The Brilliant Fighting Master

Chapter 1729 - Maid!

Chapter 1729: Maid!

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The sword lotus flowered with Jiang Chen at its center. Suddenly, he was completely surrounded by azure radiances.

Qiu Li and Chu Tianhe, who had rushed at Jiang Chen to attack him, were resolved to kill him. But at the sight of the azure lotus, they turned pale.

They prepared for the worst.


However, it was much more severe than they had ever imagined. As soon as the radiances reached them, their attacks were completely broken apart. They ended up spitting out blood.

Jiang Chen’s sword attack sent these two tough men flying, but the really scary thing was that that wasn’t all that had happened.

These radiances were merciless. They were taking their lives away!


Qiu Li was so scared that he commenced shouting loudly. He completely lost his edge when he was facing death.

Chu Tianhe was still trying to fight back, although he looked extremely pale.

At this moment, Jiang Chen replaced the Heaven-Punishing Sword that he’d had in his hand with the Red Cloud Sword.

To other people, these two swords seemed quite similar. So at this minute they had no idea what he was going to do.

And then the Genuine Fire of the Sun surged out of the Red Cloud Sword. The hot wave of fire that it produced was like a fiery dragon running around them.

“This is bad. He’s going to kill them!”

Some of the onlookers finally realized what Jiang Chen was up to. They became scared out of their wits.

Qiu Li was a loner. Once he was dead, his influence in the Green Field would be gone as well.

But Chu Tianhe was a different case. He was the Grand Supreme Elder of the Heavenly Ease Sword School.

If he killed Chu Tianhe, the grudge between the Heavenly Ease Sword School and Jiang Chen would be unreconcilable, until Jiang Chen disappeared from the world.

This was why everybody wanted to join a big force for protection.

“Sky-burning Anger!”

Jiang Chen didn’t exert any Buddhist theurgy. Instead, he turned to a theurgy his father had mastered in his previous life.

The Sky-burning Evil Flame’s instability gave the theurgy an overwhelmingly destructive power. This power had been upgraded after the incorporation of the Genuine Fire of the Sun.

The Red Cloud Sword seemed like a god of fire now. Endless soaring fire was being emitted from it and devouring Qiu Li and Chu Tianhe.

“Magic Dragon’s Three Transformations: Third Transformation! Aaah!” Qiu Li wasn’t willing to die this way. This transformation was his last resort, but, unfortunately, it was already too late.

He was killed in the sea of fire soon after.

“Young man, if you dare to kill me, you won’t be able to leave the Green Field alive.”

Chu Tianhe threatened Jiang Chen. He still refused to give up.

However, he’d made a big mistake. Jiang Chen was a man who could be persuaded by reason, but he couldn’t be cowed by force.


He pressed the Red Cloud Sword down. The sea of fire converged toward its center, Chu Tianhe, and then broke apart. Once it broke apart, it was possible to see that Chu Tianhe had turned into ashes.

Jiang Chen smiled shyly, as if he’d just done an insignificant thing.

“It’s time to pass down the Sky-burning Evil Flame.” Jiang Chen seemed absent-minded as soon as the fight had ended. He’d gotten the Sky-burning Evil Flame a long time ago. It was the Alien Flame that had been passed down to him by his father.

To get the flame of the Genuine Fire of the Sun to burn, either the Solar Golden Flame or the Sky-burning Evil Flame could be used as the source of fire.

However, Jiang Chen had decided to retain the Sky-burning Evil Flame. He didn’t want to kill the goose that lay the golden eggs.

Otherwise, the Sky-burning Evil Flame, which was kind of special among Alien Flames, would’ve been lost to the world a long time ago.


Now, Jiang Chen landed in the City in the Sky slowly.

The city had become super-quiet at this moment. Those from the Heavenly Ease Sword School who had followed Chu Tianhe here had already slipped away once they’d realized that the situation was not going in their favor.

Yao Qing had wanted to leave too, but the restrictions of the City in the Sky had not been lifted yet.

Jiang Chen could come and go at will, but that didn’t mean others could too.

Yao Qing couldn’t believe that she’d been chasing such a strong person for days. At the thought of this, her slim long legs couldn’t help but shake a bit.


A small noise could be heard when Jiang Chen’s feet touched the ground, but the absolute silence of the city made it sound louder.

“Who else wants to seek revenge, either for your apprentice or for your grandson or for your son?” Looking around, Jiang Chen asked in a loud voice.

Who would have the nerve to respond at such a moment?

He’d killed two Extraordinary Supreme Venerables without any effort whatsoever. Such a strongman seemed like a god to the folks of the City in the Sky.

Then Jiang Chen looked at Yao Qing and Meng Shixiong.

Meng Shixiong’s friends left immediately when they’d confirmed that Jiang Chen was only looking at those two. They seemed as if they were running away from a snake or a scorpion.

“Apprentice Elder Brother, I’m Meng Shixiong. My father is…”

Meng Shixiong called himself a genius, but compared to Jiang Chen, he was a neophyte. He’d braced himself to speak to Jiang Chen, putting his pride aside.

“Shut up.” Jiang Chen cut in with a wave of his hand, not in a nice manner.

Meng Shixiong didn’t dare answer. He stepped aside obediently.

“I told you not to chase me. In the end, I got into so much trouble because of you. Can you think of any solution for this?” said Jiang Chen.

“I…I don’t know.”

Yao Qing hadn’t really come to her senses yet. She’d been considering how Chu Tianhe’s death would affect the Heavenly Ease Sword School.

“Be my maid, for three years,” said Jiang Chen.


Yao Qing looked up at once.

“Maid? She’d never thought her life would have anything to do with this word.”

Besides, Jiang Chen didn’t need any maid at all. She believed he wanted her to stay with him because he wanted to take advantage of her.

At this thought, Yao Qing looked at Meng Shixiong.

Meng Shixiong understood this would be his test. Yao Qing looked so helpless. As long as he came forward to defend her, he was sure he would be able to capture her heart.

However, as he watched, Jiang Chen started smiling, wittingly or unwittingly, just when he was about to speak up for Yao Qing.

He recalled that it was the same smile that Jiang Chen had shown when he was killing the others. He was so scared that he shut his mouth.

“Apprentice Younger Sister Yao Qing, I’ll report to my father when I get back,” he said to Yao Qing through voice transmission.

Yao Qing was struck dumb, and she went as pale as a ghost.

Jiang Chen stopped paying attention to him. He then walked toward the city lord’s mansion.


Seeing Jiang Chen wasn’t going to make them take any responsibility, Meng Shixiong and his friends felt relieved.

“Master, it was my fault. However, if you want me to kneel down to beg for your mercy, I’m afraid that’s beneath me. Break my legs. I won’t complain.” Plucking up his courage, Qi Lie spoke after approaching Jiang Chen.

Their conversation drew strange looks from the people around them.

Qi Lie was still thinking about face-saving at such a moment. Wasn’t he afraid that Jiang Chen would kill him?

“Interesting. I have an idea. You stay with me too. I’ll find a better day to break your legs,” said Jiang Chen.

This was confusing. People weren’t sure whether Jiang Chen was going to break Qi Lie’s legs or not.

Only Ye Sizhu knew what Jiang Chen was implying. To put it in her words, Jiang Chen respected people with integrity.

“Your Excellency.”

Jiang Chen looked at the lord of the city.

“I’m flattered. I’m really flattered. Your Excellency.”

The city lord hurried to come forward. Although Ye Sizhu had claimed that Jiang Chen wouldn’t do anything to their family, he was still not completely able to relax. What if Jiang Chen changed his mind?

“Are you sure no one has left the City in the Sky?” asked Jiang Chen.

“Yes, I’m sure.”

“So, the person who killed Long Teng and destroyed his body is still in the city, right? And only someone from the city lord’s mansion could have done this,” said Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen had decided to bring up Long Teng at this moment. Apparently, it was not because he was afraid that Qiu Li, already a dead man, would cause him any trouble.

“I don’t like to be taken advantage of,” said Jiang Chen.

“Your Excellency, I promise you I will have everything investigated.” The city lord was relieved that that was the only thing Jiang Chen cared about.

“No. I’ll investigate it in person.”

Jiang Chen closed his eyes slowly as he spoke. Then he opened them again.

Brilliant stars showed up in his eyes.

The Eye of Wisdom, on!


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