The Chubby Rich Daughter's Counterattack

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Going Out to Buy Medicine

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If she told her directly that Song Youyou tried to kill her, she probably wouldn’t believe it.

When Song Jiaren returned to her room, there was a small bottle on the table. It was the one Song Youyou had held yesterday.

It was a transparent bottle filled with light blue liquid. After she sprayed it, she got a whiff of the subtle scent of orchid, but she no longer felt as dizzy as she did yesterday. It was like an ordinary bottle of perfume.

But she was still feeling lingering dizziness from yesterday. It couldn’t be her hallucination.

She needed some equipment to study it.

Ever since she was a child, she had been able to differentiate various medicinal herbs by scent. This was the first time such a situation had occurred. It had been a long time since she felt challenged. Song Jiaren felt her blood boil. She liked the feeling of challenging all kinds of medical conundrums.

Also, she needed some tools to determine what kind of poison the poison in her body was.

After writing down what she needed, she left.

There was a phone and a wallet in her bag. Before she left, Song Meiyu cautioned her about many things.

Song Jiaren smiled. She became increasingly fond of enjoying familial affection. This was something she had never experienced in her previous life.

She had been adopted by her mentor at a young age, but he only taught her medical skills and treated her as his successor.

Even so, she was still grateful to her mentor. Without him, she would have been dead already.

With her memory as guidance, she told the chauffeur to park the car at the capital’s biggest pharmacy, Somerset Pharmacy.

Not only were there a comprehensive array of medicinal herbs here, but there were also various medical equipment being sold.

Before she walked in, she saw a group of people walking over from the opposite side. The person in the lead looked very familiar, and she couldn’t help but stare at him.

“Young Master Yan, your fiancee is stalking you again.” Someone mocked with amusement and anticipation of drama in his eyes.

Yan Jingchen’s expression was that of impatience and blatant disgust.

It was only then that Song Jiaren recalled that this person was Yan Jingchen.

He looked gentle and polite. He gave off the image of a well-bred gentry that was highly regarded by everyone in the capital. However, he had never been gentle to Song Jiaren.

It was true that Song Jiaren liked him, but she had never bothered him much. She had always followed behind him quietly. Their marriage was meant to be an alliance between two families. He didn’t have the guts to rebel against his family, so he vented all his anger on Song Jiaren.

This time, Song Jiaren was beaten to death by his people.

Yan Jingchen walked towards Song Jiaren and said with an unpleasant expression, “I told you not to appear in front of me. Why are you so shameless? You—”

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Before he could finish speaking, Song Jiaren walked right past him into the pharmacy.

Song Jiaren wanted to help the host get justice, but she suddenly felt a sense of sorrow. The feeling was so overwhelming that she could barely control herself. The Host must have really liked him.

When the two of them passed each other, Song Jiaren glanced at Jingchen. She wondered if he would regret missing out on a girl who loved him so much.

Jingchen was stunned as well. Even after Song Jiaren had disappeared from his sight, he remained frozen in place.

The person beside him muttered, “What is up with this fatty today?”

Yan Jingchen came back to his senses, and his expression turned ugly.

Song Youyou suddenly appeared and hugged his arm. “Young Master Yan, my sister was running this morning. She said it was because she wanted to attract your attention.”

The people present finally felt that things were normal. “This fatty has gotten smarter and learned how to play hard to get. Haha—”

Song Youyou said with feigned anger, “Don’t talk about my sister like that.”

“Miss Song, you’re too kind.”

Song Youyou’s eyes were gleaming with pride. She had done so on purpose. Whenever someone mocked Song Jiaren, she would feel happy.

For the past few years, she was the one who had contributed to ruining Song Jiaren’s reputation the most by slandering her.

Only then did Yan Jingchen’s expression ease up a little. Then, he felt even more disgust towards Song Jiaren.

After Song Jiaren recovered from her discomfort, she realized that everyone in the pharmacy was looking at her.

She walked straight to the pharmacy counter and handed the list of items she needed to the pharmacy attendant.

The waiter took the list of items and couldn’t help but look at Song Jiaren. He asked, “Miss Song, are these all what you want?”

Song Jiaren nodded and said, “Do you have all these things in your store?”

Before she came, she had done some research. The medicinal herbs and equipment in this world were the same as those in her previous life.

The attendant nodded and said, “Yes, but do you want to use these for yourself?”

Song Jiaren didn’t see any disdain in the other party’s eyes, so she patiently explained, “Yes, please give them to me as soon as possible, okay?”

The attendant nodded and went to the warehouse to get the things.

The gazes of the people in the shop were still on her, and they kept whispering to each other.

Song Jiaren stood in the middle without feeling any sense of awkwardness.

The sound of a violent cough attracted everyone’s attention.

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