The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 565 - Shocked

Chapter 565 Shocked

When Li Mu heard his mumbles, he had the impulse to turn around and beat this guy to death right on the spot.

Feeling Li Mu’s surging murderous intent, Ding Yi hurriedly explained with a grin, “I’m just concerned with the happiness for your lower half and the happiness in the second half of your life. After all, the body structure of a dragon is still different from that of a human being. What if you two find that you don’t get along in that aspect later…”


Li Mu couldn’t stand it any longer, so he directly sent the brat to the air with a punch.

The others were already used to this.

Ding Yi was not a man that knew when to behave and when not. These days, he was frequently fixed like this by Sect Master, so the disciples in the sect were no longer surprised at it.

At this time, Ye Wuhen, the Dragon Lady who was standing by the pool, gradually opened her eyes, in which there was a green brilliance flashing. At first, her eyes seemed to be a little blank, but she quickly came to her senses.

Her eyes swept across the crowd and eventually fell on Li Mu. A glimmer of light flitted across Ye Wuhen’s eyes.

Half an hour later.

In the Fairy Hall.

“That’s to say, the ‘rising dragon’ the old sect master referred to is the refining of a drop of Real Dragon’s blood, which can awaken the miraculous powers of the dragon race, isn’t it?”

After hearing Ye Wuhen’s account, Li Mu and the others were greatly shocked.

So it all owed to the Real Dragon’s blood.

The ancestral martial legacy left by Li Bai, the Green Lotus Sword Whiz, was really extravagant.

The dragon race was a large race in the universe. Dragons were born with magical power. In all the myths and legends on Earth, dragons were also the symbol of power and prowess. The Chinese on Earth even called themselves the descendants of dragons.

Li Mu wondered whether the dragon race had nothing to do with the Earth people being called sinners. But obviously, the Real Dragon’s blood was incredibly conducive for martial strength improvement.

Moreover, Li Mu could also tell that Ye Wuhen had not completely absorbed this drop of Real Dragon’s blood. Otherwise, the dragon scales and horns on her head would appear and disappear at her will, instead of being in a half-hidden state like this.

But once Ye Wuhen fully integrated the Real Dragon’s Blood with her blood, how powerful in the world would she be?

Li Mu was quite looking forward to it.

“The old Sect Master said that this legacy was not his. Instead, it was left behind by the teacher of his teacher’s teacher’s teacher and now passed on to me.” Ye Wuhen explained, “The old sect master also said that the flames of cultivation on Earth were ignited by that teacher, and the Path was also blazed by him… And when I completely absorb this drop of True Dragon’s Blood, my future will be limitless. Unfortunately, I only managed to take in less than 1% of it by the time the closed-door training session that the old sect master stipulated came to an end.”

Everyone present couldn’t help but gasp at this.

“Is there any justice in this?”

Absorbing 1% of the blood already made her so powerful and soar to the Void-breaking Realm. How mighty would she be once she completed the absorption?

Li Mu also scratched his nose.

“Oh my, I was being arrogant that day as I refused Li Bai’s gift. What kind of opportunity did I miss?”

However, he just sighed with emotion but did not regret it.

For one thing, the Cultivation Method he had practiced was quite unique and enigmatic, and by now it had not even shown its full power. For another, the reason why Li Bai, the Green Lotus Sword Whiz, agreed to bestow this legacy to someone else was that Li Bai was also with Li Mu on the opinion that although absorbing the blood of the strong to get power was a shortcut without any drawbacks, the power one gained by practicing step by step was the real power belonged to him.

Moreover, Li Bai had probably also noted that Li Mu possessed a wondrous power which was no less than that of the dragon race, so there was no need for him to take in the blood of the Real Dragon.

Nonetheless, the teacher of Li Bai’s teacher’s teacher’s teacher Ye Wuhen just mentioned had greatly aroused Li Mu’s interest.

“What’s the name of that teacher of his teacher’s teacher’s teacher, or does he have any title?” he couldn’t help but ask.

Ye Wuhen considered for a while, as though trying to recall something. Then, she slowly answered, “The old Sect Master has mentioned that this predecessor does not have a name, but he calls himself the Inspiration King.”

“Inspiration King?”

Li Mu frowned.

He racked his brains and thought for a long time. Aside from a fish demon called Inspiration King in the Journey to the West that was finally beaten to death by Monkey Sun, there were no more famous figures called Inspiration King in unofficial or official history or all kinds of novels, right?

This was odd.

To put Li Bai’s words in another way, it was very likely that this person had something to do with the Taoism obtained by Lao Zi and the forefathers of the Qin Empire, the martial inheritance on Earth, and even Lao Zi’s departure from Hangu Pass and entry to the Path.

Such a splendid figure should be famous in the history of ancient China. But why was there no record of him at all?

Seeing that Li Mu was quite interested in this person, Ye Wuhen added, “The old Sect Master also showed me the portrait of the Inspiration King. He said that now I got this blessing, I’m already one of his men. From now on, I can be regarded as the descendant of the Inspiration Sect, so I need to know who the founder of the sect is.”

As she spoke, she began to paint with her True Energy in the void and directly drew the picture she saw.

The people of Mount Shu did not show any sign of recognition when they saw the portrait of a somewhat sloppy figure in a Taoist robe.

Li Mu, however, was stupefied as if he had been struck by lightning. He stood rooted to the spot, eyes widened, unable to utter a word for a long time.

“What the fu*k?”

“It’s the old faker!”

The portrait drawn by Ye Wuhen showed none other than the wretched old faker who had raised Li Mu since childhood in Randeng Temple on Earth.

Li Mu’s eyes did not deceive him, nor did he make a mistake for sure.

Because the old faker was really easy to recognize.

Even though some subtle details of his appearance had changed a little, the old faker’s lazy and obscene aura was shown incisively and vividly despite Ye Wuhen’s unsophisticated painting skills, so that Li Mu could not relate the person in the portrait to anyone else.

This surprise… was a little too big.

After quite a while, Li Mu rubbed his face, which had become slightly stiff because his expression had been frozen for a long time from shock. Then, he began to sort out his thoughts.

The old faker was obviously a modern man. Even if he was good at keeping fit, he looked in his seventies tops. He could not be over 100 years old on any account. So how could he affect the ancients…

“Well, that’s not right.”

Li Mu suddenly realized that his pattern of thinking was defective.

The old faker’s background was mysterious all along. At first, the police station didn’t have this person’s household registration. He was a standard unregistered man. Later, it was said that the villagers of Randengsi Village came up with a way to intercede with the police, and that was how the old faker got registered as a permanent resident.

Well, could it be that this old man was actually a “living fossil” who had lived all the way from the Qin Dynasty to this era?

So he was about two or three thousand years old?

And he had been hiding in the long Chinese history all the time?

If Li Mu heard such a thing in the past, he would definitely say it was ridiculous.

But now, he saw that martial arts masters could easily be hundreds of years old, and it was said that there were powerful figures who could live for more than 10,000 years… The old faker was so mysterious that he could send people out of Earth and had taught Li Mu mysterious Cultivation Methods like the Xiantian Skill and the Zhenwu Boxing, which were basically as striking as those legendary powerful figures…

This old b*stard was really good at concealing himself.

Li Mu felt that he really needed to see the old faker in a different light.

He had to comb through his thoughts, for he was sort of confounded now.

“Sect Master, do you know this senior?” speculated the meticulous Mr. Shuiyue after he saw the expression on Li Mu’s face.

Li Mu nodded with a wry smile and said, “He is an old friend, but before now, I didn’t know that he was so awesome.”

The Real Dragon’s Blood!

Given that the old faker to be able to take out a treasure like that, he must be rich, rich, rich.

And this was what he left for his disciples’ disciples. It was conceivable that what he gave his first-generation and the second-generation disciples as a gift on their first meeting was probably more luxurious and precious than the Real Dragon’s blood.

This old guy was indeed “wealthy”, but he didn’t give Li Mu anything, and just sent him to kill pigs. At last, he even abandoned him on the Divine Land and left him to take his own course…

Li Mu was simply too overwhelmed to complain.

If the old faker had given him some blood back then, wouldn’t he be able to slay the opponents on the Divine Land ahead of the schedule? Why did he have to “eat humble pies” for five years before he could straighten his back and be a man?

Could it be that the old faker believed it was better to teach people fish than just giving them fish? Was that why he only taught Li Mu Cultivation Methods instead of giving him treasures and resources?

Anyway, after learning about this matter, Li Mu’s worries about the old faker suddenly dissipated a lot.

Since the old faker was the real expert who disguised as a pig to hunt a tiger and possessed such incredible means and magical power, Li Mu was almost sure that his disappearance from Earth was a choice of his own other than it was because he had been plotted against or captured. The old faker was certainly not in any danger.

Those martial arts practitioners and renowned families on Earth were not qualified to help the old faker carry his shoes. Oh, no, they were not even qualified to wipe his butt.

So, where on earth did he go?

Li Mu could not figure it out.

Yet, he felt there was no need to put in much effort to find the answer.

Everything was fine as long as the old faker was safe.

Now, Li Mu still had to carry out his plan.

He asked, “The eruption of the Precious Qi of Cyan Lotus has something to do with the qi in the underground Earthvein. Is there any other ancestral secret treasures the old Sect Master left behind?”

Now that Li Mu was the Sect Master of Mount Shu, of course, he had the right to pose such a question.

Ye Wuhen said, “In the crypt below the Green Lotus Pool, there are some hidden tactical deployments and many secret treasures collected by the Divine Sect in the past. The old Sect Master has also left a hint. I can take you there.”

Li Mu thought for a moment and said, “Let’s do it another day.”

Ding Yi was very surprised and muttered, “So direct? Be more reserved.”

Li Mu raised his hand and punched him away, then he remarked, “You go see Grandma Ye and Uncle Wu Ming first. Tomorrow, we can explore the treasures in the crypt. No rush.”

Ye Wuhen nodded and said, “Okay.”

She had heard the full story of the battles on the fighting ring, and also learned the situation of her grandmother and Wu Ming. How could she not be worried? She bowed to Li Mu with gratitude, and then left the Fairy Hall with Qin’er, her maid, as well as other members of the Moon Dao Sect.

Li Mu heaved with a sigh.

The matter of the old faker not only gave him quite a shock but also added more mysteries to what he had known.

He originally thought that he had figured out the truth of many things, but now it seemed that he was one more step away from the real truth.

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