The Chubby Rich Daughter's Counterattack

Chapter 20 (cid1)

Chapter 20: We Don’t Owe You

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Normally, Song Meiyu wouldn’t say anything even if she saw it. But now, she wasn’t going to be polite anymore. She said, “What’s wrong with Young Master Yan? Why does he look so unhappy? Could it be that he despises us for disturbing your family?”

Such impolite words stunned everyone in the Yan Family. Yan Jingchen was respectful towards this famous lady in the business world. He cupped his hands and said, “Aunt Song, of course not. I just didn’t rest well last night.”

Song Meiyu snorted coldly. “I can’t afford to be called Aunt Song by Young Master Yan. If you can’t rest well, don’t go out and spout nonsense. Isn’t it good to rest at home?”

Everyone in the capital knew how much Yan Jingchen hated Song Jiaren. As long as anyone mentioned her in front of him, they would definitely be insulted and scolded.

Yan Jingchen was completely dumbfounded. Looking at Song Meiyu’s cold expression, he realized this was the first time he had experienced her imposing attitude.

Wu Yu was dissatisfied and said, “Ms. Song has objections towards my son. Since that’s the case, let’s cancel the engagement.”

After she finished speaking, she arrogantly waited for Song Meiyu to apologize. This was a tactic that they had tried time and time again. So what if she was intimidating outside? Just because her daughter liked her son, she had to deign to her.

Song Meiyu replied, “Sure.”

This answer shocked everyone in the Yan family. Yan Renwei, who had been indifferent just now, quickly said, “Ms. Song, we can discuss this. Don’t be so rash.”

Song Meiyu sneered. “Don’t always act like we owe you guys. The marriage between the children is something that both parties have to want. If I put it bluntly, it’s a marriage of benefits. You guys can’t deny this, right?”

These words weren’t pleasant to hear, but they were the truth. They didn’t even have a reason to refute.

Song Jiaren finally understood what she meant when she said that she would not show any mercy. Her mother was really tough.

Yan Jingchen’s expression was grim. Wu Yu was about to say something when she was pulled back by Yan Renwei. He glared at her. This tactless woman, didn’t she see that Song Meiyu’s attitude today was off?

Wu Yu stood aside with a dark expression and did not speak anymore.

Yan Renwei sat on the other side of the sofa and smiled. “Ms. Song, it’s normal for us to have some conflicts. There’s no need to delay the marriage of the two children.”

Song Jiaren chuckled. “Rumors have it that your family is dissatisfied with me. Now that we want to end the engagement, you’re unhappy.”

Her words attracted everyone’s attention.

Yan Jingchen asked, “Song Jiaren, are you really going to mess around like this?”

Song Jiaren said coldly, “Do you still remember what I said? I don’t want you anymore.”

Looking at her determined expression, Yan Jingchen was stunned. He felt that she was a little different, but on closer inspection, she still looked fat and ugly.

He did not take the matter of her wanting to break off the engagement to heart at all. She did not come yesterday and he naturally thought that she regretted it. He did not expect her to really come.

He said again, “Cut it out, Song Jiaren. Song Youyou and I happened to be together that day. It’s a misunderstanding.”

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These words made Yan Renwei and Wu Yu nod in understanding. They didn’t believe that Song Jiaren suddenly didn’t like their son. So it was because she was jealous.

Yan Renwei put away the nervous expression on his face and leaned back on the sofa. In any case, Song Jiaren would definitely listen to his son. As long as he could control Song Jiaren, she would be like a tiger without claws, not worth mentioning.

Song Jiaren smiled. “One is called Song Jiaren, and the other is called Youyou. I can tell from the address that Young Master Yan is more interested in my younger sister. Why don’t you two get engaged after we cancel the engagement?”

At the right time, Song Meiyu took out the engagement token that the two families had exchanged when they were engaged. The Song family had offered a merchant shop worth 100 million shares, while the Yan family had only offered a jade bracelet worth 1 million. It was really something pathetic to offer.

The Yan Family’s condition for getting these shares was for Yan Jingchen and Song Jiaren to get married, and these shares weren’t theirs yet.

Naturally, the Yan Family wouldn’t give up the benefits in their hands. Yan Renwei wanted to smooth things over again, but was coldly rejected by Song Meiyu.

Both Yan Renwei and Wu Yu looked at their son. Yan Jingchen had just been rebuked, but in this situation, he could only say, “Song Jiaren, I don’t have feelings for Song Youyou.. You’ve misunderstood.”

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