The Daily Life of the Immortal King

v3 Chapter 2183: The double game between reality and fantasy ④ (1/86)

, Update the daily life of the Immortal King as soon as possible! In the Sanxian’er Dharma Ring, a large number of players came from all over the game world.

Just to witness the rare grand scene of Mr. Tibetan Fox using the ancient method of active volcano alchemy.

Not only the Sanxian Er Dharma Ring game world has gathered many players.

Countless audiences in the real world outside the game world have also begun to care about this live broadcast, which is unprecedented in game history.

In Zhan Zong, Bai Jiao is in the central control room of the Internet cafe. There are many Zhan Zong disciples operating the computers in front of them in an orderly manner. The underground of the Internet cafe is the server of Sanxian’er Law Ring. The server construction alone is enough to build a whole underground. Six floors.

In order to ensure that the game can run smoothly without lag, Zongzong also recruited many high-tech cultivators in the real world.

They don’t have much actual combat experience, and their realm itself is not high, but their educational background is sky-high. They are the kind of people who have mastered the theoretical school in the modern cultivation world.

In fact, the modern world of self-cultivation needs the existence of such people, and only in this way can the development of modern self-cultivation technology be truly promoted.

Holding a tablet computer, Bai Sheo watched the rising game data, and couldn’t help feeling a little emotional. As a game developer, I am afraid that this kind of excitement can only be experienced by the participants in person.

“Elder White Sheath, the number of online gamers has exceeded 400 million! The number of viewers in the live broadcast room watching active volcano alchemy has exceeded one billion people!” said a member of Zhanzong.

This attention has broken the best record for this year’s new game, but it is still a little worse than the large-scale multi-terminal open world game “Yuan Xian” that created the myth of the game history.

Of course, looking at the tens of billions of cultivators around the world, the achievements of these two ceiling games in the world of comprehension are only rare.

Although it is a pity, as a newcomer in the game circle, Bai Sheo is still full of confidence in his future.

“Sanxian’er Dharma Ring” is no worse than “Yuanxian”, and it is still subject to the limitations of the login device. After all, not all players can have a holographic game cabin.

Of course, there are also simple holographic simulation helmets on the market now, you only need to put on the helmet to connect to the mobile phone through the data cable, and enter from the mobile phone port.

However, after the simple version of the helmet entered, affected by various factors, neither the game fluency nor the overall experience was as strong as that of the holographic cabin.

Many players play games because of the convenience, ease and happiness of Figure 1, which is why the popularity of “Sanxian’er Dharma Ring” is not as high as that of “Yuanxian”.

Summarizing experience is always necessary, but now, in addition to analyzing the game data, Bai Jiao also has to beware of Bai Zhe’s actions.

The entire game world is gradually becoming real.

Many disciples of Zongzong who are processing data here have already discovered the clue.

They found that in the sky background of the game world, there was a large mass of indescribable gray fog that could not be modified and deleted.

White Sheath naturally knew what it was.

But in order to avoid causing panic, he still responded with a game “bug”, and pretended to engage a team of programmers to fix this “bug” that could not be repaired at all with the existing technology.

For White Sheath, now it can only be delayed for a while, and only hope that the sword master Wang Ling can successfully assist Mr. Tibetan Fox to complete this “wallbreaker plan”.

Inside the carriage, Wang Ling witnessed a large number of players riding their respective mounts and magic weapons to the crater near Fuyun Town. It was a cloudy area, and each of them had their own unique characteristics, which made Wang Ling instantly think of watching a movie before. Gamers feel.

“The ancient method of alchemy in an active volcano, I didn’t expect that someone really understands this.”

“Who is this senior who looks like a Tibetan fox? Why does he make himself look like this?”

“What do you mean? Aren’t heretical players worthy of playing games?”

Many people have begun to have a strong curiosity about Mr. Tibetan Fox, but there are thousands of spoof players in the world of Sanxian’er, and not everyone wants to make themselves handsome or beautiful. Mainstream players like to make their characters look like Cthulhu aliens.

Near the active volcano, under Wang Ling’s intentional layout, plus the NPC team hired by Mr. Tibetan Fox, the surrounding area was directly surrounded by an iron barrel.

Mr. Tibetan Fox spent some silver taels and spirit stones to set up a magic circle on all sides, so he started to move the crowd because he was worried about being disturbed by external factors.

However, whether the active volcano alchemy can finally be successfully concocted is not important to Mr. Tibetan Fox. His first phase of the Wallbreaker plan has been successfully completed.

There are a lot of players gathered here. This is a bait for Bai Zhe. I just don’t know if Bai Zhe will act normally.

Facts have proved that everything is as Wang Ling expected, Bai Zhe, who has been doing “business” all the time, did not miss this rare opportunity.

The layer of strange gray fog shrouding the world of Sanxian’er’s Dharma Ring is convolving in a large amount in the direction above Fuyun Town…

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