The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time

Chapter 203.4 - Volume 9 Character Summary - Part 2

Volume 9 Character Summary – Part 2

The great god of the fire attribute. He is the ancestor god of the Dwarves, and during the age of the gods, he was the one who ruled the other combat-related gods.

When the Demon King Guduranis invaded from another world, he led his subordinate gods and fought on the frontlines alongside the Elder Dragon emperor god Marduke, the Colossus god Zerno and the beast-god Ganpaplio.

At the summoning of the champions, he chose the most promising youngster who had the best compatibility with his divine protection, Touyama Kinji… the one who later became known as Farmaun Gold.

Farmaun went on to become a combat-oriented champion, often working together with Alda’s champion Bellwood and Shizarion’s champion Nineroad, separately from Zakkart and the other creation-oriented champions. However, this was because Zantark’s feelings and ways of thinking were similar to Alda’s, not because he had a disdain for the creation-oriented champions’ ways of thinking and sense of values.

Having received a divine protection from a war-god, it was only natural for Farmaun’s powers to lean towards combat, and with that being the case, he often fulfilled the same role as the other combat-oriented champions on the battlefield. It was simply that he often fought separately from Zakkart and the other creation-oriented champions.

… However, it is thought that he did feel some dissatisfaction towards Vida and her followers at the fact that they had prioritized strengths other than strength in combat when choosing their champions, despite the fact that they were engaged in a war against the Demon King.

Deeply wounded in the war against the Demon King, Zantark bought time for Farmaun and Bellwood to retreat and fell into a slumber that lasted tens of thousands of years… but deciding that it would be better than having his soul destroyed by the Demon King Guduranis while he slumbered, he fused with the evil god of dark dust and the evil god of evil darkness by absorbing them. However, he lost his sanity as a result of absorbing evil gods that were of such a different nature from him, and became a berserk god who went on a rampage, unable to tell friend apart from foe.

The resulting chaos allowed Farmaun and the other champions to escape, and the Demon King’s army retreated as well.

The Demon King Guduranis did not go out of his way to defeat the psychotic Zantark; deciding that Zantark’s insanity would continue for some time, he simply let him be for the rest of the war.

Indeed, by the time Zantark regained his sanity, though it was not entirely intact, Guduranis had already been defeated by Bellwood.

After that, it was a very natural flow of events that he joined Vida’s faction instead of Alda’s, as he had become unable to communicate with anyone but evil gods.

After the war between Vida and Alda, he fled to the Dark Continent with the Majin and Kijin ancestors who were his children, as well as Tiamat and the other gods. There, they remained hidden.

He feels truly responsible for the fact that Farmaun joined the enemy; Farmaun was his own champion, and he had failed to teach him about things that were more important than power. But if he were to ask for forgiveness from the other gods, it is possible that they would not only not forgive him, but turn on him. Thus, he has chosen to simply watch over Farmaun.

However, as a war-god, he acknowledges Farmaun’s strength – even though Zantark fought in a crude, berserk way, Farmaun held him back alone when he was still a mortal.

Farmaun Gold – Fire-attribute heroic god, ? years old, male

The champion chosen and summoned by Zantark from the world of Earth, which is similar to Earth. He was known as Touyama Kinji before he changed his name. His parents died when he was still young, and he was aiming to become an adventurer while attending university on the payout from his parents’ life insurance.

When Zantark invited him to another world, he could sense that this would be an adventure of a lifetime, and so he moved to Lambda.

He was an amateur when it came to unarmed combat, but he had been aiming to become an adventurer, so his body was well-trained. It adapted to Zantark’s divine protection quickly, and he acquired the greatest strength in hand-to-hand combat among all of the champions.

Thus, he often fought on the frontlines during the war against the Demon King, and spent much of his time in the company of Bellwood and Nineroad, the other combat-oriented champions.

This led to many opportunities for Farmaun to hear Bellwood’s words, and because they had things in common such as a desire for adventure and a desire to protect the natural environment, his thoughts were painted by Bellwood’s ideologies.

Even after Zakkart and the other creation-oriented champions were destroyed by the Demon King, despite the guilt he felt, defeating the Demon King and saving humanity was a necessity, so he continued to fight alongside Bellwood, who insisted that the other champions’ sacrifice must not go to waste.

The Demon King Guduranis was defeated after many great losses, but the world needed to be restored. Vida separated from Alda and the other gods, followed by her subordinate gods, her believers and the evil gods of the Demon King’s army whom Zakkart had convinced to change sides.

Farmaun thought that this was because the relationship between the former evil gods of the Demon King’s army and Alda and his followers had worsened, and because Vida’s faction had lost faith in Alda’s faction after humanity was pushed to the brink of extinction. Even so, Bellwood was enraged and believed that at least Vida’s distant descendants would understand his perspective.

“Is this not a betrayal?!” he shouted. But Farmaun talked him down and silently watched them leave.

However, approximately a hundred years later, he heard from Bellwood, whose lifespan had been extended by Alda, that Vida had lost her sanity.

Though the world had to be restored while battling against the remnants of the Demon King’s army and the monsters that continued to multiply in number, Vida had mated with evil gods to produce races that could be called neither man nor monster, as well as true monster races such as Noble Orcs, High Kobolds and High Goblins.

On top of that, in her efforts to bring Zakkart back to life, she had turned him into an Undead and created the fearsome Vampires, as well as corpse-eating demons called Ghouls. That was what Bellwood told Farmaun.

No harmless Undead that could be reasoned with existed in Lambda at the time, and Zantark stood as proof that even gods could go mad. Thus, Farmaun did not doubt Bellwood’s words.

Bellwood insisted that at this rate, Vida would gather more forces and become an inerasable threat to the still-recovering humanity. Agreeing with him, Farmaun made the decision to fight against his former comrades.

But when it came to the actual war, Vida’s cities did have sturdy walls, but they were unprepared for large-scale battles. The new races that were neither man nor monster were supposedly evil, but the only difference between them and humans was their appearances; they helped and protected one another.

Farmaun faced his former comrade in arms, Zorcodrio, who was now a Pure-breed Vampire. Though he was supposedly an inhuman monster, he was just as noble as he had been during the war against the Demon King.

“In what part of this attack is your so-called justice?! Or are you saying that we have made some error to deserve this terrible persecution?!” Zorcodrio demanded.

Farmaun felt a sense of discomfort, but then became locked in battle against Zantark, and had no time to think about anything other than combat.

After the war ended in Vida and Zantark’s defeat, Farmaun began to wonder whether he and his allies had been too hasty in their decision to attack.

This was part of the reason that he formed the Adventurers’ Guild once the population of human immigrants to the Bahn Gaia continent had grown to some extent, tried to preserve the achievements of Zakkart and the other creation-oriented champions, and instructed the Guild to accept anyone who wished to join, regardless of their race.

But it was several years after Bellwood and the evil god of sinful chains struck each other down, and Bellwood fell into a slumber, that Farmaun became aware of the mistakes that he and his allies had made.

Continuing his work to maintain the world on behalf of Zantark, who had become unable to return to his original Divine Realm due to having fused with evil gods, he left Alda’s forces and is now a part of Vida’s faction.

However, he allowed them to strike him a hundred times as a way of atonement, and his relations with the gods of Vida’s faction were very stiff before Vandalieu arrived on the Dark Continent.

Dalton – Dark Elf, 155 years old, male

A member of the Storm of Tyranny, an S-class adventurer party from the Amid Empire. With the help of the Adventurers’ Guild receptionist whose heart Schneider had won, he registered with the Guild as a human.

He disguises himself in human society with a Magic Item that makes his ears look round. With achievements such as arriving at the Dark Continent and returning alive, he became an S-class adventurer before he knew it.

He has a muscular figure, a mohawk and likes spiked leather clothing; he also carries a spiked staff that he can also use as a club. He is often told that he looks like a criminal, and most women and children who see him for the first time are afraid of him. Just as one would expect from his appearance, he speaks with a rough tone and is unmatched when it comes to drinking.

However, his personality is considerably closer to that of an ordinary person than Schneider’s, and he is kind to women and children. He is the type who can have a fistfight with someone down by the river in the afternoon and then be friendly with them again by the evening.

He is a devout follower of Vida, and generally views Alda’s clergymen, the Amid Empire and the noble families of the empire as enemies. However, he does not detest the Amid Empire’s people to the point that he would massacre them indiscriminately; in that regard, he can be considered a part of a moderate faction.

His hair and fashion choices are not for the purpose of disguising himself in human society; they were popular trends among the Dark Elves of his home village several thousand years ago. Thus, he considers himself to be the nostalgic type.

He dresses this way even in human society as a way to highlight the irony of the fact that humans persecute members of Vida’s races, but take no notice of him just because his ears appear round.

Dalton was Schneider’s first ally. Before meeting Schneider, he never ventured into human society. He helped the hidden villages of Vida’s races in the western region of the continent move around, maintained coordination between the races and helped them solve problems.

One day, he heard that there was an adventurer coming and going from a hidden village of Lamias. Suspicious, he went to investigate and encountered a young Schneider, and the two of them became good friends.

At first, Dalton trained Schneider, who was still just a C-class adventurer at the time, but Schneider became a comrade of equal strength before long. Thus, Dalton was Schneider’s master.

However, the story told to the public in human society is that he is a survivor of a primitive tribe whom Schneider found and deemed to have good qualities.

He is an extremely capable individual.

In the distant past, he was a standard Dark Elf spiritual mage, but after changing his fashion style to his current one, he began using clubs as weapons, and many of his Jobs and Skills have the “Barbarian” prefix. He has interpreted this as having become one with his primitive nature, and sees it as a positive thing.

He is accompanied by many spirits, but for some reason, when they show themselves before others, they have a mohawk like him, and they often have piercings and tattoos as well. It seems that they consider him a friend and like to mimic him.

He has recently acquired Vida’s divine protection and another mysterious one, and he has also become able to summon familiar spirits, so he and Schneider are very pleased with this.

However, he thinks that soon, Vandalieu’s spirit clones will descend instead when he summons a familiar spirit… It seems that the dream in which he received the mysterious divine protection was quite frightening.

Incidentally, he did not register at the Tamers’ Guild. This is because Schneider has not won the heart of the receptionist there.

He did have other chances to register later, but he decided that it would just cause more work for him at that point, so he did not register in the end.

Name: Dalton

Race: Dark Elf

Age: 155

Titles: Friend of the Spirits, Pilgrim Saint, Barbarian, Criminal-looking Man, Dragon Slayer, Spirit General, Survivor of the Dark Continent

Job: Barbarian Spirit Warrior

Level: 67

Job History: Apprentice Mage, Mage, Spiritual Mage, Spirit User, Spirit Tamer, Warrior, Spirit Club Warrior, Thief, Assassin, Grand Thief, Spirit Master, Great Spirit User

Passive Skills:

Dark Vision

Magic Resistance: Level 10

Status Effect Resistance: Level 5

Enhanced Muscular Power: Level 1

Increased Magic Attack Power while equipped with a staff: Medium

Strengthened Attack Power when equipped with a club: Medium

Strengthened Agility when equipped with non-metal armor: Large

Great Spirit Enhancement: Level 10

Intuition: Level 8

Detect Presence: Level 9

Mana Cost Reduction: Level 10

Automatic Mana Recovery: Level 5

All Attributes Resistance: Level 5

Active Skills:

No-Attribute Magic: Level 1

Barbarian Flame King Magic: Level 5

Barbarian Storm King Magic: Level 5

Barbarian Whirlpool King Magic: Level 5

Barbarian Mountain King Magic: Level 5

Light-Attribute Magic: Level 10

Life-Attribute Magic: Level 10

Precise Mana Control: Level 3

Great Spiritual Magic: Level 7

Club Technique: Level 10

Unarmed Fighting Technique: Level 7

Dagger Technique: Level 3

Archery: Level 7

Coordination: Level 10

Transcend Limits: Level 1

Surpass Limits: Magic Staff: Level 10

Surpass Limits: Magic Club: Level 5

Armor Technique: Level 5

Lockpicking: Level 5

Trap: Level 7

Silent Steps: Level 10

Assassin Technique: Level 6

Magic Fighting Technique: Level 9

High-speed Thought Processing: Level 1

Dismantling: Level 3

Familiar Spirit Descent: Level 1

Unique Skills:

Friend of the Spirits

Vida’s Divine Protection

ヴァ■■■■’s Divine Protection [Va]

Merdin – Dwarf, 42 years old, female

A small but fashionable Dwarf dancer from the marine nation of Galahad, which is a vassal nation of the Amid Empire. Her father made a name for himself by felling an Elder Treant and changing occupation from lumberjack to adventurer.

Wanting to be an adventurer like her father, Merdin registered at the Guild once she came of age, but… she was betrayed by her party members, who stole her money and equipment. She spent her nights crying and was forced to work as a dancer in a bar, and she met Schneider and Dalton by coincidence when they happened to visit her bar to drink.

A strange series of events led her to joining forces with them to beat her former party members, who had become exclusive guards for the corrupt merchants running the city’s red-light district, to a pulp, and she became one of Schneider’s companions in the aftermath. The whole ordeal took place within just three hours.

With her joining Schneider, the Storm of Tyranny was formed.

Merdin was a believer of Botin, but when Schneider and Dalton told her the truth, she chose to believe them, as it was them who had helped her in her time of need, and not the believers of Alda… though she would never have imagined that this would result in her opposing the Empire and participating in large-scale activities for the protection of Vida’s races.

She is a stable character, and often helps Schneider restrain the reckless Dalton, whose personality is only somewhat ordinary… or at least, she is supposed to, but there are many occasions when she participates in the reckless rampage.

She is thought to be one of Schneider’s lovers, and this is actually true.

Though she danced unwillingly before, she seems to have taken a liking to it; she continues with her dancing as a hobby and also as a part of her training. As a result, she possesses agility that one would not expect from a Dwarf. She takes a certain amount of pride in her dancing, and she is always willing to accept a dancing challenge.

As an adventurer, she stands on the frontline, striking her foes with her axe and evading their attacks with the agility that she gained through her dancing.

Incidentally, her Active Skill ‘Dance Robe Technique’ is a superior version of the Armor Technique Skill, and her Unique Skill ‘Harps’ Divine Protection’ is that of Harps, the god of lumberjacks, a subordinate god of Botin.

Name: Merdin

Race: Dwarf

Age: 42

Titles: Battlefield Dancer, Divine Flame Dancer, Thunderclap’s Lover, Woodcutting Champion, Survivor of the Dark Continent

Job: Divine Axe

Level: 90

Job History: Apprentice Warrior, Warrior, Dancer, Axe Warrior, Dancing Warrior, Magic Axe User, Magic Warrior, Axe Dancer, Berserker, Amazoness, Axe Master, Great Axe Master

Passive Skills:

Dark Vision

Augmented All Attribute Values: Small

Strengthened Attack Power when equipped with an axe: Very Large

Strengthened Agility when equipped with non-metal armor: Large

Status Effect Resistance: Level 5

Mental Resistance: Level 5

Magic Resistance: Level 4

Intuition: Level 7

Self-Enhancement: Dancing: Level 10

Allure: Level 4

Murder Healing: Level 5

Active Skills:

Dancing Axe Technique: Level 10

Shield Technique: Level 2

Dance Robe Technique: Level 10

Unarmed Fighting Technique: Level 10

Coordination: Level 8

Divine Dancing: Level 10

Throwing: Level 9

Transcend Limits: Level 6

Transcend Limits: Magic Axe: Level 7

Magic Fighting Technique: Level 7

Deforestation: Level 8

Housework: Level 3

Unique Skills:

Harps’s Divine Protection

Plant Killer

■■■■ルー’s Divine Protection [lieu]

Lissana (Jurizanapipe) – Elf (Evil god of degeneration and intoxication), 98 years old, female

The fourth individual to join the Storm of Tyranny. She appears to be a beautiful young Elf at first glance, but she is actually an evil god who was reincarnated as an Elf.

At Zakkart’s invitation, she betrayed the Demon King’s army and fought Guduranis alongside the humans in the war that took place a hundred thousand years ago, but she was defeated and chose to be reincarnated rather than sealed away by Alda’s forces.

As a result, she escaped safely, but… she was reincarnated a hundred thousand years later, as an Elf. She hadn’t expected so much time to pass, and the Elf body she gained was much more fragile and frailer than she had expected.

She also suffered from the fact that it took time for her body to develop. A decade or two would have felt short to her in the past, but it was a long time to spend in the body of a child.

After that, the name ‘Jurizanapipe’ had been erased in human society by Alda’s forces, so she became an adventurer in order to gain followers and regain her former power, and also to gather information.

She intended to increase her fame and use the people who respected her as her believers. Her final goal was to cross the Boundary Mountain Range and join Vida’s faction.

However, she encountered Schneider, whose intuition allowed him to realize that she was an evil god. Lissana thought that she would have no choice but to fight him, but Schneider was uninterested in fighting.

“Tell me the truth about what happened a hundred thousand years ago!” he pleaded.

Lissana told him what she knew, and through various twists and turns, they became allies.

She is the evil god that Schneider is known to have ‘defeated.’

As someone who was directly involved in the battle that took place a hundred thousand years ago, she is the member of the party with the deepest anger towards Farmaun. This also seems largely due to the fact that every Adventurers’ Guild branch has a statue of Farmaun as if worshiping him, however.

She plays a backline mage role in the party, but she actually possesses enough strength to fight on the frontline. When she first joined the Storm of Tyranny, she was targeted by assassins who had grudges towards Schneider and his companions, but… she repelled them every time, earning her the ‘Assassin Slayer’ Title.

As she is an evil god, it would be expected that she has a different sense of values from humans, but… as she has been reincarnated and now possesses the body of an Elf, the structure of her mind has partially become closer to that of a mortal. This is why she has acquired the ‘Semi-grotesque Mind’ Skill.

She has acquired many Jobs and Skills related to alcohol. Incidentally, Schneider ordinarily abstains from drinking, but drinks with Lissana to boost his Attribute Values when the situation calls for it.

Originally an evil god, Lissana did not have a Status. However, by being reincarnated as an Elf, she has become a part of the Status system.

Incidentally, she is able to exert some amount of control over which parts of her Status are displayed. In the below Status, the information in brackets is not known to the Adventurers’ Guild.

Name: Lissana (Jurizanapipe)

Race: Elf (Evil God)

Age: 98

Titles: Thunderclap’s Lover, Assassin Slayer, Defensive Backline, Elf?, Dark Continent Survivor

Job: Reincarnated Evil God

Level: 85

Job History: Apprentice Hunter, Mage, Water-Attribute Mage, Priestess, Intoxicating Mage, Intoxication Warrior, Intoxicating Swordsman, Intoxicating Evil God, Great Mage

Passive Skills:

Dark Vision

Status Effect Resistance: Level 10

Water-Attribute Nullification

Detect Presence: Level 10

Magic Resistance: Level 7

Physical Resistance: Level 2

Self-Enhancement: Intoxication: Level 10

Rapid Regeneration: Level 3

Others-Enhancement: Intoxication: Level 10

Increased Mana Recovery Rate: Intoxication: Level 10

Automatic Mana Recovery: Level 10

Allure: Level 7

Active Skills:

Archery: Level 2

Silent Steps: Level 7

Trap: Level 4

Dismantling: Level 3

Cooking: Level 4

Coordination: Level 10

No-Attribute Magic: Level 4

Intoxication Magic: Level 10

Life-Attribute Magic: Level 5

Mana Control: Level 10

Intoxicating Swordsmanship: Level 1

Unarmed Fighting Technique: Level 7

Bedroom Skill: Level 5

Unique Skills:

Evil God’s Reincarnated Form: Level 10

Semi-grotesque Mind

Sieg – Human, 3 years old, male

Zorcodrio’s stepson, who will turn four years old this year. His real father is Marshukzarl, the emperor of the Amid Empire.

Marshukzarl plotted a scheme in which he brainwashed the woman pregnant with his son and altered her memories so that she would later be rescued by the Storm of Tyranny.

On top of that, Sieg is actually a reincarnated individual like Vandalieu, the ‘Skanda’ Tanaka Jin.

However, though his memories and personality awakened temporarily, they faded away again, and he is also unaware of the situation regarding his true father.

He is a child of mixed race between the half-Elf Marshukzarl and a human mother, but he is human in race, and his appearance reflects that. He has not inherited any Elf-like features other than that his ears may be just slightly longer than average.

His true father is an emperor, the father who is raising him is an Abyssal Pure-breed Vampire, and he will soon be an older brother to a Dhampir sibling. It is likely that a life full of trouble awaits him.

Heinz – Human, 28 years old, male

The leader of Alda’s peaceful faction and national hero of the Orbaume Kingdom, who entered Alda’s Dungeon in order to become Bellwood’s successor and question Alda’s justice and will.

He intended to conquer the Trial of Zakkart to avenge Martina, who was also his lover, but Vandalieu conquered it first, and Heinz entered Alda’s Dungeon instead.

He has done many things in the name of Alda’s peaceful faction, such as protecting the Dhampir Selen, protesting against the Adventurers’ Guild that discriminates against Vida’s races, and turning in corrupt merchants capturing and selling members of Vida’s races.

However, he still belongs to human society, and he has merely been aiming to achieve a peace to the extent that human society would allow, thinking that this extent would grow wider someday.

Vandalieu intuitively realized this and decided that Heinz is not valuable enough to warrant suppressing his hatred in order to let him live.

Heinz also strongly believes that Undead are unnatural, dangerous creatures that should not exist, so his views are indeed incompatible with Vandalieu’s.

He lost the heroic spirit Joshua, whom he was able to summon via the ‘Heroic Spirit Descent’ Skill that awakened from Familiar Spirit Descent, to Vandalieu. On top of that, both his heart and his soul were deeply wounded by the attack that Darcia inflicted on him while he was in a soul-only state, and he is currently recovering in the Divine Realm of Mill, the goddess of slumber.

Edgar – Human, 31 years old, male

The scout of the Five-colored Blades. He is a senpai over the other party members when it comes to being an adventurer, and he has supported the party as such.

He is not strongly religious; he never really considered himself to be a follower of any particular god, but becoming a part of Heinz’s party made him a follower of Alda, and he gained Niltark’s divine protection without even realizing it.

He has the kind of face that one would definitely see at least one of if they were to visit a slum; he has short hair, an unpleasant look in his eye and a stubble. As his appearance would suggest, he did originally grow up in a slum.

Because of his background, he shows sympathy for the poor. This is also the cause for his appreciation for many of Heinz’s activities as part of Alda’s peaceful faction; many members of Vida’s races living in human society live in poverty as well.

However, he shows no mercy towards Vida’s races that harm human society, like Ghouls and Majin. He deals with them in the same way as monsters and bandits. He hesitates a little when faced with powerless women and children, but he decides that it is best to put them to rest, as they wouldn’t be able to survive even if they were spared (because they are so powerless).

He also considers Vandalieu to be a threat to human society, but more importantly, he is a dangerous enemy who is after the lives of Edgar and his companions.

Vandalieu wounded Edgar to the point that his soul was on the verge of collapsing. Alda, having decided it likely that Edgar would become disabled as a result, asked Rodcorte to repair his soul. Rodcorte is apparently using the soul fragments of Niltark’s heroic spirit Luke, who was destroyed during the battle against Vandalieu, but… whether Edgar will return as the old Edgar is very uncertain.

Delizah – Dwarf, 32 years old, female

A blue-haired Dwarf woman, the last of the original members of the Five-colored Blades. She supports the party’s defense.

She chose to support Heinz in his activities as a part of Alda’s peaceful faction because she had seen his potential as a hero.

She did not dislike doing good deeds, and becoming high-class adventurers would mean that they would play a bigger role in society. However, she simply chose the same path as Heinz.

But she does have compassion for those other than her party members; she thinks of Selen as her younger sister, and she hopes that her activities as a part of Alda’s peaceful faction will lead to a world where Selen can live in peace.

She feels some sympathy and guilt towards Vandalieu, but she prioritizes fulfilling her role as a shield-bearer over those emotions.

She is currently resting in the Divine Realm of Mill, the goddess of slumber, after having sustained a small amount of damage to her soul. However, she is planning to return to the ‘city’ where Jennifer and Diana are waiting in a few days’ time.

She is an exceptional shield-bearer, but her taunting-related martial skills have no effect on Vandalieu, and he has multiple attacks that she cannot block with her shield (such as Bloodlust), making him one of the worst foes that she could possibly face.

The below Status is her Status at the time of the battle against Vandalieu.

Name: Delizah

Race: Dwarf

Age: 32

Titles: Red Flame Shield, One Who Tears Through the Darkness, Holy Mother Killer

Job: Radiant Roaring Flame Shield Warrior

Level: 58

Job History: Apprentice Warrior, Warrior, Guardian Warrior, Great Guardian Warrior, Heavy Warrior, Magic Shield Warrior, Club Warrior, Holy Warrior, Shield Warrior, Radiant Flame Shield Warrior

Passive Skills:

Dark Vision

All Attributes Resistance: Level 10

Status Effect Resistance: Level 10

Detect Presence: Level 5

Intuition: Level 6

Physical Resistance: Level 10

Increased Defense when equipped with a Shield: Large

Increased Defense when equipped with Metal Armor: Large

Self-Enhancement: Guidance: Level 6

Enhanced Attribute Values: Covering: Level 10

Active Skills:

Club Technique: Level 10

Radiant Flame Shield Technique: Level 8

Radiant Flame Armor Technique: Level 5

Coordination: Level 10

Transcend Limits: Level 7

Transcend Limits: Magic Shield: Level 8

Transcend Limits: Magic Armor: Level 7

Dismantling: Level 2

Etiquette: level 1

Heroic Spirit Descent: Level 5

Unique Skills:

Alda’s Divine Protection

Diana – Elf, 111 years old, female

The Elf woman who joined the Five-colored Blades after they entered the Orbaume Kingdom and faced the Trial of Zakkart. She is a priestess of Mill, the goddess of slumber, who is a life-attribute subordinate god of Alda.

She comes from a Church of Mill in a remote place; she was raised there after being born an atavistic Elf to a human mother who took shelter there.

TLN: Elves can be born to human parents through recessive genes in Japanese fantasy works.

When her mother died, she left the Church to continue her training and became an adventurer, as the occupation was convenient for traveling between various countries. She repeatedly formed and disbanded temporary parties as she went from city to city, duchy to duchy, and met Heinz and his companions one fateful day. At that moment, she received a Divine Message from Mill. Sensing that this was her destiny, she joined the Five-colored Blades.

She is a typical Elf-like beauty with a dainty figure, almond-shaped eyes and long hair. She is in charge of supporting her allies with spells as well as the party’s healing. She is able to cast some offensive spells, but it is not her specialty. She is the member of the Five-colored Blades with the lowest offensive ability, but her true value lies in her support of her allies.

It was Heinz’s influence that led to her becoming a part of Alda’s peaceful faction, but her protection of the Dhampir Selen is not because of her belonging to that faction; it is something that she has chosen to do as a person. Through acts such as these, she has learned that Vida’s races are no different from human races.

This is why she was very shocked to learn from Vandalieu that Ghouls are a race created by Vida.

Of course, she does believe that Undead are an evil that should not exist, as one would expect of a priestess of a god who belongs to Alda’s faction.

She is currently in the ‘city’ with Jennifer, waiting for Heinz and the others to return.

Incidentally, she is not only an honorary noble in the Orbaume Kingdom, but also an honorary high priestess in the Church of Mill.

The below Status is her Status at the time of the battle against Vandalieu.

Name: Diana

Race: Elf

Age: 111

Titles: Pilgrim Saint, Purple Phosphorus Staff, One Who Tears Through the Darkness

Job: Healer

Level: 80

Job History: Apprentice Priestess, Priestess, Priestess Mage, Clergyman, Life-Attribute Mage, Enchantment Mage, Healing Mage, Great Mage, Philosopher, Great Philosopher

Passive Skills:

Night Vision

Status Effect Resistance: Level 5

Increased Magic Power when equipped with a Staff: Small

Mana Cost Reduction: Level 8

Increased Mana Recovery Rate: Level 10

Automatic Mana Recovery: Level 8

Magic Resistance: Level 3

Enhanced Attribute Values: Backline: Level 10

Self-Enhancement: Faith: Level 10

Self-Enhancement: Guidance: Level 5

Mana Enlargement: Level 3

Active Skills:

No-Attribute Magic: Level 1

Light-Life Magic: Level 8

Wind-Attribute Magic: Level 10

Water-Attribute Magic: Level 10

Precise Mana Control: Level 1

Clergyman: Level 10

Transcend Limits: Level 5

Transcend Limits: Magic Staff: Level 1

Staff Technique: Level 1

Coordination: Level 10

Heroic Spirit Descent: Level 3

Housework: Level 4

Etiquette: Level 3

Chant Revocation: Level 4

Unique Skills:

Enhanced Healing Effectiveness: Level 5

Enhanced Enchantment Effectiveness: Level 5

Mill’s Divine Protection

Jennifer – Human, 22 years old, female

Like Diana, she is a female adventurer who joined the Five-colored Blades after they entered the Orbaume Kingdom and faced the Trial of Zakkart. She had already been a well-known martial artist, and she was determined to conquer the Trial of Zakkart herself.

When she first joined the party, she acted self-important and spoke in a stiff tone, but she gradually showed her faults and is now completely herself in front of her companions.

She acts as a part of Alda’s peaceful faction because of Heinz’s influence and because of her interactions with the Dhampir Selen that the party rescued.

That is why, like Diana, she was shocked to learn that Ghouls are a race created by Vida… The reason she is not shocked by learning that Majin are as well is because all of the Majin that she has defeated in the Orbaume Kingdom so far have been dangerous criminals. There is no reason to show mercy to individuals who pillage like bandits and plot conspiracies to destroy entire duchies, even if they are members of Vida’s races.

Thus, she does not regret exterminating adult Ghouls who attacked adventurers and traveling merchants, but…

She is currently in the ‘city’ with Diana, waiting for her companions to return.

The below Status is her Status at the time of the battle against Vandalieu.

Name: Jennifer

Race: Human

Age: 22

Titles: White Radiant Fist, One Who Tears Through the Darkness

Job: Fist Saint

Level: 89

Job History: Apprentice Warrior, Warrior, Martial Artist, Berserker, Magical Fighter, Magic Fist User, Immortal Slayer, Holy Fist Warrior, Holy Kick Warrior

Passive Skills:

Augmented All Attribute Values: Medium

Increased Attack Power while Unarmed: Large

Increased Agility while equipped with Non-Metal Armor: Medium

All-Attribute Resistance: Level 4

Status Effect Resistance: Level 6

Increased Mana Recovery Rate: Level 3

Active Skills:

Radiant Fist Technique: Level 7

Throwing: Level 5

Armor Technique: Level 10

Transcend Limits: Level 10

Transcend Limits: Magic Fist: Level 8

Dismantling: Level 4

Coordination: Level 10

Magic Fighting Technique: Level 10

Heroic Spirit Descent: Level 3

Housework: Level 1

Unique Skills:

Undead Killer: Level 7

Alda’s Divine Protection

Curatos – The god of records

Originally a familiar spirit who served Alda since Lambda’s creation, Curatos ascended to become a subordinate god. He was a light-attribute god and, at the same time, a record-keeper for Alda. This is why there are no Churches or roadside shrines that are solely dedicated to him.

Statues of Alda carry a tome, which is considered a symbol of Curatos, and so he is worshipped alongside Alda.

As he existed from before the war against the army brought to Lambda by the Demon King Guduranis, he was one of the gods who understood Alda’s ideal of returning the world to the way it was before the Demon King appeared.

However, he lacked emotion, and was often incapable of understanding the illogical behaviors and inconsistent emotions of humans. This is because he did not have his own followers and did not spread his own teachings to the humans, so there was more of a distance between him and humans compared to other gods.

However, he considered that to be convenient for his role as a god who kept records, so although he did lament that he could not understand humans, he never made an effort to.

He kept detailed records since immediately after the world’s creation, and he used those to utilize his own Divine Realm as Alda’s Dungeon. However, he created a perfect copy of the real Vandalieu, causing the real Vandalieu’s soul to enter the Dungeon.

At the cost of being destroyed after having his soul devoured by Vandalieu’s attack, he protected the deeper floors of the Dungeon, including the part that was connected to the Divine Realm in which Bellwood slumbers. However, he left a copy of his records for his master Alda.

But there are no gods among Alda’s forces who are as proficient at handling records as he was.

Incidentally, as Curatos has been destroyed, all of the tomes held by the statues of Alda around the world have crumbled to pieces. Alda’s followers are busy preparing to repair these.

Gozoroff – Dwarf, 127 years old, male

Gozoroff, also known as the ‘Hyena.’ An infamous villain who committed many crimes around Morksi, one of the numerous cities in the Alcrem Duchy.

In addition to standard bandit activities, he was involved in a wide variety of criminal activities such as trading people and stolen goods, contract killings, and drug cultivating and purifying operations.

Most of these crimes were outside the city; he pillaged villages and traveling merchants, and even when he assassinated people, he would wait for the targets to venture outside the city.

This was because the organization above Gozoroff’s is in the city of Morksi.

He made his way up in the world wielding cruelty and violence as his weapons rather than careful strategy, and he was far too capable in combat to be a bandit leader. This is because he was once the leader of a mercenary band, and even after becoming a criminal, he forced harsh training on his subordinates.

However, Vandalieu happened to pick the city of Morksi out of a number of possible candidate cities to infiltrate, and Gozoroff’s organization was wiped out as a result. Gozoroff was fortunate enough to survive Vandalieu’s parasite-type Demon King familiar combat experiment, but he was taken back to Talosheim alive and became one of the human experiment samples for Luciliano’s experiments in the underground workshop beneath the castle.

He was then turned into a suitable Golem after his death.

Incidentally, he possessed strength equal to a C-class adventurer while he was still alive.

Name: Gozoroff

Race: Dwarf

Age: 127

Title: Hyena

Job: Berserker

Level: 75

Job History: Apprentice Warrior, Warrior, Axe Warrior

Passive Skills:

Dark Vision

Mental Resistance: Level 3

Enhanced Muscular Strength: Level 4

Poison Resistance: Level 1

Strengthened Attack Power when equipped with an axe: Small

Intuition: Level 2

Active Skills:

Axe Technique: Level 5

Dagger Technique: Level 1

Throwing: Level 1

Armor Technique: Level 3

Shield Technique: Level 2

Surpass Limits: Level 3

Commanding: Level 3

Coordination: Level 3

Coachman: Level 1

Mount: Level 2

Aggar – Human, 31 years old, male

A veteran guard in the city of Morksi. He cannot be said to be particularly exceptional, but he has acquired the experience that one would expect someone of his age to have.

He is a minor villain who extorts small amounts of money from visitors to the city who are in vulnerable positions and accepts bribes from merchants and adventurers.

Even when he catches prostitutes and pickpockets during his patrols around the city, if their crimes are too small, turning them in won’t be achievements, so he often lets them go in exchange for money.

However, he has kept his job by making sure not to get involved in really bad things.

Naturally, he has never been truly involved with the ‘Hyena’ Gozoroff or the organization above to his… In a broad sense, he does have connections to them, but they only contact him when they need something, and he merely sells them information for a small amount of money and performs small tasks (such as delaying his patrols by pretending to have diarrhea). In other words, he is someone of equal standing as any of the city’s hoodlums.

That is why he has fearlessly extorted a bribe from Vandalieu and tried to get his hands on Darcia… Ignorance is bliss, but at this rate, his choices and actions may end in his own demise.

He is no more capable than an average city guard (soldier). However, he does possess a few special skills, as one might expect from a veteran minor villain.

Name: Aggar

Race: Human

Age: 31

Title: None

Job: Soldier

Level: 75

Job History: Apprentice Soldier

Passive Skills:

Strengthened Attribute Values: Under Command: Level 1

Detect Presence: Level 1

Active Skills:

Spear Technique: Level 2

Unarmed Fighting Technique: Level 1

Archery: Level 1

Lockpicking: Level 1

Trap: Level 1

The Champions – A rough summary of the champions’ names, occupations and interests from their original world


Chosen by: Alda

Real name: Suzuki Shouhei

Other: Environmental activist, university student, passionate speaker


Chosen by: Vida

Real name: Sakato Keisuke

Other: Manager of a small-town factory, likes katsu curry, oldest of the champions (the only one who was nearly thirty years old before his age was reversed)


Chosen by: Zantark

Real name: Touyama Kinji

Other: Founder of the Adventures’ Guild, university student who aspired to be an adventurer


Chosen by: Shizarion

Real name: Kudou Hina

Other: The first Tamer, university student, part-time worker at a pet store


Chosen by: Ricklent

Real name: Akutsu Haruka

Other: Devised many ways to create Magic Items, liberal arts degree university student


Chosen by: Peria

Real name: Handa Ryouko

Other: Science degree university student, was a bespectacled girl, disliked muscular men


Chosen by: Botin

Real name: Okayanagi Shinji

Other: Liked ninjas and samurais, was a stage actor in the making

Bust rankings:

Shade (Participating despite being either hermaphroditic or asexual), Kanako (Participating enthusiastically), Melissa (Participating without thinking about it too deeply) and Darcia have joined the rankings. Incidentally, Tiamat has become the rankings consultant.

Kanako and Melissa have not affected the rankings significantly, and Darcia has only changed the order of the H-rank a little.

However, it is possible that the previously bottom-ranked Pauvina will make progress and shift back-and-forth in rankings with Shade in the future.

Some participants, such as Legion, are able to change their size by altering the shape of their bodies, but their ordinary states without such alterations are measured for the purposes of this ranking.

Impossible to measure, honorary consultants: Yamata and Tiamat (NEW!)






Princess Levia


Darcia (NEW!)



Valkyrie (Legion)






Isis (Legion)




Eleanora (Rank up!)







Ereshkigal (Legion)





Izanami (Legion)


Kanako Tsuchiya (NEW!)

Melissa J. Saotome (NEW!)


Minuma Hitomi (Legion)





Pluto (Legion)


Baba Yaga (Legion)

Gufadgarn (Vessel)


Pauvina (Rank up!)

Shade (Legion) (NEW!)

The development of Talosheim

Total population including the Dark Continent: Approximately 73,000 (Approximately 23,000 in Talosheim, 50,000 on the Dark Continent)

Ghouls, Undead, Black Goblins, Anubises, Orcuses, Titans, humans, Beast-kin, Dwarves, Scylla, half-Elves, Elves, Lizardmen, Armans, Vampires, Skogsrå, Leshi, Gehenna Bees, Kiryujin, Maryujin, Lamia, Drakonids, Kijin, Harpies, Centaurs, Merfolk, Chaos Elves, Noble Orcs, Orcs, High Kobolds, Kobolds, High Goblins, Goblins, Majin, Arachne, Empusa

Golems and Cursed Weapons are not included in the population.

Facilities in Talosheim

Mercury mirror Golems

Explorers’ Guild (Trading post, distribution center, Job-changing room)

Church of Vida (with statues of Vida’s subordinate gods, the gods of her faction, Zuruwarn, Ricklent, Zantark and Farmaun)

Public bathhouses

Carts of all kinds

Publicly managed casino

Immortal Ent forest (Has had Gante Ents planted, Skogsrå and Leshi proliferating)

Golem factories of all kinds

Monster Plant fields

Training dummy grounds (inhabited by Undead heroes from Alda’s faction)


Artistic paintings that remain in the minds of those who view them (entire paintings cannot be viewed except from the sky)

The root of life

Group housing facilities for immigration applicants (NEW!)

Dormitory for immigrants from human societies (NEW!)

B-class Dungeon x2 (+1), C-class Dungeon x2, D-class Dungeon x3, E-class Dungeon x1

Dungeon for cultivating pine trees for wine x1

Amusement beach Dungeon completed! (NEW!)

Dungeon for fishing industry (NEW!)

Dungeon to temporarily house Demon army, attached to Vandalieu’s underground workshop

Marshlands, Lizardmen district

Capricorn farm

Capricorn milking factory

Explorers’ Guild branch

Small shrine to Fidirg, the Dragon God of Five Sins

Mental Encroachment stone circle

D-class Dungeon x1, B-class Dungeon x1

Marshlands, Scylla district

Paddy fields (Demon Ducks being used for farming)

Mud bath hot springs

Small shrine to Merrebeveil, the heroic goddess of the Scylla

Explorers’ Guild branch

Huge Capybara farm

Duck farm

Mental Encroachment stone circle

Small Dungeon for teleportation

Sauron Liberation Front base (Former Scylla territory)

Mental Encroachment stone circle

Automatic Undead-creating magic circle (Used to recycle members of Duke Marme’s army)

D-class Dungeon

Small Dungeon for teleportation

Main station of the Dark Night Knights’ Order

Crude-quality Undead army

Dark Continent (NEW!)

Zantark’s temporary Divine Realm


Hot springs

Dungeons x Countless number

Temporary facilities

Knochen concert arena

Sam’s Job-changing room

Nations within the Boundary Mountain Range under the influence of the Dark Demon Creator Path (Nations personally visited by Vandalieu):

Noble Orc kingdom


Ghoul nation

High Kobold nation

High Goblin nation

Majin nation

Kijin nation

Drakonid nation

Centaur nation

Harpy nation

Lamia nation

Dark Elf nation

Vida’s Resting Grounds

Merfolk nation

Race explanation (Written by Luciliano): Chaos Elf

The newest race created by Vida of which Darcia, following her transformation into Vida’s incarnation in her Divine Realm and subsequent resurrection using the root of life, is the founding ancestor.

Chaos Elves are normally no different in appearance from Dark Elves other than the color of their skin being a little darker, and it can be assumed that their Skills and such also revolve around a Dark Elf base.

I believe that their racial traits are their high regenerative capabilities and exceptional Vitality.

I also believe that the entire race possesses a Unique Skill called Chaos. It is a Skill that allows the user to transform their body, and although the forms and types of transformation vary from individual to individual, it is a powerful Skill that allows the user to gain Skills that ordinary people would be unable to acquire.

As there are only three Chaos Elves in existence at present, it is impossible to tell whether any other traits are unique to Chaos Elves or whether they are individual characteristics. Furthermore, their lifespan is still impossible to measure.

My research would progress much more quickly if more Dark Elves and Elves would become Chaos Elves…

Those willing would simply need to receive the blessing of the race’s ancestor, Darcia, in the form of a kiss. I would like them to apply at Talosheim’s royal castle.

Once Darcia returns from the city of Morksi, I would examine any applicants, and then I assume that I would simply need to call them forward, or Darcia would visit them herself.

I am sure that the Dark Elf ancestor, who is apparently currently sealed away, would forgive me.

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