she said innocently, “I didn’t say it was her.”

“Why didn’t you remind me just now if it wasn’t her?!” She had made her lose her composure and give Auntie Jiang a bad impression!

Li Jiajia gritted her teeth in anger and glared at Mo Qian.

“I-I thought you knew. The person I’m talking about is from my village. I naturally know her, but look at me just now. Didn’t I not greet that girl? I thought you knew that she wasn’t the person I was talking about.”

“You didn’t greet her, but you’re like a rat seeing a cat when you see her. Don’t you know her?”

“I do know her. She’s the university roommate of the girl from my village. I’ve met her when she went to our village to play recently. I’m afraid of her because she has a bad temper. I offended her with my words previously and she…”

She said aggrievedly, “I was slapped by her and have a trauma.”

In reality, Mo Qian deliberately didn’t remind Li Jiajia to make her go against Yan Jinyu.

Mo Qian couldn’t afford to offend Yan Jinyu or Li Jiajia, but she wanted to be the one to reap the benefits. The only way was to let them fight.

Li Jiajia’s purpose was to bring her to the Jiang Family and help her clear the obstacles so that she could reap the benefits.

Mo Qian didn’t know that Yan Jinyu and the others were existences that even Li Jiajia couldn’t afford to offend. If she had known, she probably wouldn’t be so naive.

“I’ll settle this with you later!”

“Who’s the girl you’re talking about? What’s her name?” Li Jiajia asked as she looked at the people sitting around the table that had been set up with all kinds of food placed there.

At that moment, other than the Jiang Family’s servants, everyone, including Jiang Xianyou, sat down around the table. They were chatting, drinking, and playing games.

Mo Qian was a little frightened by Li Jiajia.

She prayed viciously that Li Jiajia would not have a good ending either.

“The one who’s wearing a white t-shirt with mid-length hair. The other three girls are her university roommates, including Yan Jinyu. Her name is Zhao Linlin. Other than Senior Jiang and Yang Jun, the other boy is Zhao Linlin’s younger brother. His name is Zhao Qian.”

“That’s her? Second Young Master Jiang likes her? With her looks and such old-fashioned attire, how can she compare to me? She actually even brought her brother over! Why is she so thick-skinned?”

“Of course she can’t compare to you. That’s why I feel indignant for you, Jiajia. I can’t sit still whenever I think about you being intercepted by such a person. Look, I’ve only been home for half a month, but I rushed back to Water City with them.”

Li Jiajia looked at her suspiciously, “She’s from your village. She should have known you since you were young. Shouldn’t you be on her side? Why are you helping me?”

“We’ve indeed known each other since we were young, but Jiajia, I won’t hide it from you. I’ve never gotten along with her since we were young. I’ve long disliked her. To me, you’re much more important than her. I naturally side with you.”

“Alright, let’s put that aside for now. I’ll explain to you slowly when we get back. Let’s go over first. Look at them. They look at us from time to time. If we don’t go over now, they’ll probably suspect us. Once they suspect us, it won’t be so convenient for you to do anything.”

Li Jiajia looked at her warningly. “It’d better be as you say. If you dare to have the intention of using me, I’ll make you regret coming to this world!”

Mo Qian’s expression froze. “No, I won’t dare to.”

Li Jiajia snorted and walked over first.

Li Jiajia had a different expression in front of Jiang Xianyou. “Second Young Master Jiang, sorry to disturb you. Can we sit down here?”

Jiang Xianyou was sitting beside Zhao Linlin, so as she spoke, Li Jiajia’s gaze kept landing on Zhao Linlin from time to time with an unfriendly gaze.

Seeing that she kept looking at Zhao Linlin, Jiang Xianyou was unhappy.

However, he was the host, so it was not appropriate for him to not give her face. “Please sit.”

As soon as the two of them sat down opposite them, Yang Jun said, “Yo, Schoolmate Mo Qian is here too? Didn’t you just go home a few days ago? Why are you in Water City when we just returned to Water City from your hometown? Could it be that you’re following us?”

Li Jiajia was slightly surprised by Yang Jun’s attitude towards Mo Qian.

Wasn’t he Mo Qian’s loyal admirer?

He even went to Mo Qian’s house to play a few days ago.

Mo Qian cursed Yang Jun in her heart and tried her best to smile. “I’m not following you. I happen to be in Water City for something.”

“I see. I thought you were following us. After all, you said that you would probably only come back when school started.”

“Oh, right. Why did you come to the Jiang Family together? Could it be that you knew that we were guests in the Jiang Family and came to join in the fun?”

Hearing Yang Jun’s words, Li Jiajia and Mo Qian’s expressions changed again and again.

It was understandable that Jiang Xianyou asked them this, but Yang Jun asking them this was equivalent to slapping their faces.

Mo Qian didn’t have such a huge reaction when she was insulted. After all, she was already trembling in fear when she sat down at the same table as Yan Jinyu.

Li Jiajia was different. She had never been humiliated like this before, especially by Yang Jun, whom she looked down on.

“So what if we’re here to join in the fun? What does this have to do with you? This is the Jiang Family, not your Yang Family.”

“I really called Qianqian over today because I heard that Second Young Master Jiang invited many people to the Jiang Family as guests. I wanted to see who it was that could be personally invited by Second Young Master Jiang.”

“What does it have to do with you?” Jiang Xianyou looked up at her coldly.

“You also said that this is the Jiang Family. On the account that the Jiang Family and the Li Family are cooperating in business and Miss Li personally came to visit, it’s not good for our Jiang Family to reject you. However, shouldn’t Miss Li be more careful with your words in the Jiang Family’s territory?”

“Other than the two of you, I personally invited everyone here as guests. Yang Jun naturally is too. You’re so rude to my guests at my house. Miss Li is really well-mannered!”

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