The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 564 - Half-human and Half-dragon

Chapter 564 Half-human and Half-dragon

“I’m gonna fight you heinous Devil Cult followers to death!”

Occasionally, one or two elders at the peak of the Great Sage Realm or senior members of the sect soared to the sky and launched their strikes with angry roars, but it was of no use.

On the flying ship, Li Mu concentrated his mind and the Broadsword Intent of the 24 Solar Terms zoomed out. A thin white line dashed for hundreds of miles in the void and instantly cleaved the void and killed the enemies.

The cities were occupied.

The alliance was destroyed.

The resources, wealth, secret manuals, and books of the Four-city Alliance were all moved to Mount Shu’s flying ship and transported to White Emperor City.

The next targets were the Three Grand Sword Sects.

On the 30th day after the battle, the Western Sea Sword Sect was eliminated.

On the 32nd day after the battle, the Sky-reaching Sword Sect was obliterated.

On the 34th day after the battle, the East Mountain Sword Sect was finished off.

On the 35th day after the battle, the Zhu family famous for their tactical deployments was wiped out.

On the 37th day after the battle, the Sun family known for their puppet-making skills was annihilated.

In less than a month, the remaining force of the nine major sects was completely broken and wiped off the face of the earth.

The smaller sects that depended on the nine major sects also dispersed. They all announced that they had cut themselves off from the nine major sects and rushed to Mount Shu to show their goodwill.

For a moment, on the Bitter Star, the prestige of the Mount Shu Sect had reached its peak.

Dragon the Fifth, Head of Dragons, personally led his men to destroy more than 20 medium-sized sects that had more than once attacked or persecuted Mount Shu’s disciples by order of the nine major sects, which finally draw a period on this massive purge.

Mr. Shuiyue also sent an envoy to pacify the other cities and sects. Advocating “no destruction, no construction”, he issued the “new policy of Mount Shu” and began to change the conduct of the martial art world of the sects world as well as the mundane world on the Bitter Star. Amid astonishment and panic, many secular countries, cities, and middle-sized and small-sized sects were soon surprised to find that the rules implemented by Mount Shu had become much looser than those of the nine great sects in the past. To them, this “restoration of reactionary rule” on the Bitter Star turned out to be good news.

Li Mu returned to White Emperor City in Mount Shu.

He buried himself in piles of books delivered there from the nine major sects’ arsenals and scriptures buildings all day long, reading all kinds of manuals and ancient books.

Although the heads and masters of the nine major sects were vulnerable in front of Li Mu, in fact, their martial arts inheritance was not weak. They had cultivation methods that could help one enter the Void-breaking Realm, and even go above the Void-breaking Realm and cultivate the Divine Bridge. For Li Mu, read all kinds of martial arts cultivation methods and secret books would not only broaden his horizon, but also make up for the many gaps in his cultivation road, and enable him to think deeper and further perfect his own martial arts attainment.

As the old saying went, jade could be polished with stones from other mountains.

At the same time, he was trying hard to sort out some methods suitable for people on Earth to practice.

Xiao Dong, Qiu Shuiming, Lu Xun, Luo Xuanxin, and the others had stayed on the Bitter Star for more than a month. With a bit of calculation, Li Mu know that the Mount Shu Heaven would soon be closed, so it was almost time for them to leave. Li Mu had no intention to go back to Earth, but he wanted them to take some ancient books and Cultivation Methods with them on their way back, so as to spread the knowledge and to improve the martial arts level on Earth.

Fortunately, after enduring this trial in Mount Shu, the strength of the martial arts cultivators and soldiers that came here from Earth had been improved considerably.

In particular, the four young geniuses, including Xiao Dong and Lu Xun, had already entered the Natural Realm. When they returned to the earth, they could definitely be able to handle all the challenges by themselves. They would be as strong as Lu Haoran and the other experts of the older generation, if not stronger, and would become the pillar of the martial arts world on Earth.

Three days later, Li Mu was almost done with the wrapping up.

By this time, wisps of white spatial mist began to appear around the people from Earth.

It was time to leave.

In the Fairy Hall, Li Mu summoned all the people from Earth.

“Now you’ve all seen the cruelty and massacres in the universe. For you, this adventure in the Mount Shu Heaven is tribulation. Do tell the Earth people everything you see and hear here when you get back to Earth.” Li Mu looked at everyone and said solemnly, “If my guess is right, more and more Heavens and Secret Lands will be opened on Earth in the near future. And it’s very likely that they will be connected to other planets in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region. It’s not necessarily a lucky chance every time the Heavens are opened. It might be a catastrophe, who knows. There are too many sects hostile to Earth in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region. We are like little beasts cautiously hiding in the forest. Once our coordinates are exposed, we will face the fate of being hunted. If we want to live, we must become stronger.”

The expressions of the people on Earth were rather grave.

Li Mu was right. For them, this trip to Mount Shu Heaven was a mind-blowing trial.

What happened here made them feel a great sense of crisis.

And they also thoroughly realized how Li Mu had been looking out for the safety of the whole Earth by himself.

They dared not imagine if without Li Mu, what kind of fate they would have in the Mount Shu Heaven this time and what kind of disaster the entire Earth would face.

He alone supported a whole world.

That remark was not exaggerated at all when it applied to the current Li Mu.

Li Mu handed over the secret books and manuals that he had selected to the group.

Some resources that could be used by the martial arts cultivators on Earth had long been prepared by the Mount Shu Sect, which were stored in the storage space and handed to the group.

The spatial mist wreathing around Xiao Dong and the others grew steadily richer.

“Teacher!” Xiao Dong said abruptly. He bowed respectfully to Li Mu and uttered, “Thank you.”

The others also saluted Li Mu in unison.

The martial arts cultivators also bowed.

The military men saluted.

Only by seeing it with his own eyes could one understand how great Li Mu was.

If you think that life is easy, it is all because someone is carrying the burden for you.

And now, Li Mu was undoubtedly the person who carried the weight forward.

No one could imagine how heavy the weight on his shoulder was.

Except for Lu Xun, who was from a martial art family, Qiu Shuiming, Luo Xuanxin, and Xiao Dong were all mentored and promoted by Li Mu from scratch. Their worship for Li Mu was deep to their morrow. All of them swore inwardly that they would work hard to reach the Void-breaking Realm, which was the 12th level of the Qi Refining Realm, as soon as possible, and then they would have the power to travel beyond Earth, share the stress with their teacher and fight side by side with him.

The white mist was getting thicker.

In the end, the mist completely shrouded them.

When the white mist dissipated, all those Earth residents already vanished.

The prepared manuals and cultivation resources were also successfully taken away by them.

Thanks to the black evil dragon that was killed in the Middle East on Earth, Li Mu found a way to bring objects or even living creatures in the secret Heavens to Earth through searching his memory. Otherwise, it would still be unknown whether these things could all be brought back to Earth.

The Fairy Hall immediately became deserted.

They all went back home.

Li Mu was sort of at a loss.

How could he not feel nostalgic when he was far away from home?

His home was on Earth, and he was yearning to go back.

He hoped that the next time he went back to Earth, there would be many Earth experts as mature as Lu Haoran, Gu Lang, and the four young geniuses. Even when facing the cultivators from outer space, they would have the guts to fight them head-on and defend the dignity of the solar system.

As Li Mu was sighing with emotion, Ding Yi burst in.

This guy said with a deliberately mystified tone, “Good news! I came to inform you the second I heard it. You will beam from ear to ear when you hear it.”

Li Mu noticed something and said, “Wuhen, the Virgin Goddess, has come out of her closed-door training.”

Ding Yi curled his lips and yelled, “You cheated!”

Beside the Green Lotus Pond.

The silver Chinese characters gradually dimmed.

The cyan deployment shield, like thin ice melting in the blazing sun, gradually dissipated, too.

A formidable aura and sharp Sword Intent surged out of the Precious Qi of Cyan Lotus in the pool, causing the people waiting on the bank to retreat with a pale face.

Two hours ago, something abnormal started taking place at the Green Lotus Pond. The guards reported it to Dragon the Fifth, Mr. Shuiyue, and the other senior members. The high-level members of Mount Shu had a rough understanding that Ye Wuhen was about to come out of her closed-door training, so they gathered around the pool and waited with patience. Now, the moment they had looked forward to finally arrived.

According to the secret manual of Mount Shu, there was a legend about the “dragon rising from the Green Lotus Pool”.

At first, everyone thought that as their Sect Master, Duan Shuiliu’s entry would confirm the theory of the “rising dragon”. But later, when Li Mu came out of his closed-door training from the pool, his strength soared to the Void-breaking Realm, and he vanquished everyone else on the Bitter Star. However, he did not display the power of “rising dragon” recorded in the secret manual, which was not in line with the legend. Therefore, Ye Wuhen was the only one left to take the opportunity of becoming the “rising dragon”. Therefore, the senior members were more expectant to see Ye Wuhen’s exit of her closed-door training.

At this moment, the aura surging out of the Green Lotus Pool was no less than that of the Void-breaking Realm. Wisps of sharp Sword Intent flew out, and the faint sound of a dragon’s roar could be heard.

Behind the cyan fog, there seemed to be dragon claws looming and dragon scales glinting. The Green Lotus Precious Liquid in the pool was boiling. An indescribable pressure spread out, making the surrounding people want to kneel down and worship it.

Li Mu and Ding Yi bustled there just in time.

“Sect Master.”

Everyone saluted.

Li Mu waved at them and cast his eyes on the Green Lotus Pool.

He had sensed a kind of aura that made him fearful.

“Is this the ‘rising of the dragon’?” Li Mu wondered, quite surprised.


The legacy left by Li Bai was indeed powerful. Ye Wuhen was a mere cultivator in the Great Sage Realm. But only a few days after bathing in this pool, her cultivation was already raised to the Void-breaking Realm. How unbelievable this was!

Moreover, this surging Sword Intent was exactly the most mysterious Sword Intent of the Ode to the Gallant Li Bai ever created. It seemed that all of it had been passed down to Ye Wuhen. What was more, Ye Wuhen actually mastered it in such a short period. Its power was so strong that ordinary experts in the Void-breaking Realm dared not resist it… The so-called “rising dragon” now seemed absolutely impressive.

Just as he was deep in thought, the green mist overflowed and a slender figure emerged amid the mist.

She had a perfect body proportion—a slender and straight thigh, a thin waist, nice breasts, and long green hair. That was precisely Ye Wuhen, who had been in closed-door training for a long time.

But at this time, she looked a little weird. She was covered with light green dragon scales, which were emitting a strange brilliance as if she was wearing a suit of armor. She looked quite surreal. Even her cheeks and eyelids were covered with fine green dragon scales, her long green hair hanging loose. On the two sides of her forehead veiled by two strands of green hair, there were two thumb-sized small dragon horns, which gave her an intensively alien beauty, as though she was a half-human and half-dragon goddess.

“A Dragon Lady?”

Li Mu was a little stunned.

Next to him, Ding Yi muttered, “That’s interesting. I wonder if the 36 Styles of A Magical Wedding Night still works on a Dragon Lady…”

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