The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

Chapter 2750: Chapter 2750: Not Afraid

Chapter 2750: Chapter 2750: Not Afraid

As Ding Ning spoke, veins appeared on the back of her hand that was holding the dagger.

“Your answer is very ruthless.”Yu Shaoqing looked at Ding Ning’s current actions with satisfaction, so his emotions had returned to their previous gentleness.

“I just want to tell you that the person who is afraid of you does not really love you. She is not the harloys, and she is not worth your lifetime of searching for. A person who knows how to fear is the one who can not wait to drink Meng Po’s soup,”Ding Ning said, finally, she looked at Yu Shaoqing and slowly loosened her grip on the dagger. A crisp sound could be heard as the dagger fell to the ground. “I am not afraid of you, and I don’t think you are a monster.”

Because you are him.

Because the person that Ding Ning loved was called Yu Jiangqing.

“What did you say?”Yu Shaoqing’s face turned a few shades paler as he almost muttered these words to himself.

“Ding Ning.”Yu Jiangqing was also looking at Ding Ning. The shock in his heart was beyond words.

“I don’t know Cang Yang Gyatso, and I don’t believe in Buddhism, but I believe in him,”Ding Ning said in a low voice.

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“Believe in Him?”Yu Shaoqing suddenly smiled, and his smile was sorrowful. “Do you know what I am? I am the one who shouldn’t exist in this world.”

“Everything in this world has a destiny. Your existence is determined by heaven, not by me.”Yu Jiangqing held Ding Ning’s wrist. Even though he was touched, he wanted to bring Ding Ning away safely.

Ding Ning looked at the youth in front of her and suddenly raised Yu Jiangqing’s wrist. Then, she lowered her head and bit his finger.

“Hiss…”Yu Jiangqing gasped.

Ding Ning had already bitten Yu Jiangqing’s finger and used her sleeve to touch the blood on it. After the blood was stained, she tore her sleeve and handed it to Yu Shaoqing, “I don’t know much about cloning technology, but if you want to use poison against poison, why don’t you try to solve it from the cellular structure? Since you are him, then you shouldn’t be studying the culture liquid in the Petri dish, but the essence.”

Yu Shaoqing did not reach out to receive it, but Ding Ning directly grabbed his wrist and placed it in his hand, “Cloning humans is not in line with the fate of nature, but you won’t be any more abnormal than Yu Jiangqing. I’m not even afraid of him, so why should I be afraid of You?”

Yu Jiangqing:”…”

Could you explain that sentence to me that you won’t be more abnormal than Yu Jiangqing?

Yu Shaoqing clenched his hands, and his already pale face became even more ghostly.

Ding Ning turned to look at the sun that was about to rise outside, then turned to look at Yu Shaoqing. “If you were really a monster, that storyteller wouldn’t have saved you.”

“Why?”Yu Shaoqing asked, his voice hoarse.


Ding Ning raised her head to look at Yu Jiangqing. Because she loved him, she was willing to accept it.

Yu Jiangqing was also looking at Ding Ning. He understood.

It was because he understood that he was unable to let go of this girl in front of him.

“How can you not kill him? How can you not kill him?”Yu Shaoqing flung his sleeves backward. It was obvious that he did not accept this result. That person wanted to kill him back then, but how could Ding Ning say such a thing?

She wasn’t afraid of Him?

How was that possible?

The moment Yu Shaoqing retreated, Yu Jiangqing quickly took off his coat and swept the ground 360 degrees, pulling Ding Ning out almost at the same time.

Yu Shaoqing raised his arm to block the poison that Yu Jiangqing swept over. By the time he put down his sleeves, the two people in front of him had already disappeared.

“Chase after them,”Yu Shaoqing said in a deep voice.

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