The Brilliant Fighting Master

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: The Reinforcements

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Jiang Chen suddenly pulled his sword back when it was time. The cyclone changed into a giant blade, striking Meng Ding.

With a bang, all the trees nearby were bent down by the wind. The closest ones were even blown away.

Not only those of the Bloody Hand Gang and the Fiery Lion Gang, but also those of the Jiang Mansion were lying on the ground, screaming.

Meng Ding died, totally shattering. Only his giant sword, which fell onto the ground, was still recognizable.

“I’ll melt the giant sword and forge it into a sheath,” Jiang Chen thought unconsciously. Suddenly he felt very empty, since his genuine yuan had been used up.

Thank goodness for the holy pulse, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to exert that movement. The more my holy pulse recovers, the more powerful that movement will be.

“This unique movement is a free ride,” the Redcloud Sword commented on his movement.


“A swordsman’s unique movement should be a unique sword movement, but you were making use of your genuine yuan and secret methods.”

“You have a one-track mind.”

Jiang Chen shook his head, smiling. He was confronting an enemy whose state was higher than his. If they were in the same state, of course it would have been dishonorable for him to do so.

Jiang Chen gave a loud shout when he saw many people were trying to stand up. “Disarm yourselves and surrender. Otherwise, you will have the same end as He Xing and Meng Ding!”

He had killed the leaders of the two gangs by himself. Their morale had been completely shattered. The movement he had just executed, which almost destroyed the world, was especially impressive. No one would believe that he was only in the peak of the preliminary stage of the Gathering Yuan State.

The Fiery Lion Gang were the first to throw away their weapons. Although the Bloody Hand Gang was reluctant, they could do nothing to save the situation.

This time, the Jiangs captured many people. If they had imprisoned them directly, there could have been riots.

“Kill those of the Bloody Hand Gang and imprison those of the Fiery Lion Gang!”

Jiang Chen had heard about the Bloody Hand Gang’s inhumanity. Besides, he had happened to arrive when He Xing was killing that woman and saw the tragic scene.

So, he didn’t feel bad for using a flame arrow to kill He Xing.

The Bloody Handy Gang was screaming out in anger, making a last-ditch effort. But without the weapons, they soon died bloody deaths.

“We’ll take a rest and reorganize first. Then we’ll go to the mountain town to rescue our people from the siege!”

Jiang Chen had cut off the reinforcements of the three forces. Finally, it was time to have a decisive battle.

“We are at your disposal!” Huoniu was already completely submissive to Jiang Chen. He would accept any of his orders without hesitation.

Jiang Chen nodded and went into the herbal mountain. He intended to refine some healing panaceas for the wounded.

Most of the herbs in the herbal mountains could be used to refine class-one panaceas. Only a few of them could be used for the class-two, but there were not enough to refine a complete class-two panacea.

While he was collecting herbs to be used for the healing pill, Jiang Chen saw something that excited him.

The main material to refine a pure yang pill was pure yang stone. It didn’t have a high requirement for the other materials, but it was very difficult to refine, because it was stone after all. People could die from the panaceas refined from it if the proper refining technique wasn’t done.

However, this wasn’t a big problem for Jiang Chen.

What he saw at that moment were exactly the other medicinal materials that the pure yang pill required!

There was no one on the streets of the mountain town. People locked themselves in their homes. Some plucky ones were standing by windows, listening carefully in case there was any stirring outside.

Both the east and the west courtyard had been occupied by the enemy. At that time, only the main hall hadn’t been taken control of.

Once the main hall was conquered, these common people would be enslaved by the intruders and the Jiangs would disappear for good in the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

No one wanted that to happen. However, the reason why these people could stay safely at home was the fact that they were harmless. The three forces didn’t even take notice of them.

They could do nothing but pray.

The door outside leading into the main hall was sealed shut. A cavalry was waiting there. There were more than a hundred people, all in the Gathering Yuan State. Their combat power was as massive as that of an average army of ten thousands soldiers.

A few corpses were lying by the courtyard wall. They were pierced to death by lances when trying to climb over the wall to intrude.

It was always the attackers who suffered a greater loss than the defenders.

“Why are we still waiting? We are in the late stage. Let’s rush in first to get the ball rolling. We’re enough to eliminate the Jiang Mansion.”

“That’s right. There are only six or seven people in the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State in the Jiang Mansion. We have twelve here, so we’re far more powerful than them.”

Some people were impatient. The two who had spoken were guys in the late stage.


The man standing in the front scolded them severely, not intending to save face for them at all, even in the presence of their subordinates.

“We, the Qingcheng Sect, are strong enough to eliminate the Jiang Mansion by ourselves. So why do we need you here? Because we don’t want a Pyrrhic victory. We are not the only ones in the Hundred Thousand Mountains who covet the Jiang Mansion.

“I can assure you that there are at least a few forces intending to take advantage of us. As the saying goes, the wolf has a winning game when the shepherds quarrel.”

Those two, who were displeased with their current situation, looked at each other and kept silent after hearing his words.

In the main hall, all the important people of the Jiang Mansion had gathered. They were discussing, trying to figure out a countermeasure. The dull atmosphere showed the discussion wasn’t going very smoothly.

“Let’s break out of the encirclement from the enemy. We’ll be unable to hold out in the end if we stay here,” someone said.

It was met with opposition and started a heated debate.

The Second Elder said, “If we give up the Southwind Ridge, we Jiangs will be unable to stay in the Hundred Thousand Mountains anymore.”

“Better than death,” the man from before continued. Maybe he’d forgotten his position at the time of danger. He would never have had the nerve to talk to the Second Elder like this in peaceful times.

This guy was called Jiang Xiao. Many people were irritated by him, but they didn’t know how to refute him.

He went on, “Three of the guys outside are in the peak of the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State, while here, only the lord has the same state.”

“Besides, among the other nine who are in the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State, five are in the completed late stage, and four in the beginning of the late stage.

“We only have one guy in the peak of the late stage, two guys in the completed late stage and two in the beginning of the late stage. What’s more, we are inferior to them in numbers of people and weapons.”

Jiang Wentian looked at his people, all in despair, and said helplessly, “Arrange for the escape of all Jiang disciples and families. The others will stay here to fight.”

On hearing this, everyone had reluctant and helpless expressions. In the end, everyone couldn’t help but sigh.

Jiang Chen suddenly showed up at the door, which surprised everyone. “Grandpa, I might have a solution.”

“Young Lord, why are you back?”

Fan Tu was the first one to walk up to him. He didn’t understand how Jiang Chen had appeared at that moment.

“Uncle Fan, is everything fine with my mother?” Jiang Chen said immediately.

“Your mother is staying with the other ladies. She is safe,” Fan Tu said.

Jiang Xiao suddenly asked, “It’s totally blocked outside. How did Child Chen come in?”

“There is a secret passage between the east and west courtyard. But of course, you wouldn’t know where it is.” Jiang Chen had heard this man’s cowardice, so he was hard on him.

“You shouldn’t have come back.” Jiang Tianxiong knew where the secret passage was. He had been feeling fortunate that his elder son was away, studying at an institute.

Theoretically, Jiang Chen could have dodged a bullet as well, since he was on an adventure in the mountains.

However, he came back by himself!

Jiang Xiao didn’t take Jiang Chen seriously. He said, “Don’t waste time. When the people of the mine and herbal mountain gather here, we will finally be unable to break out of the siege.”

“I’ve sorted out the problem at the mine and the herbal mountain. They’ve already lost their reinforcements. Besides, I’ve brought dozens of warriors here.”

Jiang Xiao was speaking to the other people there, but only Jiang Chen answered him.

After a few seconds of silence in the main hall, Jiang Wentian said, frowning, “What do you mean by sort out?”

“Sort out means I took care of it.”

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