The Atypical Young Lady Has Returned

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Master Nine Left

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Yin Jiujin wasn’t stupid. On the contrary, he was very smart. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have achieved such accomplishments at such a young age. He actually knew very well that he was acting very abnormally right now. However, it didn’t seem so hard to accept when he thought about how he was acting abnormally because she was his fiancée.

However, others were usually trembling in fear even when they were just standing in front of him, let alone getting close to him, so this was definitely the first time he had hugged someone. Hence, the usually calm and cold Master Nine was at a loss for the first time.

She hugged his waist with both hands and threw herself into his embrace. She was small and soft.

After hesitating for a long while, he was about to raise his hand when the person in his arms retreated.

For a moment, he felt an indescribable sense of loss.

The eyes of the people who were watching them from the side, almost popped out.

Shock and disbelief…

Many women wanted to get close to Yin Jiujin, but no one was able to. Apparently, there was once a daughter of a certain family who refused to believe that it was impossible and wanted to pretend to fall into his arms. Yin Jiujin avoided her and caused her to fall hard onto the ground. At that time, everyone present said that although he didn’t teach that daughter a lesson on the spot, his expression was very frightening. Everyone didn’t even dare to breathe loudly. Then, the next day, the family that the daughter belonged to, went bankrupt.

Ever since then, no one dared to approach him.

But what were they seeing now?

Cheng Lin thought to himself, Master Nine’s treatment of the eldest daughter of the Yan Family could no longer be described as “different”. It was obviously extremely special.

It seemed like he could not afford to mistreat this Yan Family’s eldest daughter in the future.

However, it was strange. Didn’t they say that Miss Yan grew up in an orphanage in a very remote town? Why didn’t she look ‘unsophisticated’ at all? Also, a young lady who had never seen the world should not have such a reaction when she entered a wealthy family like the Yan Family, right?

Compared to Cheng Lin, the Yan Family was even more shocked.

Fu Ya disliked Yan Jinyu even more. Yan Qingyu, on the other hand, had a new plan after getting over his shock and disbelief.

As for Yan Jinyun, no one could read her expression. However, one thing was certain—she must be in a terrible mood.

If it weren’t for the dim lighting and the fact that her back was facing the servants, her image as the dignified and gentle top socialite of North City would have been ruined.

“I’m leaving now.”

Yan Jinyu smilingly nodded and waved. “Goodbye.”

This made Yin Jiujin feel very puzzled.

It was always others who fawned over him in the past. Many people used all kinds of methods just to meet him once. Only she dared to treat him with such a lukewarm attitude and even wished that he would leave.

And she was smiling so foolishly.

They had clearly never seen each other before today, so he did not know why his strange feeling came so suddenly.

Perhaps, it was precisely because she was his fiancée and he was the one who brought her back to this dangerous place that he felt guilty and worried.

“Master Nine, take care. Don’t worry about Jinyu at the Yan family. We will take good care of her. When you are done, you can come to visit her at any time.”

When Yin Jiujin, who was seated in the carriage heard this, he looked towards Yan Qingyu through the window with a dark and cold gaze.

Yan Qingyu’s smile froze on his face as he shuddered.

Master Nine was still that Master Nine. He’d actually forgotten about Master Nine’s ruthlessness because Master Nine’s attitude towards his eldest daughter was different.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but shiver.

The car drove away.

The people from the Yan Family and Yan Jinyu stood facing each other.

As soon as Yin Jiujin left, the smiles on the faces of the members of the Yan Clan instantly vanished. It was so swift that it could be said that they could change their expressions even faster than flipping a book.

Fu Ya snorted. “You’re quite capable. You even managed to hook up with Master Nine!”

Yan Jinyu lifted her eyes and looked at her. Suddenly, her lips curved into a smile. “Mom, I didn’t study much so I don’t really understand. Can you tell me if it’s appropriate for you to use the word ‘hook up’ on your biological daughter?”

It was clearly a harmless smile, but for some reason, Fu Ya felt a chill down her spine.

Not only Fu Ya, Yan Qingyu and Yan Jinyun also felt that Yan Jinyu’s smile had an inexplicable feeling.

Fu Ya quickly ignored this strange feeling and her attitude was still very bad. “You call me ‘mom’ so smoothly. Do you need me to invite you into the house? Since you remember everything, why didn’t you come back to us in the past? Why did you have to make us waste so much time and effort to find you! You caused such a big commotion the moment you came back and the whole family had to come to welcome you. You really have a lot of pride!”

Yan Jinyu narrowed her eyes.

Hey, she was getting a little frustrated. Whenever she was frustrated, her hands started to itch. However, since they were related by blood, she could not make a move on them. Hence, that was why she didn’t want to return to the Yan family at all. She had to endure it even if she was unhappy.

“This is my first time being someone else’s daughter who has been missing for 16 years. I wonder what kind of procedures she’s supposed to go through.” She smiled at Yan Qingyu. “Dad, is it normal for her to be scolded by her mother as soon as she sees her after not seeing her for 16 years? Although I haven’t seen much of the world, I’ve watched a few episodes of television dramas. It doesn’t seem to be like this on television.”

Before Yan Qingyu could reply, she continued, “Since I’ve already let go of the fact that you chose to save Yun’er without any hesitation back then, I naturally have no intention of coming back. Even if you chose not to ask me how I’ve been all these years and whether I’ve suffered, you can’t go too overboard. Even if it’s for the sake of appearances, you should’ve put on an act. After all, you’re the number one family in North City. Are you not afraid of tarnishing your reputation?”

Blinking, she asked, “Why are you all looking at me like that? What did I say wrong?”

There was nothing wrong with it, but she was a young girl who grew up in the countryside. Shouldn’t she be mild, timid, submissive and not even daring to speak loudly? Why…

She looked so innocent and harmless, as if she had really said those words unintentionally.

Was she really so stupid that she didn’t know what fear was? Or was she pretending to be innocent and harmless on the surface, but was actually very scheming?

They studied her for a long time, but no one said anything.

Yan Jinyu smiled and touched her face. “Why are you all looking at me like that? Is there something dirty on my face? Or are you suspecting that I’m not your daughter?”

“If you have any doubts, just say it. I won’t mind. I can go for a paternity test tomorrow morning. If you really can’t wait, we can even go right now. I believe that with the Yan Family’s status in North City, they will be able to get the hospital to produce a complete paternity test report very soon.”

The Yan Family had a very high position in North City. Although most of it was built by their forebears, being able to hold on to it meant that Yan Qingyu was not stupid. Hearing this, he could not help but scrutinize Yan Jinyu. “Did you really drop out of school after graduating from junior high?”

Yan Jinyu laughed lightly. “How can this be false?” Actually, it was indeed false. She had not even attended school for a day, let alone junior high.

“Given the Yan Family’s capabilities, I’m sure you must have investigated my past thoroughly when Brother Nine sent the news of finding me to the family. Why must Dad ask even though you already knew the answer?”

Yan Qingyu was speechless.

Indeed, as soon as Yin Jiujin sent the news to the Yan Clan, he sent someone to investigate.

Previously, he hadn’t been able to investigate because he hadn’t put in the effort and had no direction. Since Yin Jiujin had already found her, it would be much easier for him to send someone to investigate then.

He had a very detailed report on his elder daughter.

However, was this seemingly innocent and harmless person in front of him—who did not know what fear was, who spoke in a clear manner, whose tone was neither low nor slow—really the same person as the two-year-old who ended up in a remote orphanage in the report? Was she really the same person who had led a wandering life in a remote town, who had gone to the county to work after graduating from junior high school, who had worked hard for three years and had never even gone to the local city?

Yan Qingyu took another meaningful look at her before saying, “Alright, it’s late today. Let’s go in first and we will talk tomorrow. Also, don’t mention the paternity test again. Since Master Nine found you, there obviously would be no mistake.”

Yan Jinyu raised her eyebrows slightly. So they were afraid that the DNA test would offend the Yin Family’s Second Young Master.

Did that mean that if the person who brought her back wasn’t Yin Jiujin, they would have done the paternity test?

Such kins…

From the looks of it, Yin Jiujin was much better than them. Just by confirming her name, he believed that she was the person he was looking for. He didn’t mind that she was unsophiscated and was afraid that she would suffer.

She dared to say that if she asked Yin Jiujin to take her away, he would definitely agree without any hesitation.

Tsk, then why didn’t she say anything earlier?

Look at this Yan family. They were all demons and monsters, yet she could not make a move on them. She did not want to feign civility with them, so she would have much to endure in the future.

She did not know if she would cease to endure after she reached a certain breaking point.

Forget it. If she really could not tolerate it then, then she would simply stop doing it. Anyway, she did not plan to stay in the Yan family for long after coming back this time.

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