The Chubby Rich Daughter's Counterattack

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Visit the Yan Family

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After lunch, Song Jiaren dragged Song Meiyu out of the house. When they arrived at the Yan Household, Song Meiyu asked worriedly, “Baby, have you really decided to break off the engagement? You won’t regret it?”

Along the way, Song Meiyu had already asked many times. Song Jiaren once again confirmed, “Yes, Mom, I want to break off the engagement.”

Seeing that she still didn’t believe her, Song Jiaren hugged her shoulders and added, “Mom, I was too willful in the past. Yan Jingchen isn’t a good person, and he doesn’t have any feelings for me. In fact, he hates me. If I married him, I wouldn’t be happy either.”

Song Meiyu patted her arm with relief and said, “My baby has grown up. I believe that you will find someone who truly loves you.” Song Meiyu patted her arm.

Song Jiaren nodded.

The two of them got out of the car and arrived at the entrance of the Yan Household. The butler was already waiting for them at the entrance. Song Meiyu had already told them before she came to the Yan Household.

Song Meiyu nodded her head and said, “Let’s go in.”

Her attitude surprised the butler. Although Mrs. Song was known for being tough in the business world, she had always been polite and even obsequoise to the Yan family.

This was the first time Song Meiyu had held her head high in front of the Yan Family. Previously, because her daughter was madly infatuated with the Yan Family’s brat, she had taken the initiative to bribe them for this marriage. In order to make the Yan Family treat her daughter better, she had humbled herself in front of them and even given the entire project’s benefits to the Yan Family.

Now that her daughter no longer liked Yan Jingchen, the Yan family was nothing to her.

Facing Song Meiyu’s attitude, the butler acted much more subservient than before. He said respectfully, “Mrs. Song, Miss Song, please come in. Our master and madam have been waiting for a long time.”

They followed the butler in and saw that the Yan couple, who had been waiting for a long time, were not in the living room at all. The butler said awkwardly, “Maybe… maybe our Master and Madam were delayed by something. Please wait…”

“Alright, go inform them quickly. Tell them that my time is limited and I have no time to wait for them.”

Song Meiyu interrupted the butler and pulled Song Jiaren to the sofa, taking the main seat.

The butler nodded and left to look for the Yan family.

She was already used to this kind of situation. It was clearly the Yan family who took advantage of the Song family, but in the end, it was as if the Song family owed the Yan family. She had long disliked them. If her daughter didn’t like their son, they were nothing in her eyes.

Yan Jingchen’s family could only be considered as distant cousins of the Yan Family. They didn’t have central authority in the Yan Family. If it was the few members of the Yan Family, Song Meiyu would still be wary of them. As for Yan Jingchen… who the hell did he think he was?!

Song Jiaren obediently followed behind her and looked at her with sparkling eyes. Her mother was so cool.

Noticing her gaze, Song Meiyu asked, “What’s wrong? Is there something on mommy’s face?”

Song Jiaren giggled. “I just think Mommy is so cool!”

Song Meiyu nodded her head and said, “If you can work harder, Mommy will be even cooler.”

Recently, she had also noticed the changes in her daughter. Hence, she would joke around when she spoke. She no longer had to be careful with every word she said, lest she hurt her already fragile heart.

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Song Jiaren smiled. Song Meiyu really loved Song Jiaren. Such a strong career woman in the business world suffered humiliation from the Yan family because of her daughter.

And this was something Song Jiaren never knew. She had no idea that her mother had done so much for her.

Song Meiyu suddenly whispered mysteriously, “You really don’t like that kid anymore, do you? I won’t show any mercy today. It’s too late for you to regret it.”

Yan Jingchen’s parents and Yan Jingchen arrived late.

Yan Renwei smiled and said, “I’m sorry to keep Ms. Song waiting.”

Behind him was Yan Jingchen, who had a reluctant expression on his face.. It was obvious that he was dragged over by them.

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