The Brilliant Fighting Master

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: The Pegasus Chamber of Commerce

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Each kind of panacea has four quality classes, which are average, super, genuine and holy. Steward Kong would take it seriously enough if it were a super quality class. But what Jiang Chen had was a holy quality class. Of course she would be surprised.Her clothes were very thin. When she bent down, Jiang Chen could see her white skin.

“Yes.” Jiang Chen smiled.

“Can I have a look?” Steward Kong took a deep breath, trying to calm down.

As the saying goes, another year older, another year wiser. Although she was very excited, she was behaving in a far more mature way than Xu Rong. Jiang Chen nodded at Fan Tu.

Soon, people from the east courtyard opened the wooden box which contained the Gathering Qi Pills. There were five boxes in all. When the second box was open, the room was already filled with the fragrance of pills.

Steward stopped looking, and gave Jiang Chen a profound look. She said, “Wait a second. Our chairman is at home, just in the city. I’ll go to ask him to come.”

This business was the biggest among what she had dealt with. She donned an overcoat and walked out of the chamber of commerce. Xu Rong and Steward Liu, who were on the opposite side of the street, saw her come out. As rivals, both of them knew Steward Kong. They knew her high position in the Pegasus Chamber of Commerce.

“What’s going on?”

Steward Kong went out of the chamber of commerce as soon as Jiang Chen walked in there. Things didn’t look good to Xu Rong. Soon Xu Rong saw Steward Kong come back with a middle-aged man. She recognized at once that he was the chairman of the Pegasus Chamber of Commerce. Experienced people are usually very calm. But at the moment, he looked very anxious, mixed with excitement.


Xu Rong looked over to Steward Liu, who also shook his head with a confused look.

“Rong, what happened?” A big middle aged man walked over at that moment.

“Chairman.” Steward Liu greeted him respectfully.

“Father.” Xu Rong, who felt uneasy at the moment, told him what had happened.

“Did you ask about the quality class of the Gathering Qi Pills?” Chairman Xu thought for a while and asked the crucial question. Xu Rong’s face turned pale. She shook her head stiffly.

“You are still too young.” Chairman let out a sigh and looked over to Steward Liu. “Why didn’t you come to me directly?”

Steward Liu’s forehead was sweating. He had intended to go to the chairman, but ran into Xu Rong on the way and told her what was going on. Xu Rong was so arrogant that she thought it was unnecessary to ask her father to deal with the east courtyard in decline, so she came in person. Xu Rong was having conflicting feelings at the moment. She couldn’t bear any anger and was so eager to prove her ability.

She argued to her father, “Father, they were too arrogant and asked to see you.”

“But whenever they came here, they always asked to see me,” Chairman Xu said.

“That’s why I wanted them to recognize the reality. They are already not who they were.”

Xu Rong stamped her feet and said angrily, “Even though those are not average Gathering Qi Pills, they would at most be a super quality class. And we don’t know how many among them are. It’s not a big deal!”

Chairman Xu shook his head. Such character was not good for business.

But what she said was also true. It wasn’t a big deal even though those were not average pills. They could bear the loss. However, they were surprised to see that another man showed up in front of the Pegasus Chamber of Commerce. It was Cao Chenghua, the alchemist master in the Whitewater City. He was invited to the Pegasus Chamber of Commerce.

“Why would they have to invite Master Cao over?” Chairman Xu muttered to himself.

Xu Rong had calmed down instantly.

Soon, more and more people appeared and swamped into the street. It was quite unusual for a day like this. And these people looked so frantic.

They were all crowding in front of the Pegasus Chamber of Commerce. It was quite a scene. Xu Rong saw her father’s face turned paler and paler, and finally couldn’t hold it any more. She said to Steward Liu, “Go to figure out what’s going on there!” Steward Liu nodded and ran into the crowd.

He returned very quickly with an expression difficult to describe. He looked at Xu Rong and then looked at Chairman Xu, but kept silent.

“What’s going on?” Xu Rong said unpleasantly.

“The Pegasus Chamber of Commerce has declared that they have three hundred holy Gathering Qi Pills. First come, first served.”

“What? Holy?”

Xu Rong and Chairman Xu were extremely shocked. They had thought that the super quality class would be the limit. They could never have imagined that they were a holy quality class. Holy Gathering Qi Pills were no worse than class two panaceas. People in the Condensing Qi State couldn’t take class two panaceas, so holy Gathering Qi Pills were very valuable for those people.

“Father…” Xu Rong’s pride disappeared. She looked at her angry father with fear.

“Jiang Chen said how many Gathering Qi Pills he had just now?” Chairman Xu asked.

“Three hundred.” The number Xu Rong said could prove that it was exactly that batch of panaceas of Jiang Chen.

“Why didn’t you ask about the quality class?”

Xu Rong was very pale. She didn’t know how to answer. Pah. Chairman Xu was in such a rage that he slapped Xu Rong across her small face.

“Ah! Chairman! What is this for? It’s only business…”

“What do you know?” Chairman Xu said angrily.

It’s important for businessmen to have something in short supply. It had been years since holy Gathering Qi Pills with such a great amount had appeared in the Whitewater City. The Tianhang Chamber of Commerce used to be the biggest chamber of commerce in the Whitewater City. The Pegasus Chamber of Commerce was held down by them in every aspect. But at the moment, with this batch of holy panaceas, the Pegasus Chamber of Commerce probably would change the situation.

Chairman Xu had seen many of his old clients in front of the Pegasus Chamber of Commerce. His heart sank when he saw their crazy faces.

Those holy Gathering Qi Pills were exactly what every family wanted at the time of spring festival. They could be used to award their disciples and the family strength would be enhanced in this way.

“You’ve wasted such a good opportunity! If you are unable to retrieve our loss, don’t show up again in the chamber of commerce and start to prepare yourself for marriage,” Chairman Xu said coldly. Xu Rong was barely able to stand, as if she had been struck by thunder.

At the moment, after meeting the chairman of the Pegasus Chamber of Commerce, Jiang Chen saw from the window the excited crowd on the street.

He wasn’t surprised to see this. He knew better than anyone else the importance of holy Gathering Qi Pills. He didn’t feel lucky either. It was these people’s honor to get the panaceas refined by him.

“Young Lord, is the Pegasus Chamber of Commerce playing tricks?” Fan Tu was worried.

In normal businesses, they would have nothing to do with what happened later after the Pegasus Chamber of Commerce purchased their panaceas.

But the Pegasus Chamber of Commerce proposed to share the income of selling the panaceas with them. They got 60% and the chamber of commerce got 40%. This was way more than the normal price. It was pennies from heaven, which was beyond Fan Tu’s understanding.

“Take it easy.”

But Jiang Chen understood their intention. The chairman came back to the room soon. He said pleasantly, “Child Chen, the demands for your panaceas exceed the supply so much that we have to put a purchase restriction.”

“I can imagine that.” Jiang Chen said.

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