The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

Chapter 163 The Second Appraisal Report (3)

Ch.163 The Second Appraisal Report (3)

He thought of the scene of him hugging Qiao Moyu and Luo Luo from the afternoon, and his lips couldn’t help but curve into a smile. In an instant, his eyes brightened up, illuminated his face. His entire figure seemed to be glowing.

While Ye Peicheng was admiring the night view, Father Ye was talking to Mr. Huang. He was simply unable to suppress his excitement at the moment: “Old Brother Huang, my Ye Family is about to announce some happy news, you must come!”

Mr. Huang was currently overseas. It was morning there, and he had just opened his eyes. After he heard Father Ye’s words, he was a bit confused: “Your eldest son is about to get married?”

“What does marriage count for?” Father Ye’s beard was curled upwards: “I have a grandson!”

“Your eldest son got together with a woman outside and got a child?” Mr. Huang asked again.

Father Ye was somewhat upset by those two questions. “My eldest son has a fiancee, and they will soon be married. I am talking about Ye Peicheng. His son is already over two years old. In a few years, he will be old enough to buy soy sauce!”

Mr Huang could help but wrinkle his eyebrows after hearing Father Ye’s words. “Your son and another woman had a child? Then Moyu…”

Just as he was sighing and feeling pity in his heart, he heard Father Ye reply: “Qiao Moyu is the one who gave birth to my grandson! They had met three years ago. Although I don’t know why they were not familiar with each other, Qiao Moyu did give Ye Peicheng a son!”

“My god!” Mr. Huang was like a corpse that suddenly came back to life as he jumped out of bed. “A child from Moyu and your son? Where is the child? Quick, I will fly directly over today! I want to meet the child!”

While saying that, he thought of more to add: “My master has never even seen the child of a lucky person!”

His exhaustion was completely swept away. He hated that he couldn’t immediately board a plane and fly over to see Luo Luo!

“Look at you, so anxious!” Father Ye heard the excitement in the other party’s voice, and instead calmed down. “So, my old brother Huang, it’s still me who has good foresight. That online username I chose is on point!”

There were still a few more days before the second season of the program was to be recorded. Mr. Haung couldn’t wait any longer: “Old Brother Ye, since it is your daughter-in-law and grandson, can you allow me to see them in advance?”

“Alright, I’ll ask Peicheng to arrange a family feast then!”

Father Ye hung up the phone and walked out the door. Ye Peiqing was standing by the doorway. When he saw his father, he faintly asked: “Dad, you said that you want to schedule a family feast?”

To be honest, Father Ye had always known that Ye Peiqing and Ye Peicheng were not the best brothers. In fact, that was pretty normal. How many siblings who shared the same father but a different mother were actually able to get along well?

After all, they are both his sons; so, he could only try to mediate a bit at most. There wasn’t much else that he could do,.

He paused for a moment, and then said: “En. I plan to have a family dinner next month. I will be inviting a Feng Shui master.”

He directly stated his intention, but he originally did not intend to invite Ye Peiqing, in order to prevent possible drama.

“En, I got it. I will make time for it in advance.” Ye Peiqing said.

After he returned to his room, he immediately took out his phone to make a call.

It was quickly picked up. On the other end was a female voice: “Ye Shao.”

“Huan Huan, I will be waiting for you at the old place.” Ye Peiqing said.

There seemed to be hints of unwillingness in the female’s voice: “My family has some matters recently, you know…”

“Do you want Xing Yichen or your fans to enjoy the video of us in bed?” Ye Peiqing’s eyes were cold, like the ones of a poisonous snake.

“You–” The other party seemed to be filled with hate, but there was nothing she could do: “Okay, what time?”

“Go right now.” Ye Peiqing ordered: “Just in time. There are some things I have to ask you about Qiao Moyu.”

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