The Daily Life of the Immortal King

v3 Chapter 2200: Gathering of Capable People (1/86)

【Daily life of Immortal King】【】

, the daily life of the Immortal King

The biggest taboo of system ability users is often to expose their abilities. This is almost the biggest secret for every system ability user. It is absolutely impossible to reveal any information about the system unless it is absolutely necessary.

Even though Huang Mao has known several partners around him for some time, they have never disclosed anything about the system to each other.

They believe that there are system gods in this world, and they also call these system gods: Lords.

It is because of the existence of the Lord that they have the ability to surpass most ordinary monks even if they do not have strong cultivation talents.

Duan Hantian’s condition sounds very tempting, but in Huang Mao’s eyes, it is nonsense.

Even if this company gathers all kinds of capable people who are dedicated to doing things for them, it is really nonsense to directly separate the system from the constraints of the Lord.

“Lu Jing.”

Seeing that Huang Mao was still hesitating and didn’t get a response for a long time, Duan Hantian smiled lightly: “If you don’t want to say it, I understand. But unfortunately, if this is the case, I can’t help you Provide any effective intelligence information. As for whether you can enter the company, it depends on your ability.”

Duan Hantian turned on his phone, quickly responded to several interview messages in front of Lu Jing, raised his eyebrows and said, “If you don’t intend to share with me, I have other interviewers who are interested in exchanging information.”

Duan Hantian spoke eloquently.

To be honest, as the company’s chief interviewer, he has seen this situation a lot.

These system ability users are always so cautious when they first come into contact, for fear that the “lord” behind them will punish them.

But in fact, the existence of the system itself is nothing magical in Duan Hantian’s view.

“Since the establishment of our company, many people with system capabilities have joined the job, and the upper management knows their details. If we really have bad intentions, why do you think they don’t leave? Why are there still more job seekers choosing Our company?” After speaking, Duan Hantian waved his hand, motioning for Lu Jing and others to leave.

Lu Jing stared at Duan Hantian. After a fierce ideological struggle, he finally sighed and said: “I need to ask, our boss. It won’t be long, give me half an hour.”

Duan Hantian’s expression was calm, as if he had expected it, he squinted and smiled: “Yes.”

After watching Lu Jing and the others leave the private room, Duan Hantian rubbed the center of his brows, conceived a spiritual light with his index finger and tapped on his temple, and soon there was a voice, communicating with him remotely.

There was a bit of cunning and deep in the old voice: “Is the situation all right?”

Just listening, Duan Hantian said to the other side: “Yes, everything is going well. Lu Jing has already asked Zhi Jiunian for advice, and everything that happened so far is as the boss expected.”

“The boss’s prediction will never go wrong. This is a big game. If it succeeds, we will become the richest people in the entire cultivation world.” Said the old voice on the other side.

“I know.”

Duan Hantian tapped the desktop in front of him with his nails: “It’s just that I still can’t understand why the boss is so interested in this Zhi Jiunian. I have been working under the boss for a while, and I am also an expert. Countless, why haven’t I heard of such a person before?”

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【Daily life of Immortal King】【】

“You don’t need to ask too much, just do as you say.”

“I’m an interviewer, so I have to know some details.”

Duan Hantian sighed helplessly, and said, “At the very least, you have to tell me what kind of special ability this Zhi Jiunian has. He is also a person who believes in the ability of the idiot system who has a master?”

The voice over there fell silent.

Then he said: “No, his ability is far stronger than the system. It should be the same ability as the boss.”

“And the boss, the same ability?”

Duan Hantian had an unbelievable expression on his face.

“But this point has not been verified specifically, even the boss is just suspicious.”

When the person on the other end of the phone said this, Duan Hantian suddenly understood.

For the boss, the success of this interview is not the key, but he wants to use Lu Jing’s clue to dig deeper into more clues about Zhi Jiunian.

Wang Ling and Sun Rong practiced with Lao Huang, and it was not so easy to catch the aliens smuggling in the whole Songhai City.

The octopus people who ran into them before were purely unlucky for the octopus people. Songhai is so big and there are so many construction routes, but they bumped into Wang Ling on that road.

In a sense, they are considered lucky. At least before more tragic and vicious incidents happened, they reined in the precipice in time under Wang Ling’s teachings. Otherwise, they would collectively make those anti-human operations after the fact Let alone returning to their home planet, these octopus people will probably turn into boxes and fall directly on the earth.

However, Wang Ling discovered that although Lao Huang was reborn on the earth by his own magical means, Lao Huang still made some friends by virtue of his natural social cow and optimist attributes, and had already formed his own personal connections.

He was driving a black off-road vehicle, while Wang Ling and Sun Rong fastened their seat belts in the back row and sat down obediently.

Lao Huang said: “You guys sit Where are we going now?” Sun Rong asked.

“I met some capable people in the group. They have a gathering of capable people, and they have just sent me the invitation code. Since everyone doesn’t know the clues about this batch of aliens smuggled into space, I think it is also a good idea to brainstorm.” Good choice.”

The expression on Lao Huang’s face was a little excited, and he was eager to try: “I also want to see, besides system ability users, what other abilities do these people have in their bodies?”

Wang Ling and Sun Rong looked at each other in dismay, and both of them began to feel the diversity of the modern cultivation world tacitly.

Now that the earth has been upgraded, there are tens of billions of human monks on the entire earth. Wang Ling actually thought of it a long time ago. With such a large population base, not everyone is willing to be a high-ranking monk. Take the path of honest practice.

Finding all kinds of unorthodox secret skills seems to have become a new trend that many low-level monks are flocking to…

In fact, Wang Ling knew two people who each had abilities.

That is Xiang Yi and Qin Zong.

One can travel back and forth between the two realms.

The other is to rely on the extremely lucky buff all the way to the present.

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【Daily life of Immortal King】【】

But in the final analysis, Wang Ling admitted that the two of them have been able to go all the way to the present, and he has a little connection with him…

As for the rest of the earth, the so-called ability users.

Wang Ling always had an intuition.

Why does the more he looks at these people, the more he thinks they look like leeks…

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