The Brilliant Fighting Master

Chapter 1730 - Challenging the Blood Pool

Chapter 1730: Challenging the Blood Pool

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The clock of time had been turned back. Jiang Chen was able to go back in time and see everything that had happened.

The staff of the city lord’s mansion were all whispering after hearing what Jiang Chen had said.

Long Teng had died in the city lord’s mansion, and his body had been destroyed in a fire in the city lord’s mansion too. Indeed, only someone from among them could have done those things.

All of a sudden, Feng Qianxun flew way up into the sky, seemingly trying to flee the city.

“He’s trying to escape!”

Since at that time it was no exit, entrance only, in the City in the Sky, for the moment, it took people a while to realize what was going on.

“No, he will be able to leave the city,” the city lord said immediately.

Feng Qianxun was the housekeeper in charge of the city lord’s mansion. And he was also the leader of the guards. He was actually one of the people who was responsible for the lockdown of the City in the Sky.

As expected, the lockdown formation of the City in the Sky had stopped working when Feng Qianxun had gotten high enough in the sky.

He was almost out of everyone’s sight and flying at an enormously high speed.

It had happened so suddenly that many people seemed to be still in a trance.

“Where are you going?” The lord of the City in the Sky was angry and panicky. He had never imagined that it was his right-hand man who was behind all this.

Jiang Chen’s eyes went back to normal just as the city lord was about to chase after Feng Qianxun.

“You want to compete with me in speed?” And Jiang Chen disappeared.

He showed up again in less than one second, carrying Feng Qianxun in his hand as easily as if he had been carrying a chicken.

Even Feng Qianxun himself had no idea what had happened to him. He was surprised to find that he was back at the city lord’s mansion again. Then he turned deathly pale.

“Feng Qianxun! Why did you do this? The Yes have always been kind to you,” the city lord said angrily.

Feng Qianxun was pissed off by his question.

He burst out laughing. Regardless of numerous mocking and disgusted gazes, he said emotionally, “Your Excellency, you know I’m in love with Young Lady Siyue, but you allowed her to be married to Long Teng. You call that kind?”

Ye Siyue was shocked. So were many of the others.

No one had expected that it was such a ridiculous reason for all the killing and mayhem that had taken place.

“You killed Long Teng because of that?” asked Jiang Chen coldly.

“I’m as good as Long Teng. I only came to the city lord’s mansion because I thought Young Lady Siyue would love me back one day as long as I stayed close to her. If I hadn’t come here, my achievements would have surpassed Long Teng’s for sure.”

Unhappy with the reality, Feng Qianxun continued, “The Yes knew the reason that I was here. They kept giving me false hopes so that I would stay here working for them. They played me.”

“And then, in the end, Long Teng and the young lady suddenly got engaged. What was I after all to the Yes?”

The Yes were embarrassed by his accusations. If Jiang Chen had not been there, the city lord would have killed him right then on the spot.

“I never gave you any hope,” Ye Siyue said.

Ha, ha, ha.

Feng Qianxun didn’t respond to her. He just kept laughing.

People started to gossip. Feng Qianxun looked as if he was really broken, and that evoked pity from some people without a stark sense of good and evil.

“That’s all?” asked Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, are you going to tell me that harming innocent people can’t be justified ever?” Feng Qianxun said in a mocking tone, looking at Jiang Chen.

“No. I just want to say that your excuse is very lame.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. He looked indifferent. He pointed at his own eyes as he continued speaking to Feng Qianxun.

“You’re smart. You realized it’s less possible to be exposed if you mix lies with the truth. But you underestimated my eyes. Nothing in this world can escape them.”

Others were puzzled, wondering whether there were any more hidden facts that had yet to be exposed from Feng Qianxun’s account.

Feng Qianxun turned pale, but he refused to admit that he had lied. He said, “I don’t know what you are implying.”

“The Blood Pool,” said Jiang Chen.

These seemed to be magic words to Feng Qianxun. He broke down immediately. He looked panicked and got as pale as a ghost.

“Stop asking me questions. Please, just don’t ask me anymore!” He sounded as if he was crying.

It was a confusing response. It sounded as if he was inviting others to interrogate him.

“Blood oath!”

Some experienced people could tell from Feng Qianxun’s reaction that he had taken a blood oath. He would die immediately once he’d violated the oath he’d taken.

“Now that you know everything, please stop asking me about it.” Looking at Jiang Chen, he realized that this man had a say in his life or death.

“I can let her go.”

Jiang Chen pointed at Yao Qing, who was standing not far away, and then he pointed at Qi Lie, who was standing next to him. “And him. But I can’t let you go. Do you understand?”

The mistakes that they had made were of different kinds, so the ways to deal with them should also be different.

“Jiang Chen! What’s so great about you? Don’t forget that you are in exile in this remote place, and you will never be able to come back here.

“You killed the Grand Supreme Elder of the Heavenly Ease Sword School. This news will spread across the Green Field very soon. If any astute person hears about it, guess how you’ll end up?”

Seeing Jiang Chen was not going to let go of him, Feng Qianxun adopted a completely different attitude. His face became hideous. His look was evil.

“That’s not your concern.”

Then Jiang Chen sprinted and the Heaven-Punishing Sword struck.

By the time he’d gotten back to where he’d originally been standing, Feng Qianxun was on the ground.

This incident was not really over until then.

“Alas.” The city lord let out a long sigh.

Long Teng died. Qiu Li died. The City in the Sky had kind of become freed.

However, Chu Tianhe had also died.

He had no idea how to face the Heavenly Ease Sword School. What made the situation even more complicated was that Jiang Chen was standing right in front of him at the moment.

Fortunately, the Heavenly Ease Sword School wouldn’t attack the city lord’s mansion just because of that. But they surely would apply sanctions to the City in the Sky.

As the city lord had predicted, the entire Green Field was shocked when the news about Chu Tianhe’s death had been passed on to everyone.

The Heavenly Ease Sword School had been acting actively to eliminate the evil forces in the Green Field and rebuild order. However, such an enormous incident had happened before they could really put any effort into what they had been planning to do.

He had been an Extraordinary Supreme Venerable. Not only the Heavenly Ease Sword School, but all the forces felt his death to be a great pity.

But Chu Tianhe hadn’t been killed by any dark force. Instead, he’d been killed in the City in the Sky, without any clear reason.

And together with him, Qiu Li, the Magic Dragon Venerable Sovereign, had also been killed.

This was why people were so shocked.

Rumor had it that the killer was Jiang Chen, the same man who’d created an uproar three years ago.

“We’re wondering what the Heavenly Ease Sword School will do.”

The folks of the Green Field looked toward the area where the sun rose. That was where the headquarters of the Heavenly Ease Sword School was located.


In the conference chamber of the Heavenly Ease Sword School, not even one member above the grand elder level was absent. They were talking about Chu Tianhe’s death with indignation.

“That’s unforgivable!”

“If we don’t get revenge for Grand Supreme Elder Chu Tianhe, we won’t be able to implement the school leader’s plan.”

“But that guy is really strong. If we really want to kill him, we’ll have to pay a big price.”

Most people agreed they should seek revenge. That was beyond doubt. However, Jiang Chen’s strength was something they couldn’t ignore. They didn’t want to act recklessly.

“He is strong indeed. But don’t forget he also has many enemies.” A voice reminded them.

“That’s right.”

People became even more thrilled. They attempted to work out a detailed plan to kill Jiang Chen.


As for Jiang Chen, he had left the City in the Sky by then.

“I still have ten healing immortal elixirs left. They will start to lose their effect in one month. And in three months, they will be useless.”

“I shouldn’t waste them. Yeah! I’m going to go challenge the Blood Pool. I’ll kill as many people there as I can.”

If the Blood Pool ever knew the real reason that Jiang Chen was going to go up against them, how would they feel?


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