The Atypical Young Lady Has Returned

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Returning To The Yan Family

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A car stopped outside the Yan Family’s gate.

At that moment, Yin Jiujin was on the phone. His tone was very cold, and his eyes were even more sinister. It seemed like there was a problem with a big project in the company. The call was from Lin Zimu.

Cheng Lin parked the car but didn’t dare to interrupt. He only spoke carefully after Yin Jiujin hung up the phone. “Boss, we’re here.”

Yan Jinyu habitually touched the “watch” on her left wrist. When she saw that Yin Jiujin had finally ended the call, she retracted her gaze from the familiar yet a little strange Yan Family’s courtyard outside the car window. “If you have something to do, go ahead. I’ll go by myself.”

Even though Yin Jiujin was on the phone, he still kept an eye on her. The reason why his tone on the phone was so bad wasn’t entirely because such a huge mess had happened when he had only left the company for a day. He felt inexplicably frustrated mostly because he saw Yan Jinyu staring out of the car window and sizing the place up.

Since she remembered everything, she must have felt terrible seeing the familiar home. Her naive expression on the way here had turned serious.

Even though her gaze was still clear and clean.

The clear and clean look in her eyes was what made him feel so upset. He did not know how badly she would be bullied by these people who grew up in noble families when she returned to the Yan Family. Yet, at this time, the company had a problem that forced him to leave her here.

She was still so understanding towards him and even told him to do whatever he needed to do.

“There’s no hurry. I’ll send you in first.” He had personally sent her into the Yan Family’s residence. As long as they had some brains, the Yan Family would not dare to mistreat her.

Upon hearing this, Yan Jinyu’s gaze paused on his handsome and cold face for a second. Then, she smiled. “Alright.”

Yan Jinyun had already returned to the Yan Family when they were eating dinner outside. Right now, the Yan Family knew that Yin Jiujin had really brought Yan Jinyu back. The servants had prepared dinner, but they had no appetite. The family of three casually ate some food and sat in the living room to wait for them.

It wasn’t because they were looking forward to Yan Jinyu’s return, but because they didn’t dare to offend Yin Jiujin.

The doorbell rang and the Yan family’s gate opened. Cheng Lin drove straight into the Yan Family’s residence.

It was indeed the number one family in North City. Although it could not be compared to the elite families in the capital, it was still considered a local tyrant in North City. Naturally, the mansion was not small. There were many gardens, ponds, rock decorations, and swimming pools in the main building. Those who did not know would think that they had entered a villa resort.

The car headed straight for the Yan Family’s main building.

Knowing that Yin Jiujin was coming, even the head of the Yan Family, Yan Qingyu, didn’t dare to remain sitting in the house. When the Yan Family’s gate opened and Yin Jiujin’s car entered, Yan Qingyu led his wife, Fu Ya, their second daughter, Yan Jinyun, and a few servants outside the main building to wait for them.

The car stopped, and before anyone could get out of the car, the middle-aged man, who was around 46 years old, rushed forward to welcome them. He smiled until his face was full of wrinkles. “Master Nine, welcome to my home. Thank you for making this trip.”

The other members of the Yan Family were also very excited, even though they had been angry at Yin Jiujin for bringing her back just a moment before in the living room.

Yin Jiujin glanced at Yan Qingyu and then ignored him. He turned around and waited for Yan Jinyu to get out of the car. When that happened, the smile on Yan Qingyu’s face froze slightly, and his gaze landed on Yan Jinyu’s face.

Although it was already dark, they were in front of the Yan family’s main building. The lights were not dim, so Yan Qingyu could clearly see Yan Jinyu’s face.

For a moment, he froze.

This was his eldest daughter? She looked more like their grandmother than Yun’er.

However, he was only stunned for a few seconds. When he saw her standing beside Yin Jiujin, Yan Qingyu’s expression changed.

Yan Jinyun told them about meeting Yan Jinyu in the afternoon at the Empire Mall when she came back in the afternoon. Yan Qingyu and Fu Ya didn’t have any feelings for Yan Jinyu to begin with, so when they heard that Yin Jiujin had personally accompanied her to shop, their impression of her became even worse.

“You’re Jinyu?”

Yan Jinyu looked at him. “That is my name. Grandmother gave it to me.”

Yan Qingyu felt that her attitude toward them was a little strange, but he couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was strange about it. He frowned and said, “I heard from Yun’er that you still remember the past, so I won’t waste my breath on explanations anymore. It’s good that you’re back.”

Yan Jinyu’s hand subconsciously caressed the “watch” on her left wrist again. Looking at the family of three surrounded by servants, the smile on her face remained unchanged.

Other than Yan Jinyun who had grown a little older, and Yan Qingyu and Fu Ya who had aged a little, nothing seemed to have changed much. The atmosphere of this family of three was still as harmonious as before.

Jinyu, Yun’er, after so many years, the way they addressed each other was still the same. One could see the difference in the closeness of their relationships from the way they called the girls.

It was a good thing that she did not have a soft heart nor much expectations for this family. Otherwise, she would feel terrible.

“Master Nine, thank you for bringing my daughter back. Please come in and have a seat.” No matter how much he wanted to curry favor, Yan Qingyu knew Yin Jiujin’s temper. He didn’t go forward to shake his hand and greet him.

“I don’t have the time to take a seat. I still have things to do. I’ve already found Little Yu, and I’ve asked someone to pass a message to CEO Yan previously. Little Yu is CEO Yan’s eldest daughter, the legitimate eldest daughter of the Yan family. I’m sure CEO Yan and Mrs. Yan won’t treat her too badly.”

Yin Jiujin’s words were very direct. The Yan Family members had sullen expressions on their faces, but they still tried their best to maintain their smiles.

Fu Ya was dressed like a typical lady from a wealthy family. She was embarrassed but still forced herself to endure the humiliation. She felt very uncomfortable, so when she glanced at Yan Jinyu, her gaze became even more unfriendly.

“Master Nine, what are you talking about? Jinyu is the biological daughter of Old Yan and I. How can we treat her unfairly?” She had heard that her eldest daughter grew up in the countryside and only had a junior high degree. She did not expect that she would be valued so highly by Master Nine, whom no one in North City dared to offend. She was really lucky!

She had been playing cards with the other wealthy ladies for the past few days, and those ladies had somehow found out about it and kept congratulating her for finding her long-lost daughter. They seemed to be congratulating her, but did they really think that she couldn’t tell the difference from their mocking tone?

She wouldn’t have been mocked if she did not have such a disgraceful daughter.

Why did she only come back at this age? Was she trying to embarrass her?!

It was impossible for her to be turned into a socialite at such an age now. Furthermore, she had grown up outside and was not close to her. Even if she married into the Yin Family in the future, she would not gain any benefits. Rather than that, she might as well not come back and let Yun’er fulfill her engagement with the Yin Family.

Yan Jinyu looked at Yin Jiujin with a meaningful gaze when she heard him address her as “Little Yu”.

“It’s good that Mrs. Yan understands the situation.”

After saying that, Yin Jiujin didn’t care how Fu Ya’s expression turned embarrassed. He lowered his head and looked at Yan Jinyu, who was standing beside him. “I’ve to go and settle some matters and will only be back in about two months. Call me if you need anything. I have saved my number in your phone. Just press 1 and you will be able to make a quick call to me. Since you don’t accept my card, I will transfer some money to your phone. Buy whatever you want. If you don’t have enough money, call me again…”

Yan Jinyu began to look at him with an increasingly meaningful gaze as he spoke. At the same time, there was also a faint smile in her eyes.

Yan Jinyu was already feeling that, not to mention the Yan family members who were familiar with Yin Jiujin’s temper and Cheng Lin, who had already gotten out of the driver’s seat.

They all looked as if they had been struck by lightning.

Fortunately, Yan Jinyu interrupted him in time, “I know. I’ve lived alone for so many years. With food and lodging here, how can I not be able to survive?”

Yin Jiujin looked at the innocent smile on her face and then at the Yan Family members. He was even more worried. She had been alone in the past, but that was in a relatively safe environment. Since the beginning of time, the wealthy families had always had countless open and secret struggles for their right to inherit the family fortune.

He sighed inwardly. Forget it. He told his subordinates to pay more attention to her when he was away. He rubbed her head. “Remember to call me if you need anything.”

Yan Jinyu didn’t avoid his hand, but her eyes narrowed slightly.

He was the first person who had dared to touch her head like that. This wasn’t the first time he had touched her head. It had become his habit.

However, it was very strange. She could have easily avoided it, but she did not.


Yin Jiujin’s gaze landed on her hand, which was holding onto the strap of her bag. He frowned slightly and said, “I’ll get someone to send the things that are used to nourish your hand over in two days. Use them according to the manual. Do you know how to read the manual?”

“…” Yan Jinyu wanted to roll her eyes. Did he really think that she was an idiot?

However, there was a huge difference between the Second Young Master of the Yin Family in front of her now and the information she had gathered about him.

She answered obediently, “I do.”

“And your yogurt. I’ve got someone to send two boxes to the Yan Family. Don’t drink too much at once. I’ve seen the shelf life. Two months. You can drink slowly… Why are you smiling like a fool?”

Yan Jinyu didn’t say anything. She went forward and gave him a bear hug. “Brother Nine, you’re so good!” He was even better than those people who would take her yogurt away every day.

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