The Daily Life of the Immortal King

v3 Chapter 2199: People with special abilities (1/86)

In a teahouse with a mix of ancient and modern architectural styles in Nanxian District, Songhai City, the afterglow of the evening sun illuminates the mahogany eaves outside the teahouse even more.

Several young monks in a hurry entered the teahouse, and were allowed to enter the teahouse after showing their electronic reservation vouchers to the front desk staff and completing the genetic antigen test on the spot at the door.

“When did it become so strict?” asked the leader of the yellow-haired young man. Although his face was full of dissatisfaction, he still cooperated with the inspection honestly. After pricking his fingertip with a disposable thin needle , and dropped a drop of blood mixed with his own spiritual power into the test kit.

“Hi sir, I’m sorry, this is the latest notice from above.”

The supervisor of the restaurant quickly came to the front desk to explain, he bowed and apologized: “We also follow the rules, thank you for your cooperation.”

“Is this thing really useful?” Huang Mao looked at the kit in front of him.

After he and his companions dripped blood according to the correct operation procedure, the center reading strip of the kit was quickly covered by a stream of blue, and finally left a deep red bar in area A.

“As you can see, there are two bars in the genetic antigen. One bar in area A means that you are all serious earth human monks. One bar in area B means the test is invalid. If there are two bars, then there is 95% The possibility is unmistakable for aliens in disguise on Earth.”

The director of the teahouse sighed: “With the establishment of diplomatic relations between the earth and the various extraterrestrial beings, the influence of the earth has further expanded, and there are countless alien beings who have smuggled into the earth.”

The problem mentioned by the director of the teahouse is also the main problem facing today’s comprehension society. The purpose of genetic antigen monitoring is to prevent these smuggling aliens from pretending to be human beings in some false ways, and thus doing illegal activities on the earth under the guise of human monks. act.

On the one hand, this will destroy the existing order of human monks on earth, and on the other hand, it will also reduce the favorability of human monks on earth in the whole universe.

Therefore, now there is a company that specializes in organizing the arrest of these smuggled aliens, and in a sense, it can be regarded as providing many jobs for modern human monks.

Most of these companies have direct subcontracting contracts with departments such as the Xiuzhen Police Station, and they will be classified according to the situation of the aliens captured.

Those with obvious crimes will be escorted directly to the police station for sentencing. Aliens who have no crimes and are willing to stay on the earth may also get a legal earth ID card to live on the earth later.

Now the earth is relatively friendly to aliens. As long as they don’t come to invade the earth, forming good relationships is the signal sent by the International Association of Cultivators on Earth.

In a nutshell: peace.

After completing the antigen under the teahouse, under the leadership of the waiter, Huang Mao and the three people who followed him, a total of four people, were brought into an independent private room on the third floor.

After the waiter finished pouring tea and handing water, the waiter skillfully closed the sliding door of the private room, and turned on the timing button of the do-not-disturb outside.

A sound-proof psychic energy barrier was immediately formed, and any conversations inside during this period would not be transmitted to places outside this private room.

In the private room, there was a feminine man with heavy makeup sitting on his back. He was carrying an electric guitar on his back. The foundation pattern on his face was snow-white, and the pink Moganxi head lived alone.

Seeing this person, those yellow hairs were immediately stunned.

They all thought that they went to the wrong private room.

But soon the Moganxitou man laughed: “Sit down, you’re on the right track. I’m Teacher Duan from Universe Infinity Group.”

“I’ve heard about Teacher Duan’s name for a long time…”

Huang Mao and several young people sat down separately.

If it wasn’t for the man who reported his family background, they wouldn’t have thought that this abnormal-looking man in front of them is Duan Hantian, the chief interviewer of Universe Infinity Group.

“You should know that according to the mission issued by the company this time, it is actually not easy to find that group of smuggled aliens in the entire Songhai.” Duan Hantian tapped the table with his slender black nails as he spoke. : “But the company can see that you are very special talents, so they allow me to provide you with a little help.”

“But, isn’t that considered cheating?” Huang Mao, the leader, frowned.

“It doesn’t count. Originally, collecting information is a part of the ability test. You can get the information I provide, and that is also your own ability.”

Duan Hantian laughed: “And my information is not so straightforward, it needs to be thought about. If you are incompetent idiots, I don’t need to waste such words at all.”

When Huang Mao heard this, he looked at several people in blank dismay.

“You are a group of four, and each of you has unique skills. I think your abilities should not be inferior to other groups. As far as I know, one interviewer brought two high school students with him. Do foreign aid.”

“High school students… as foreign aid?”

Huang Mao also laughed when he heard the words: “This can’t be regarded as foreign aid at all, isn’t this high school student here to complete the outdoor training homework?”

“It should be.” Duan Hantian said with a smile: “But they are obviously just jokes. I saw the interviewer’s special ability is spiritual power painting, and his spiritual power visualization ability is better than ordinary painters who can paint with immortal methods. Stronger. But this is not what our big boss wants, do you understand?”

“I understand.” Huang Mao nodded.

Duan Hantian crossed his fingers, held his chin, and stared straight at Huangmao: “No, it seems that you don’t understand.”

“What do you mean?” Huang Mao was puzzled.

“You don’t think it’s that simple to get free information from me, do you?”


Huang Mao took a deep breath, and immediately looked at Duan Hantian: “So, you want to see, what is my specific ability?”

“I know that the four of you have systems, and they are very strong systems, but as the chief interviewer, I think I still need to know your system capabilities.”

Duan Hantian said: “I know, this may be a taboo for you, but I think honesty is the foundation of everything. In the current market, you can hardly find a company that is more suitable than us. Our Universe Infinite Group , has the ability to meet the ultimate needs of you system capable users.”

“The final demand…” Huang Mao frowned.

“Although you have powerful system capabilities, you don’t know anything about the information behind the system builder. For you, the system builder is a god. You dare not offend the gods and respect him very much. But if one day , UU Reading Your gods have taken back the systems on your body, then you will become completely useless.”

“…” Huang Mao and the other three fell silent.

“So for you, what you hope most is to be able to firmly control this system capability forever in your own hands.”

Duan Hantian said: “And our company has the ability to help you separate the system and let you… become your own masters forever!”

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