The Brilliant Fighting Master

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: The Pure Yang Pill

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The people in the hall were all looking at each other, at a loss for words.

Jiang Xiao didn’t believe Jiang Chen. He said, “The mine is occupied by the senior disciple of the Qingcheng Sect, Cao Song. He is in the completed middle stage of the Gathering Yuan State.”

“Was. I killed him with my sword,” Jiang Chen said.

Huoniu, who had followed Jiang Chen in, nodded at Jiang Wentian. He was in charge of the mine. With his approval, Jiang Chen’s words were convincing enough.

“He Xing, the vice leader of the Bloody Hand Gang, was at the herbal mountain too—” Jiang Xiao was obviously shocked. His voice became lower unconsciously.

“I killed him with my bow,” Jiang Chen interrupted him.

Jiang Xiao took a deep breath and said, “Meng Ding, the son of the leader of the Fiery Lion Gang, and a famous warrior in the Hundred Thousand Mountains, was there as well. And he has mastered the sword point.”

“I killed them all with my sword!”


The people were relieved. The enemies in the mine and the herbal mountain had been like a sword hanging over their heads, leaving them hopeless.

By then, they had all been killed by Jiang Chen. The pressure was instantly alleviated.

“Even so, we are still inferior to them,” Jiang Xiao said in a low voice.

“A battle isn’t like math. The situation keeps changing. Anything could happen. Surrendering without a fight does us no good.”

“Jiang Chen, do you have any ideas? Tell me,” Jiang Tianxiong asked.

“We should kill out the enemies out there.”

Jiang Wentian, who had kept silent, asked him, “How?”

“Grandpa, are you in the peak of the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State?”


“I have a pure yang pill here. With its help, Grandpa will be powerful enough to achieve the Mental Wander State. By then, the guys outside will be a piece of cake to beat.”


“Are you serious? A pure yang pill? What class?!”

“Maybe a class-four.” Jiang Chen glanced at these people and said, “The effect of the pure yang pill could be regarded as class-five.”


Everyone exclaimed, beaming with joy.

Jiang Chen’s words brought everyone hope. If Jiang Wentian could achieve the Mental Wander State, all their problems would be sorted out.

Even Jiang Xiao didn’t respond.

“I have to succeed.” Jiang Wentian took the pure yang pill and showed his resolution.

Jiang Wentian was everyone’s last hope at that moment. However, he was already very old, so he had only a low probability that he would make a breakthrough.

Jiang Tianxiong hated himself, for he was only in the completed late stage. If he were in the peak, the pure yang pill would have had a better effect on him.

He wasn’t being selfish to think about this, but was taking consideration of the Jiangs’ situation.

The younger one was, the more vigorous their qi was, so it was all the more possible for them to make a breakthrough.

Suddenly, there was a clash coming from the door of the Jiang Mansion.

“Why? Aren’t they waiting for the reinforcements?” Jiang Xiao turned pale, as if doomsday had come already.

“Someone must have escaped from the herbal mountain!”

Now that Jiang Chen had come back, those people had also arrived. The three forces were extremely angry when they heard the news that they’d suffered a great loss, especially the leader of the Fiery Lion Gang. He was suffering from grief over the death of his son. It was him who had ordered the attack.

No one tried to stop him this time, since no more people would come to help.

A rain of arrows showered the outside of the mansion. Some arrows shot into the main hall through the windows. The people there were trembling with fear.

“Jiang Chen, what should we do?”

Without discussion, everyone was waiting for Jiang Chen’s orders.

“Grandpa, hurry and break through your state! Everyone else get ready to confront the enemy. Uncle, elders, Wind, and Cloud, please come here.”

Jiang Chen took those in the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State aside, talking to them in a low voice.

Some of them were surprised and confused after hearing what he said.

However, they had no other options except to trust Jiang Chen.

“Huoniu, go back through the secret passage and ask the people outside to get prepared. Wait for my signal,” Jiang Chen said.


Huoniu trusted Jiang Chen the most. He left without expressing any opinion.

“Uncle Fan, bring some people to the lobby and try to hold them off!”


Fan Tu rushed out of the main hall with a group of people.

Soon there were only Jiang Chen, Jiang Tianxiong and a few others left in the main hall.

“Let’s start.”

Jiang Chen took out four tactic pennants and started to deploy a tactical formation.

Theoretically, it’s impossible to deploy a tactical formation without a yuan stone. However, Jiang Chen shifted his way of thinking. He intended to make the people the energy source of the tactical formation, and himself as the center of the formation.

Outside of the mansion, the door finally fell down after countless clashes.

The enemy flooded into the mansion, stomping over the door.

“Give my son back to me!”

Meng Long, the leader of the Fiery Lion Gang, was leading the troops. He rushed in like a crazy horse, killing whomever he saw.

“Shoot!” On hearing the order of Fan Tu, the warriors of the Jiangs started to shoot their sharp arrows one after another. Some people didn’t even stop shooting.


The arrow rain was powerful enough to threaten the lives of those in the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State. The Fiery Lion Gang immediately rushed forward with their shields, protecting Meng Long.

“Leader Meng, don’t act on impulse.”

Zhang Tianzhi, the leader of the Qingcheng Sect, who had tried to stop the attack a while ago, said immediately, “I am wondering where the superior fighters of the Jiang Mansion are. Watch out!”

“Steward Fan, what shall we do?”

The number of people Fan Tu had brought was only one-third the size of the enemy. And not one of them was in the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State.

Fortunately, the brass gong of the main hall sounded at that moment.


All warriors followed Fan Tu and retreated instantly.

“What happened?”

Zhang Tianzhi didn’t understand. If the Jiang Mansion lost their first line of defense, there would be a slaughter next.

“Are the Jiangs retreating?”

Zhang Tianzhi hurried to push forward with some others. He warned them, “Don’t stand together. Watch out for traps!”

However, there were no traps along the way to the main hall.

Only one man was there, a young guy.

He was standing on the steps outside of the main hall, holding a sword, as if he had been expecting their arrival for a long time.

“Is the Jiang Mansion out of people to fight? They’ll even allow a kid like you to court death!” Zhang Tianzhi walked up to him, sneering.

Right then, a member of the Fiery Lion Gang came forward, pointing at Jiang Chen, and said, “Leader, it’s him! He killed Meng Ding!”

“Damn you! Give my son back to me!”

Meng Long didn’t expect to find the murderer. His eyes turned red. He swooped down upon Jiang Chen.

“Don’t act on impulse!” Zhang Tianzhi was greatly surprised. He wasn’t looking down on Jiang Chen as he seemed to be, but was observing the situation.

Meng Long didn’t take his advice. With his state in the peak of the late stage, he really despised Jiang Chen.

He struck with his golden knife blade in anger. The strong power of his movement shattered the bluestones on the ground.

Jiang Chen kept still, but many cracks appeared where he was standing.

“Go to hell!”

Meng Long thrust his knife toward Jiang Chen. The crack beneath him was wide enough for him to fall into.

At this moment, Jiang Chen pushed forward his Redcloud Sword. “Don’t worry. I’ll send you to meet your son.” The ray of the sword confronted the knife like a rainbow. At the same time, five or six flying swords flew out of the main hall.

Hardly had Meng Long’s knife hit Jiang Chen’s head when he was pierced by the flying swords.

Flying swords were only average iron swords. However, with their great speed, they had even pierced through the armour on him.

“It’s your time to die!”

Jiang Chen cut open Meng Long’s throat with his sword.


Meng Long fell down onto the ground again, repeatedly moving backwards. Although he was covering his neck with his hands, the blood was still flowing through his fingers.

He didn’t understand what had happened. Jiang Chen moved his eyes, then all the flying swords in Meng Long’s body flew out.

Meng Long lost all of his strength and fell down.

The man in the peak of the late stage of the Gathering Yuan State died.

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