The Daily Life of the Immortal King

v3 Chapter 2202: That year he had his hands in his pockets... (1/86)

Wang Ling put on the hood and approached step by step. From the second he entered the factory, no one took such an ordinary high school student seriously.

This group of monks who claim to be system capable, do not take the orthodox path, and only rely on completing so-called system tasks to obtain abilities think highly of themselves. Wang Lingben disdains to care about them, after all, the joy of true cultivation is incomparable.

Although Wang Ling’s abilities continued to grow day by day, he wasn’t very happy at first, but on the way to suppress his abilities, Wang Ling gradually found new pleasures.

Others are trying to make themselves stronger, but Wang Ling is trying to make themselves not look so strong.

It is also the happiness of cultivation, but the way of happiness is different.

The world is so big, and Wang Ling can’t deny it. Maybe there are real system capable users in this world, but Wang Ling doesn’t dare to compliment those in the factory in front of him.

Just relying on Wang Tong’s ability, he has already seen through too much.

“The scroll is mine! Don’t grab it from me!” someone shouted wildly in front.

Accompanied by this cry, countless people rushed forward to fight passionately, fighting for each other, and the bottom became one in an instant.

Similar to Wang Ling and Sun Rong’s imagination, these people have no realm built by the so-called system, but their physical skills are not enough.

In Wang Ling’s view, these people’s fights were more like children’s boxing, and even far worse than the physical skills of his two good brothers Chen Chao and Guo Hao in No. 60 High School.

The scene was very chaotic and very eye-catching.

Such too weak physical skills, if it is in No. 60 High School, it will not be able to graduate.

Wang Ling didn’t care about all this at all. He walked out leisurely, as if he was strolling in the yard, and he didn’t pay attention to this group of people at all. Suddenly everything quieted down again.

As he walked all the way, the hustle and bustle in the factory gradually subsided. Wang Ling seemed to have a magical power to make everyone around him quiet…

At least in Sun Rong’s eyes, it looked like that.

But at this moment, these people who are fighting are actually so terrified by the aura emanating from Wang Ling that they can’t speak. They seem to be able to see a large amount of aura, just like the vast ocean in the movie “The Shining”. Blood water kept gushing out from Wang Ling’s celestial spirit cover, and in just a few moments, it almost flooded the entire factory…

At this time, Huang Tingjian, who was standing at the top, was also shocked. He found that he couldn’t see through the young man in front of him.

He was clearly a high school student, but Wang Ling’s aura was as majestic as an ancient monster.

“Which school is this high school student…” Huang Tingjian began to have a strong curiosity about Wang Ling. He tried to test it out, but behind Wang Ling, there was a statue with bandages all over its face, eight wings on its back, and black clothes all over its body. The spirit of the ancient battle armor suddenly manifested in Huang Tingjian’s eyes.

He couldn’t call out the name of the spirit of the dharma, but in the next second, the spirit of the dharma quickly pulled out an arrow from the quiver at his hip, and put it on the bowstring.



An ink-colored arrow pierced directly from the front, almost piercing through Huang Tingjian’s ear.

Huang Tingjian was frightened, and beads of sweat immediately flowed down his face.

As a person with a bit of cultivation base, he knew right away that if the arrow hadn’t been fired, it might have directly killed him.

However, this ink-and-wash style Dharma spirit still managed to shift Huang Tingjian’s attention from Wang Ling to Lao Huang.

This style is obvious, it comes from the painter’s style, and this painter surnamed Huang majored in traditional bows at the university, so it is not surprising to have such a spiritual body guard of Dharma.

The point is, this directly explains why this high school student has such a powerful aura…

“Did you borrow the light of this painter surnamed Huang?”

Huang Tingjian frowned, and after brainstorming, he deduced everything into a completely reasonable answer.

Otherwise, it would be too exaggerated for a high school student to have such a powerful aura.

In fact, this Dharma Aspect Spirit was not Lao Huang’s Dharma Aspect Spirit, but was derived by Wang Ling from Wang Tong based on Lao Huang’s characteristics, in order to mislead.

Obviously, Wang Ling’s misleading had worked.

No one could stop Wang Ling from getting that scroll. Everyone, including Huang Tingjian, quietly watched this male high school student in the foundation building period slowly walk under the chain with his pockets in his pockets. The single primer technique tore off the scroll, and then casually threw it into Lao Huang’s hands.

At this moment, it seemed that everyone in the audience understood what was going on, only Lao Huang was still in a daze.

He actually forked out his own spirit of Dharma, and asked a high school student to take the scroll…

The point is that they are still powerless to stop Wang Ling.

This is a big guy!

Many people lowered their brows and eyes, and the panic in their hearts couldn’t be dispelled. Many people even started to regret that they shouldn’t have yelled at this senior Huang in the first place, mocking him for taking two people to do outdoor training. The high school students came over to compete with them for intelligence. UU reading

Even Huang Tingjian changed his countenance to a respectful attitude.

He fell from the sky, came straight to Lao Huang, bowed and said: “Senior Huang, speaking of it, you and I are still our surnames. I was rude before. I didn’t expect Senior Huang to have such a powerful spirit of Dharma. Archery has reached the pinnacle…”

Lao Huang didn’t understand what happened at all. He rubbed his head, but he had no choice but to shoot. He really wanted a stable job, so he took the initiative to extend his hand and shook it, as always, modestly: “Then Mr. Huang, according to the regulations, this scroll?”

“The information in this scroll is naturally owned by Senior Huang.” Huang Tingjian did not dare to hold it directly, but took a step back and cupped his fists respectfully: “Senior Huang, you don’t have to be so polite, you can call me Xiao Huang…”

He knew all too well that what these high-level comprehension bosses like to do most is nothing more than probing. They look elegant and easy-going, but in fact every step is a probing.

If you make the wrong choice, you may lose your life!

“Little Huang, isn’t this bad?”

Old Huang felt that this was quite impolite. Huang Tingjian’s morality was deeper than his at first glance, so how could he be called Xiao Huang.

In the end, Huang Tingjian thought that Lao Huang was angry, and directly faced Lao Huang in front of everyone, knelt down and kowtowed heavily: “I am overstepping, seniors can call juniors whatever they want!”

He was really terrified.

That arrow just now was a blow to his Majesty!

If I don’t bow my head at this time, it is very likely that I will be directly killed by this senior Huang Shengdong!

Old Huang: “…”


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