The Brilliant Fighting Master

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: The Death Warrant Flower

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Jiang Chen worked very fast. The set of silver needles were quickly positioned in different parts of Fan Tu’s body. Then he started to twirl the silver needles in different ways, depending on how bad the wound was.

The doctors behind him were craning their necks to watch him. They weren’t happy that they had been accused of malpractice by Jiang Chen like that, so they wanted to see how “great” Jiang Chen’s medical skill was.

It seemed Jiang Chen really knew a thing or two by how his hands were moving, but they had never seen anyone treat people like he was.

“Chief doctor, Steward Fan was injured by the people chasing after him. He has a great number of severe injuries to his body, which resulted in the internal organ failure and the meridian atrophy. How will acupuncture help?” someone asked the elder doctor in a low voice.

“Just leave it to him. He is the Young Master of the east courtyard.” The elder doctor shook his head. In his opinion, Fan Tu was doomed to die. Just let Jiang Chen do whatever he wanted to do.

Suddenly his pupils dilated. He looked at Fan Tu in his bed in great surprise.

The needles scattered across his body were somehow glistening. The rays of light were connecting with each other so that a wonderful pattern had been formed on Fan Tu’s body.

The light was becoming more and more dazzling. Fan Tu’s face got very red. He clenched his teeth, as if he were suffering some inexplicable pain.

“Doesn’t matter. Shout if you want.” Jiang Chen knew how much pain his treatment could cause. He didn’t want Fan Tu to suffer too much.

“A piece…of cake. Doesn’t hurt.” Fan Tu was holding his breath so that this sentence had almost been squeezed out of his teeth.

Jiang Chen admired him for his toughness. He removed all the needles when almost everything was done.

The light on Fan Tu’s body disappeared immediately.

To everyone’s surprise, the heavily injured Fan Tu had recovered. Perfectly intact skin showed up after the black blood was wiped off his body.

“I feel great.”

Fan Tu, who had been dying, sat up. The doctors in the room were flabbergasted.

The elder doctor had seen something odd. He was in a bigger shock than anyone else.

He invoked the spirits of the universe to repair the injuries by twisting the silver needles, and then treated them step by step via acupuncture. It’s really brilliant. He had nothing to regret in his life after having seen such a medical skill with his own eyes.

“Young Lord, thank you for saving my life!” Fan Tu said emotionally.

“You saved me, too. If you hadn’t taken me back to the Southwind Ridge, I would have been dead already,” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

On hearing this, Fan Tu got off the bed unexpectedly and knelt down. Jiang Chen and Gao Yue were taken aback.

“Young Master, I am so sorry. It’s totally my fault!” Fan Tu exclaimed.

It turned out that that it had been Fan Tu who had been safeguarding Jiang Chen. But he thought there was no danger in the Black Dragon City, so he went away to drink with others. As a result, Jiang Chen was easily tricked by the Ning’s First Lady.

“Fan Tu, you…” Gao Yue’s expression changed suddenly on hearing him. Her chest was heaving rapidly.

“Mother, even if Uncle Fan hadn’t left, there would have been no difference. Instead, he would have died in the Ning’s hands.” Jiang Chen didn’t care. He was trying to comfort both of them.

Fan Tu’s face was covered with tears. He gritted his teeth and said, “The Master asked me to take Young Lord back to punish me, so that I couldn’t fight to death in glory with my brothers!”

“You are still alive, so you can avenge them,” Jiang Chen said.

Fan Tu was shocked. He stood up and nodded quickly.

“Yes, I will avenge them!”

When he left the room, Jiang Chen felt Gao Yue’s skeptical look. He forced himself to smile, “Mother, ask me.”

“Son, when did you learn such medical skill?” Gao Yue asked.

“I didn’t only learn medical skill, I have also recovered some of my meridians. It won’t take too long for me to recover completely. Though I don’t have the holy pulse anymore, I can still practice like before.”

“Really? How did you do it?” Gao Yue was half astonished and half joyful. However, if she told Jiang her doubts, she would be relieved.

Jiang Chen didn’t hurry. He told her something that had just occurred to him.

“An old man with a white beard appeared in my dream when I was in a coma. He told me that he felt sympathy for me, so he would like to take me as his disciple.”

“In my dream last night, he appeared again and taught me the medical skill to recover the meridians. I never expected to use it on Uncle Fan.”

Jiang Chen looked quite calm when saying this, but he was feeling extremely anxious inside.

He wasn’t sure whether Gao Yue would buy this story. Fortunately, from her response, she did.

Gao Yue looked astounded. No matter how many adventures she had experienced on the continent, she was still amazed by such a weird story.

“What else did the old man say?” She was speaking in a much lower voice so that others wouldn’t hear them.

“He said he would try his best to help me, but I shouldn’t share his secret too much, otherwise he would be upset.”

Gao Yue nodded, taking it seriously, and said, “Sure. Don’t let anyone know about this. I won’t ask you about it either, unless you want to tell me.”

That was exactly what Jiang Chen wanted. Of course he wouldn’t disagree.

Mother and son came back to the main hall. Jiang Chen recalled how his mother had been gasping, so he asked, “Mother, did you get hurt once?”


“I saw that you were very tired after teaching Ning Jian a lesson. At first I thought it was simply because you hadn’t had a good rest. But today I saw that you got tired very easily,” Jiang Chen said.

Gao Yue was shocked and let out a sigh. She didn’t deny it. Instead, she smiled bitterly and said, “Your father and I were planning to get out of the Fire Field once, to see the big world. With your father’s talent, he would have achieved something greater. But I became his burden. He gave up better opportunities, and took me back to the Jiang Mansion. Later, we had you.”

Jiang Chen felt so lucky to have revived in this body when he heard this. Otherwise the poor woman would have lost her husband and her son. She definitely couldn’t have dealt with such a loss!

“What I have isn’t an injury, but poison. Every time I fight, I use some of my life force.”

Jiang Chen felt startled. This poison effect brought a name to his head that wasn’t good. He pretended that he didn’t understand and asked in false surprise, “Poison? Mother, could you tell me what poison it is? I can ask my master to help.”

“Death Warrant Flower.”

Of course.

A cold feeling swept through him. This poison had a serious effect.

The Death Warrant Flower was deemed one of the most vicious poisons. It didn’t have a toxicity that made people tremble with fear. Those who got poisoned would not die right away.

But it was vicious. The poisoned person will be tortured in a most cruel way until they died, but it was a slow process, especially for strong people.

Every time they used their force, their state would be drawn back. The aging process of their bodies would be accelerated.

It would put a person into the Mental Wander State or an even higher state wait for his death like an ordinary being.

You would only poison another person like that if you hated them to the core.

No wonder no one in the Jiang Mansion knew about Gao Yue’s ability- she had never shown it.

If it were injury, Jiang Chen would be able to cure her.

But it became much more complicated when it came to poisons. He had to have all of the ingredients to work out the antidote.

He knew how to detoxify the Death Warrant Flower. But the ingredients needed were very rare, at least very rare in the Sacred Zone.

He wasn’t sure whether they existed in the Nine Heavens Continent.

Luckily, they would have enough time, as long as Gao Yue didn’t fight.

“Silly boy, don’t worry about me. As long as I don’t fight, I can live like a normal person, and watch you grow up.”

Gao Yue gently touched his head when she saw Jiang Chen’s worried look.

Jiang Chen’s body was quite stiff, but he was filled with nameless emotions.

He was very grateful for his fate, for he had had great parents in both of his lives.

In the previous life, his parents were too strong, so that he didn’t know how to pay them back.

But now it was different. He would not only save his father, but he would also rid his mother of the poison.

After the meal, Jiang Chen went back to his room. Instead of resting, he continued to recover his meridians.

There were so many things for him to do. He had to be strong enough!

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