The Chubby Rich Daughter's Counterattack

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: I Definitely Won’t

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Song Jiaren snorted and mocked. “Then why are you still so intimate with him outside? So you know that he’s your brother-in-law?”

This question caused her face to turn pale. She quickly glanced at Song Meiyu, and when she saw her icy gaze, her expression turned even uglier. She wanted to explain but was interrupted by Song Jiaren.

“Alright, I’m just joking with you. I’m definitely breaking off this engagement.”

However, Song Youyou wasn’t as happy as before. Her head was lowered, and her expression couldn’t be seen clearly.

Song Meiyu also knew that Song Jiaren was doing this on purpose. She tapped her head but there was no blame in her eyes. Recently, she noticed something unusual about Song Youyou and gradually became suspicious.

Since Song Meiyu didn’t reprimand her, Song Jiaren knew that her efforts over the past few days had paid off. Song Meiyu was already suspicious of Song Youyou, but she now felt that the most dangerous person in the Song family was Wang Yaotian.

There was one more thing to investigate. Wang Yaotian and Song Youyou were definitely plotting something together. As for Song Chuyan, he was a fool who couldn’t see through people.

Song Chuyan remained silent at the side. The light in Song Jiaren’s eyes made him a little dazed. He could no longer remember what Song Jiaren looked like when she was young, but he remembered that he was once his favorite sister, the sister he admired the most. When did everything change?

Ever since he went downstairs, Song Jiaren had never once looked at him. This discovery made him panic, as if something had left him forever.

Song Youyou noticed that he kept looking at Song Jiaren. She bit her lip and hugged his arm. “Chuyan, school is starting soon. The school asked me to prepare a speech for school. Can you help me read the script?”

She gently shook his arm and whined.

Song Chuyan came back to himself. Looking at Song Youyou’s beautiful face and warm smile, he said in his heart, “This is the sister worthy of love.” He said this over and over again, as if this was the only way to calm him down.

He nodded and went to her room with Song Youyou. Before they left, he turned around and took one last look at Song Jiaren, who was smiling sweetly beside Song Meiyu. Coincidentally, he met her gaze. For some reason, he felt a little uncomfortable, especially when Song Youyou held his arm.

He had always chosen Song Youyou before, but this time, he felt uneasy.

After struggling for a while, he pulled his arm out of Song Youyou’s grasp.

Seeing Song Youyou’s confused look, he smiled and said, “I’ll get you a glass of milk.”

Song Youyou said, “Why do you always pour milk for me? I don’t really like milk.”

Song Youyou was just complaining casually, but her words surprised Song Chuyan. That was right. Song Youyou didn’t like milk, so who did?

He did not dare to think too deeply. It was as if he had entered an abyss. He quickly turned around and walked towards the kitchen. He did not even need to think to find the cabinet where the milk was stored. However, his hand that was holding the milk was trembling slightly.

“Bro, the milk is overflowing.” Song Jiaren suddenly walked out from behind him.

Song Chuyan stopped what he was doing. He looked down and realized that the milk in the cup was full.

Song Jiaren didn’t want to say anything more to him. She came to the kitchen to pick up the utensils and was about to leave when Song Chuyan suddenly spoke.

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“Do you think there will be an elder sister who abandons her younger brother who is in danger?”

Song Jiaren didn’t turn around. “I don’t know, but Song Jiaren definitely won’t.”

She said “Song Jiaren” and not “me”. She was answering this question for the Host. She didn’t know why Song Chuyan was so cold to the Host, but Song Jiaren treated her brother very well. She had been protecting him since childhood.

Why did Song Chuyan reject Song Jiaren so much? She wasn’t interested because the real Song Jiaren was already dead. No matter what the reason was, it was too late.

Song Chuyan scoffed lightly with mockery.

Song Jiaren left. If she turned around, she would see Song Chuyan’s tear-stained face.

Song Chuyan didn’t know what was going on. He had clearly seen Song Jiaren run away with his own eyes, but when she said she wouldn’t, he still believed her.


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