The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 563 - Punitive Expedition

Chapter 563 Punitive Expedition

The Ghost Cultivation Method was exactly what Li Mu had been looking for.

When he returned to Earth last time, he hoped to find the old faker and ask him for a Ghost Cultivation Method. Unfortunately, the old faker disappeared without a trace.

Li Mu knew too many people around him who needed this kind of method.

On the Divine Land, Li Mu’s mother’s maid and Yu Hualong were in need of such a method, so were Ouyang Huanyu and Wu Ming from Mount Shu. If Li Mu could get hold of a Ghost Cultivation Method, all these people, who could only stay in the soul-preserving jade coffin in the form of ghosts, would be able to start a new “life”.

In Li Mu’s view, the destruction of the body didn’t necessarily mean death.

On Earth, scientists once proposed to convert people’s memory and consciousness into digital data and store them on some digital device, or in the brain of a robot. In this way, a mechanical body that could be maintained could replace the human body that would eventually decay, and then human beings could achieve immortality.

This idea actually achieved the same goal as that of the martial system for Ghost Cultivation.

Especially for some experts, their souls were very powerful. Even when they had died for a long time, their souls could still exist. However, in such a state, the energy of their souls could not be replenished. In the end, the souls would drift away before they finally died. After all, martial artists could only improve the essence of life by enhancing the physical body. Without the physical body, they could not cultivate.

By contrast, the Ghost Cultivation Method did not require a physical body. It could practically provide new “mechanic bodies” for these souls.

From this perspective, only when one’s body and soul were destroyed at the same time, one would truly die.

For example, the girl in the black gauze from the Black Killing Tower was completely dead.

However, Ouyang Huanyu, Wu Ming, and the others were somewhere between life and death. If they could practice the “Ghost Cultivation Method”, they would be able to leave the soul-preserving jade coffin and change their destiny. They could travel across the universe, fight and kill enemies. If so, there would be no difference in living in the form of a soul.

“Seems that I gotta go to the Ghost Rally Star. I must get the Ghost Cultivation Method.”

Li Mu made up his mind in an instant.

However, in that case, he’d have to take the initiative to go to the Brilliance Immortal Star Region.

That was rather perilous.

However, at this precise moment, Li Mu’s eyes lit up.

He suddenly thought of a way to solve the dilemma that Mount Shu was facing on the Bitter Star.

“But it’s a little risky to do so.”

Li Mu gave another wry smile.

He didn’t want to be the hero, because, in nine out of ten cases, heroes were always the ones who died the most terrible death.

But there seemed to be no other way.

Gradually, he had some clues in his mind, but he still needed to be careful and detailed his plan so as to reduce the risk to the minimum.

Li Mu cherished his life very much and never wanted to play with his own life.

In the blink of an eye, three days had passed.

The festive atmosphere in White Emperor City in Mount Shu gradually began to fade.

The nine major sects were already history.

The era of the Four Cities, Three Sects, and Two Families had come to an end.

For the Divine Sect on Mount Shu, the world of the Bitter Star could be said to be in a state of devastation, and there were a thousand things to be done.

After a short celebration, problems appeared one by one in front of the members of Mount Shu, waiting for them to solve.

It felt like Mount Shu had all of a sudden changed from an opposition party to a part in office, from a rebel bandit to the government in charge of the people. Naturally, its previous strategy needed to be altered.

At present, only Dragon the Fifth and Mr. Shuiyue were able to take care of things by themselves in the Divine Sect.

Fortunately, these two people’s personalities and temper complemented each other.

Dragon the Fifth was short-tempered and aggressive, rough but also fastidious. Mr. Shuiyue was adept at scheming and analyzing. Now they cooperated with each other, everything was going on in an orderly manner, especially the preparation for the follow-up suppression of the nine major sects. The two of them thoroughly acted in the Li Mu’s will, which was to completely eliminate the nine sects from the Bitter Star.

Li Mu was still the hands-off boss.

In addition to the fact that he didn’t like to get involved in such trivial things, the more important reason was that Li Mu was indeed not suitable for this kind of job.

However, even without attending to those affairs, Li Mu was not idle at all.

What he was going to do next was very dangerous, so he had to be well prepared before he could get started. Thus, he was actually as busy as Dragon the Fifth and Mr. Shuiyue.

During these days, the Green Lotus Pond was still shrouded by the silver cyan deployment.

Ye Wuhen, the Virgin Goddess of the Moon Dao Sect, was still cultivating in the pool. No one knew how much progress she had made.

However, after hearing this news from Li Mu, the members of the Moon Dao Sect stopped worrying.

After all, obtaining the legacy of the first Sect Master was a great opportunity for Ye Wuhen. It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Perhaps the longer she stayed in the Green Lotus Pool, the greater the benefits would be.

The only bad news was that the old lady named Ye Hen, Head of the Sect of Moon Dao Sect, did not recover much despite Li Nian’s best efforts.

Ye Hen had already woken up. Since her physical body had the cultivation of the Void-breaking Realm, it was extremely powerful, so the physical injuries had been cured. But her mind was still muddled. She’d lost her memories, giving Li Mu the feeling that she had become an Alzheimer patient. Except that she no longer knew anyone, couldn’t remember anything, and forgot all that had happened in the past, most of the time, she was basically a normal person.

The head of the Moon Dao Sect, who used to a conqueror on the Bitter Star, seemed to have become a very ordinary old lady in the secular world.

The only one she remembered was Ye Wuhen.

“I have a granddaughter. She’s a fairy who descended to the mortal world from heaven.”

This was what Ye Hen often said.

“She’s gone on a long trip. She’ll come back to see me soon.”

Ye Hen often muttered to herself.

When she missed her so much that she couldn’t bear it, she became irritated and anxious, likely to lose her temper and lose control of herself.

Because of Ye Hen’s strong physical strength, ordinary people couldn’t keep her checked at all. They didn’t dare to get close to her, as they might get hurt or even get killed by accident.

Only when seeing Qin’er, Ye Wuhen’s maid, take out some of Ye Wuhen’s old clothes and jewelry, Ye Hen could slowly calm down.

She, alone, held these things. One moment she was laughing, the other moment she was wiping away her tears.

On that day, when Ye Hen was prepared to die in the battle, Ye Wuhen was still missing. The old lady did not know Ye Wuhen’s whereabouts, nor did she have time and energy to look for her. Perhaps because of this, she had a knot in her mind. Even though she was already kind of broken after taking the Dreamy Drug, deep down, she still remembered this matter. So, subconsciously, she felt that Ye Wuhen had gone on a long trip.

What was more, every time he saw Li Mu, Ye Hen seemed very happy. She always held Li Mu’s hand like a child and talked a lot.

Obviously, she also had an inexplicable sense of intimacy with Li Mu.

Many times, after seeing Li Mu, she also smiled happily. She held Li Mu’s hand and asked him over and over again, “Who is the young man from your family so handsome?” “Is the young man married or not?” “I have a granddaughter, like a fairy coming to the world, very beautiful…”

Li Mu took some time to accompany the old lady every day.

This was a pitiful old lady. She was born with dazzling beauty, but her destiny was tragic. Her husband died early, and her son and daughter-in-law also died in a battle for Mount Shu. The white-haired lady had farewelled the black-haired relatives several times, so now her granddaughter was the only person she lived for.

She had sacrificed everything for the sake of Mount Shu.


On the 10th day after the war, the fragmented soul of Ouyang Huanyu, Lord of the Sky-overlooking Pavilion, had been gathered completely. He regained consciousness and could communicate with others. His mind was clear. Except for the fact that he had no physical body, no actual combat capability, and could only be placed in the small jade coffin, he was no different from before. In this state, Ouyang Huanyu could already participate in discussions about the various decisions and strategies of Mount Shu.

Ouyang Huanyu, like Mr. Shuiyue, was a famous go-to guy of Mount Shu and had great prestige. Therefore, with his participation, all kinds of strategies and plans of Mount Shu could be carried out more smoothly.


On the fifteenth day after the battle, the broken soul of Wu Ming, the top broadsword master of the Moon Dao Sect had been gathered together, and he had regained consciousness as well.

The first thing that Wu Ming’s soul asked about after waking up from the limbo was Ye Hen’s safety and the result of the battle of the 10 rounds of battle.

If Ye Hen’s life was all about Mount Shu and Ye Wuhen, then Wu Ming’s life had been solely about Ye Hen since 90 years ago.

He was willing to die for Ye Hen.

It was worth mentioning that in the state of a soul, Wu Ming’s scarred face was no longer scarred. He turned out to be extremely handsome, as though a young master in a rich family. His bearing was awe-inspiring. The Top Broadsword of Wind and Cloud that used to be famous on the Bitter Star was indeed worthy of its reputation.

After waking up, he immediately appeared in front of Ye Hen.

Ye Hen looked at Wu Ming in a daze, and then a smile slowly spread on her face.

Ye Hen took quite a liking to Wu Ming. When she saw him, she beamed, but couldn’t call his name.

Since then, Wu Ming had been around Ye Hen all the time and chatting with her.

Wu Ming repeated his name to Ye Hen again and again, while Ye Hen forgot it again and again.

The two of them had great fun with this game.

Ye Hen’s mental state had improved a lot, and the number of times she flew into a rage gradually decreased.

On the 20th day after the battle, Mount Shu’s preparations for war had been completed, and the troops had been assembled, too.

The war drums rumbled. The bugle horns shook the heavens.

The warships left from the camp on the Desktop Peak, marched out of Mount Shu in formidable arrays, and went on a punitive expedition across the Bitter Star.

Li Mu was also on one of those warships.

Cold River City, Peerless City, Sunset City, Central Heaven City…

The Four-city Alliance suffered devastating attacks within four days and was occupied by Mount Shu one after another.

In the past twenty-three days, they had made a lot of preparations, set up tactical deployments, summoned their forces, and invited over strong reinforcements. However, the Four-city Alliance had lost the support of the top-level experts in the Void-breaking Realm and most of the Great Sage Realm experts, and the way to contact the extraterrestrial cultivators. Without the support of the extraterrestrial sects, they had zero chance against the expedition army of Mount Shu.

Not to mention that Li Mu also went out to battle by himself.

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